The best lotteries

What lottery is it really possible to win in Russia??

Is it possible to increase the chance of getting a prize?

Alas, method of guaranteed winnings does not exist in nature. Otherwise the organizers would have gone bankrupt long ago. Draws are based on a random selection of numbers. But experienced players know, how to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Only bet on the same combination of numbers. This method is one of the most popular among players..
Buy a lot of tickets. Each additional ticket increases the likelihood of getting a prize

It is important to correctly assess your budget.: otherwise the winnings may be less than the amount, spent on purchase.
Do not include numbers, following one after another. Consecutive combinations are extremely rare.
Use one type of lottery

Better to participate in different draws of the same lottery, than to rush between different brands.
Don't use only even or odd numbers. The probability of getting such a combination is also low. (as for sequential options).
Statistics show that, that the sum of winning combinations of numbers often falls in the range from 104 to 176.

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