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How can you buy a ticket safely??

If, after a long search, you still managed to find the "official" site, don't rush, because scammers do not sleep and regularly create copies of portals or pretend to be intermediaries, who allegedly provide their services and help to take part in the drawing. In this case, the player will permanently lose his money transferred for the participant's coupon or lose his money and will not receive a win, in case of a successful outcome, which is even more offensive.

So as not to waste your time, money, and later a good mood, some information about intermediaries needs to be studied, who provide such services.

There are two types of intermediaries, which work according to diametrically opposite schemes:

  1. "Transparent". Such an intermediary does not hide practically any information., up to your extra charge for services. Often all information can be found on the main page of the official website or in the corresponding section. The player can preview it and decide, is there a need for registration and further cooperation with such an intermediary.
  2. "Discreetly". This intermediary invites you to see all the information (and sometimes even with the final ticket price) only after registration.

And it is worth considering, that it is common for the intermediary to charge interest on the service offered, some do not hide this information, generating even more confidence from lottery fans, while others prefer not to expose this data to the general public, considering such information unnecessary for users.

About the creators

TheLotter is owned by TheLotter Enterprises Ltd, which is registered in Malta (although many resources report, what's in London, somewhere celebrate, what's in South America), as they write on the site, in case of problems or questions, customers can contact the site staff free of charge by phone numbers in Australia, Of Russia, Of Ukraine, Germany, Canada and South Africa. But will your questions be answered there?

As we wrote above, this Internet resource acts as an intermediary between the client and the lottery representative, purchasing a lottery ticket for players and providing related services. In short, help you win money. And from what is written on the site, we can make the following conclusion: “You are lucky to become a winner? The site staff will send a notification to your e-mail and in the near future the prize will be transferred to your personal account ".

But users, I'm interested in one thing - is it cheating? According to the creators, this resource guarantees that users will receive their prizes in full, and participants always have access to a scan of their lottery ticket, which is in the personal account. There will also be information about all transactions., made by the participants during the use of the site.

According to the published statistics, over the entire period of the company's existence, more than 1 million winning tickets, and the amount of payments is over 30 million US dollars.

Online lotteries where you can really win

At the moment, online lotteries are gaining more and more popularity, which do not have any significant differences from those familiar to us from childhood paper tickets and lotteries in "offline mode". One of the many organizers of such entertainment is a popular and reliable online service. , accepting bets on the largest lotteries in the world and giving everyone a chance to get the coveted victory in any corner of the world.

The meaning of this game, unlike games with withdrawal of money, is as follows: players bet on the result itself in an instant instead of, to look for some point in your city, buy a ticket, make a forecast and carry it back. Generally, much less effort, and the result is the same. As assured by, if the player guesses all the winning numbers, then he will be guaranteed a win in the same amount, which is specified in the contract. No cheating, – guarantees you .

Simply put, the players are only required to choose a number and pay for participation in the largest lottery projects around the world. Players can also pay for participation in several projects at once., so as not to miss any of them.

The difference between the paper lottery we know from childhood and participation, is only to save participants time, and also that, that the payment will not go to the creators themselves, and the mediator – this implies, that in case of a victory, it is not the creators who provide the prize, and

For, so that you do not have any doubts about this company, you can be sure of its authenticity, having learned, that this company has an official license from the British Commission, gambling-oriented. By the way, in February last year, a resident of Khimki near Moscow won 824 thousand. € on one of these foreign online lotteries!

The man was an ordinary driver, led an unremarkable lifestyle, raised three children. Until February last year, he was making money on the Internet., played for a couple of months, with nothing having won during this time. But he didn't despair, in connection with which life has awarded him such financial success!

He won the Austria Lotto jackpot, ripping off an unrealistic amount. In an instant, an ordinary driver became a millionaire. Naturally, the man did not want publicity, therefore no photos, I can't give you any names. therefore, it remains only to congratulate this lucky, and also wish you, dear readers, such luck in life!

We continue?

This “sin” lies on the Vatican!

Lotteries in the Vatican

Of course, the church has never welcomed people's passion “demonic” games, and the Vatican – especially. Pope Innocent XI threatened all Catholics with heavenly punishment, Who, despite the taboo, held lotteries and participated in them. Its receiver, Pope Innocent XII, continued to bend the line of the previous pontiff, however, this did not in any way affect the popularity of the lottery. IN 1732 year Vatican, finally, gave up. The new head of the Roman Catholic Church, Innocent XIII, lifts the current bans, and more – allowed to organize the official Roman lottery. Centuries have passed, and from now on the Vatican does not oppose the holding of lotteries and treats them loyally. Even this is happening in Christian Europe today., about what 400 years ago and it was scary to think (I mean not the influx of refugees from the Middle East, and holding a lottery under the patronage of the sovereign of the Holy See himself). Soothes only one thing, what means, collected from such events are sent to charity.

3 place - Transnational lottery "EuroMillions" - Total prize fund - 190 million €, the biggest win is 190 million €


EuroMillions has been launched in 2004 year. She quickly gained popularity. It is the largest game in Europe today. Big jackpot prize pool, which is growing due to the transfer of the prize fund, and the simplicity of the game allowed to expand the number of participating countries to nine from 3 to 2004 year. EuroMillions was originally held in Spain, UK and France, and today they were joined by Austria, Ireland, Andorra, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Portugal.

The minimum lottery jackpot is € 15 million., however, quite often it increases over € 100 million. EuroMillions has 13 prize nominations, which allows players to expect a higher probability of winning a prize. The biggest prize won so far is the jackpot in 190 million €. It was won twice: in 2014 year in Portugal and in 2012 year in Great Britain. Colin and Chris Weir at 2011 won in Great Britain 185 million. €.

Why did Voltaire get rich?

Did you know, that the French educator Voltaire lived comfortably and was able to fully devote himself to creativity and philosophical reasoning thanks to winning the lottery? Yes, Yes, victories – famous pen friend of Catherine the Great won more than once. And this was no coincidence. The sly man negotiated with astronomer Charles Marie de la Condamine to create a winning system with careful calculation of various possible combinations. The case of the duet of enterprising gentlemen was put on a grand scale: attracted donations from many people – so if you play, so big. As a result, this fraternity earned a lot of money every month.. When the organizers of the lotteries found out about the intrigues of Voltaire and his accomplices, it was decided to stop the draws immediately. But by that time Voltaire had already managed to put together a hefty fortune..

TheLotter Review

Of course everyone wants money, especially if you don't need to do anything for this. Naive people still think, what to win the lottery – really. But let's not judge these people harshly, because there are a lot of sites around, where you can get rich. At least, that's how we think, when we get to such resources. One of these sites here – TheLotter. By going to the website, eyes run, how many interesting things here and how many opportunities to become a millionaire.

Let's start off with, that TheLotter is a lottery agent, which acts as an intermediary and provides the opportunity to purchase tickets for the world's most famous lotteries online. This site cooperates with many local and global lotteries, substituted in more than 20 countries of the world. The resource is sending notifications, through which customers are notified of the latest results of the draws by e-mail or SMS.

TheLotter has a variety of lottery draws to choose from, so that everyone can find their own option. The largest international lotteries include:

  • American PowerBall and MegaMillions;
  • Spanish ElGordo, Christmas lottery, The boy;
  • European EuroJackpot and EuroMillion;
  • Italian SuperEnalotto;
  • and many others.

It seems not so bad, you think, but before, than buy a ticket, read the review to the end.

Which Spanish Lottos are worth playing?

Let's take a closer look at the top three Spanish lotteries.

#1. El Gordo de la Primitiva

Drawings of the El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery are held on Mondays at midnight Moscow time. Minimum jackpot - 5 000 000 euros. The ticket notes 5 main numbers and 1 bonus. Major numbers are selected from the range 1-54, bonus - from 0 to 9. To get a prize, you need to guess either the bonus number, or 2 main numbers.

By guessing the bonus number, the player gets the ticket price back. Having guessed the two main numbers - the payment in 2 euros. The rest of the prizes are not fixed:the prize fund is formed from the proceeds from ticket sales.

Prize tiers with no fixed prize:

  • 2 main and bonus
  • 3 major
  • 3 main and bonus
  • 4 major
  • 4 main and bonus
  • 5 major
  • 5 main and bonus - jackpot

If the jackpot is not played, it increases and is carried over to the next draw. On average, every week it grows by 400 000 euros. Rollover endless: the main prize will increase, until a winner is found. The maximum jackpot in this lottery was 33 000 000 euros.

#2. BonoLoto

BonoLoto draws are held every day except Sunday. Choose on the ticket 6 numbers from 1 to 49. In addition there is a number of Reintegro from 0 to 9. If it matches the one printed on the ticket, field cost, 50 cents, will return to the player.

To win, enough to guess 3 or more main numbers. The seventh is also extracted from the lottery drum, bonus ball Complementario. It multiplies the ticket prize, which coincide 5 main numbers.

BonoLoto jackpot starts from 400 000 euros. If the jackpot is not played, it is carried over to the next draw. The largest jackpot in the history of the lottery was 7 000 000 euros.

В BonoLoto 5 prize combinations:

  • 3 numbers - with a fixed payment 4 euros.
  • 4 numbers
  • 5 rooms
  • 5 numbers and bonus ball
  • 6 numbers - jackpot

#3. Christmas lottery

The Christmas lottery is the most popular Spanish draw. Loteria de Navidad exists since 1812 years and is one of the oldest lotteries in the world. Draws are held once a year, 22 December. Interesting, that this tradition was not interrupted even during the Civil War - so much the Spanish people loved Loteria de Navidad.

The lottery has an unusual ticket. Each of the fields has five-digit numbers - combinations from #00000 to #99999. The number of draws with separate prize pools reaches 160-200 pieces. Each print run has 14 000 000 euros, and the entire prize fund reaches 2 300 000 000 euros.

The cost of one field is 200 euros. It's expensive for the average player, so the field is split into 10 parts. The player can pay for as many parts, how much can afford. It will depend on this, how much of the win will he get. If only one share is purchased, if you win 1 000 000 a tenth of the prize can be taken away - 100 000 euros.

The lottery is drawn with two large squares with 100 000 and 1 807 wooden balls. Balls with numbers are taken from the first, from the second - a ball with a prize.

Prize categories 17:

  • El Gordo main prize - € 4 000 000, 1 of circulation
  • second prize - € 1 250 000, 1 of circulation
  • third prize - € 500 000, 1 of circulation
  • fourth prize - € 200 000, 2 of circulation
  • fifth prize - € 60 000, 8 of circulation
  • La Pedrera - € 1 000, 1 794 of circulation
  • previous and next numbers of the main prize - € 20 000, 2 of circulation;
  • previous and next dates of the second prize - € 12 500, 2 of circulation;
  • previous and next numbers of the third prize - € 9 600, 2 of circulation;

Prizes for 1000 euros:

  • tickets, 3 the first numbers of which coincide with the main prize - 99 of circulation
  • tickets, 3 the first digits of which coincide with the second prize - 99 of circulation
  • tickets, 3 the first numbers of which coincide with the third prize - 99 of circulation
  • tickets, 3 the first numbers of which coincide with the fourth prize - 198 of circulation
  • tickets, 2 the last numbers of which coincide with the main prize - 999 of circulation
  • tickets, 2 the last numbers of which coincide with the second prize - 999 of circulation
  • tickets, 2 the last numbers of which coincide with the third prize - 999 of circulation

The last category of winning tickets has the most - 9999 pieces per edition. These are tickets, where the last digit matches the main prize. They give 200 euros.

Record winnings in Russian lotteries

Colossal money can be found in Russian lotteries. Statistics only confirm this idea.. Prize rating, received over several years, presented below.

  • 506 000 000 rub.: prize, received by a resident of one of the settlements of the Voronezh region, was won in 2017 year in the "Russian Lotto", is still the largest in the Russian Federation.
  • 364 000 000 rub.: citizen from Sochi to 2017 year purchased a ticket for a modest amount in 700 rubles and won this prize. The ticket belonged to the Gosloto brand 6 of 45 ".
  • 358 000 000 rub.: in the same Gosloto 6 of 45 "a resident of the city of Novosibirsk received a prize in 2016 year. He managed to participate in three draws of this famous lottery, before I became a winner.
  • 300 000 000 rub.: another record in the history of "Gosloto", only applies to the "4 of 20" edition. IN 2017 year this amount went to Novosibirsk. A citizen spent one hundred rubles to buy a ticket.
  • 202 000 000 rub.: in 2014 year this prize went to a resident from Nizhny Novgorod, he had a Gosloto ticket in his hands.

Worth remembering: all winners must pay taxes on the amount won in the lottery.

Choose a lottery, which you like


popular overseas lottery with sensational jackpot sizes, from 40 million dollars and above. Drawings of the game are held twice a week - on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Winnings are paid in two ways: cash in the amount 60% of the total amount or in the format of 30 annual payments.


relatively young game, launched in March 2012 of the year. Her draws take place on Fridays. While other foreign lotteries are full of win statistics 1 to 117 or 1 to 139, EuroJackpot members win much more often. Respectively, jackpots here do not reach exorbitant proportions.


the favorite game of chance of Europeans, launched in 2004 year. Draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45 Paris time. Winners receive their winnings as a one-time payment. The maximum jackpot amount is 190 million. euros, minimum - 15 million. euros.


foreign lottery, which is conducted with 2002 of the year. The minimum jackpot bet is 15 million dollars. It is paid in the format of 30 annual payments. The record jackpot amounted to 640 million dollars. The game involves 75 white balls and 15 golden mega balls.






European lotteries, played in Russia

Residents of Russia prefer to play European lotteries online for several reasons. First, there is no gradation according to social status in these gambling games.. There is no corruption here, and all participants have equal chances of winning. The second is reliability. Person, contributor of a certain amount, can be sure, that his funds went in the right direction, and he didn't fall prey to fraudulent schemes. The most popular among domestic gamblers are MegaMillions, SuperLotto Plus, EuroJackpot, SuperEnaLotto, Viking Lotto, UK National Lottery.

The most impressive jackpots in size

Lottery in Europe is always a big prize at stake, because tickets are bought not by tens and hundreds, and thousands of people! In conditions, when the participant has many rivals from different countries, the chances of winning are not that great, but even, despite this fact, some manage to make a splash. IN 2012 year Mega Millions participant from Maryland won 656 million. dollars, Powerball lucky guy ripped off 590 million. dollars. Record amount in European EuroMillions 190 million. euro was broken twice - in 2012 and 2014 years. As for Eurojackpot, then here is a record in size 90 million. euro was drawn in 2015 year.

Your luck is already smiling at you - don't miss the chance!

If you want to feel that indescribable passion, which are filled with international Internet lotteries, do not miss the opportunity to purchase a ticket on our website! While others keep thinking, what to become the owner of a solid capital, without leaving your home country, impossible, you have a chance to fulfill your cherished dream and one day wake up as a millionaire!

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