The most popular lotteries in the world

Foreign lotteries for Russians: how to buy and play foreign lotteries without cheating + 5 best lotteries

The primitive

La Primitiva lottery game (The primitive) is in the last place in the ranking. Homeland of the game - Spain. The draws were started in 1736 year, and since then the organization, hosting the event, I didn't compromise myself. For nearly three hundred years, all obligations to play the game and pay out winnings have been properly fulfilled.

La Primitiva Jackpot Minimum Win - 1,5 million. $ USA. The most significant winnings in the game occurred in 2005 year (24 million. €), in 2008 year (2,5 million. €), 2009 year (4,5 million. €). To win the jackpot, need to guess 6 lottery numbers. All in the ticket 49 numbers and it's not easy to do. If a person guesses five, four, three numbers, then he receives prizes of lower monetary value. If you win more than 2500 €, the participant must pay 20% taxes.

Any citizen of the world can participate in the lottery drawing, reached 18 years and being able to buy an online ticket

When buying a ticket online, be careful - there are many scammers, who want to cheat the buyer

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