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Lucky ticket

1 january 2020 state lottery distributor “The chair” announced the emergence of Russia's first lottery billionaire. At that time, the name of the winner was unknown., however, in the end he got in touch. 9 January media reported, that this is a resident of the Moscow region Nadezhda Bartosh.

Winner of a lucky ticket from the New Year's circulation “Russian lotto” came to the registration of the prize with her husband and daughter. As the woman said, the family bought it a few minutes before the closing of the point of sale in a shopping center in the village of Yudino, Odintsovo district.

“I have 31 December birthday. And I bought tickets several times, and here children ask me: “Mom, What to gift?” I say: “Well, buy me a lotto ticket”. Took three: from the beginning of the pack, from the middle and from the end. And then I forgot about them, put them in the car. And all”, Bartosz recalls.

Probably, the third or fourth daughter arrived and found tickets in the car, checked, calls and speaks at night: “Mom, I do not understand, notes, to my mind, won”. And I answer: “I'll only believe then, when will they really tell me, that it is true”.
Nadezhda Bartosh
lottery winner

However, the family's success story soon became the cause of a scandal.: some media and telegram channels accused the organizers of the lottery of rigging. Reported, eg, and that Bartosz is not an ordinary pensioner, and the founder of the trading house, who is in the caviar business.

Against this background, lawyer Alexander Sergeev even prepared a statement to the Federal Tax Service (FTS) with the requirement to check the information that appeared on the Internet, that the rally was allegedly recorded, not live, and the winner was familiar with the lottery organizers. He wrote about this on his Instagram.

The lottery organizers themselves denied all charges and announced the preparation of a lawsuit to protect business reputation.. In company “The chair” also highlighted, that the lottery was held “in strict accordance with the law” and there could be no collusion with the winner Nadezhda Bartosh before the drawing.

“It is impossible to form a winning combination during the drawing. The drawing took place live on the NTV channel. The rally was witnessed 8,5 million people. Kegs were mixed and pulled out of the bag at random”, - noted in the press service of the company.

In pulling out kegs, in addition to the presenter Mikhail Borisov, the invited guests also participated - the singer Yolka, singer Alexei Vorobyov. The results of the drawing were confirmed by the members of the drawing commission.

press service “The chair”

Besides, in “The chair” explained, that it is also impossible to forge a ticket after the drawing, since they all “are printed only in third-party printing houses with all the necessary levels of protection by analogy with banknotes”.

“In any draw, including New Year's edition, only tickets participate, present in the database at the time of closing sales. Making changes to the database impossible, it is controlled by an independent control system, installed by the organizer of the lotteries - the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation”, - added in the press service “The chair”.

The ether was direct, he was not only on the NTV channel, but the broadcast was on YouTube, including a camera 360 degrees, this can be seen. And nowhere - not in Vladivostok, nor on Sakhalin - this broadcast did not appear ahead of time. This is speculation, which are not supported by any facts. Furthermore, after our refutation, the lawyer removed his post.
Roman Romensky
Director of Sales “The chair”

Nevertheless, after the scandal, Nadezhda Bartosh hid her page on the social network “Classmates”, and also changed the last name and photo. Her daughter also hid the page in “Classmates” and deleted the profile on the social network “In contact with”. A family can receive a record amount within six months: net of taxes, they will only get 870 million rubles.

What parameters were taken into account

To choose the most attractive lotteries for participants, it is worth paying attention to different parameters. Among them, the size of the jackpot is quite important.

Certainly, here it is worth familiarizing yourself with the historical records of the game in question. On the official sites of many lotteries, data is provided that, what is the probability of winning the main prize. This information should not be neglected..

Also, it will be useful to get acquainted with the total prize fund of the lottery, which is allocated for each edition. Naturally, the bigger it is, the higher the probability of hitting a big jackpot. Usually, the prize fund is a certain percentage of the amount, from ticket sales. In many lotteries, the total fund is 50 percent of proceeds. However, there are some games today, the prize fund of which is 67 percent.

An important factor when choosing a lottery is the cost of the ticket

More precisely, it is worth paying attention to the ratio of the price of the game receipt to the total prize fund. Today you can choose a lottery, which offers fairly large winnings, but the cost of the ticket is much lower, compared to other games

When choosing a lottery, it is recommended to decide in advance, what do you prefer, win often or win a lot. There are many lotteries today, which offer large enough prizes, however, they are played very rarely. Games are also available, which cannot please with huge prize pools, but it's easy enough to win here

If you are better off "tit in hand", pay attention to simple lotteries, draws of which are held several times a day. To become a member of some of them, only has enough in the wallet 10 rubles

Respectively, big jackpots are out of the question here, but it is quite possible to increase your investments several times.

Housing lottery

Most won lotteries in russia

Take part in the Housing Lottery, to win one of the ten prize apartments. Despite the low cost of the ticket, the prize fund has more than 500 000 000 rubles. On the organizer's website, a lottery ticket costs from 100 rubles. Forms are selected automatically, you can specify for free 7 favorite numbers and the generator will highlight tickets, in which they meet.

For people, not trusting their success to chance, a package of five tickets with numbers from 1 to 90. Buying a set significantly increases the chances of a big prize. The closing of ticket sales takes place every Saturday, and the broadcast of the draw takes place on Sundays. Try your luck at the Housing Lottery and Apartment, a country house or a big cash prize can be yours.

In the "Announcements" section, you can find the schedule of draws and the list of the prize fund. You can find out the results of the drawing on the live broadcast, in the circulation archive or by installing the mobile application. By inviting a friend to participate in the Housing Lottery, get 9 bonuses and special bonus, with which you can pay for win-win lottery tickets.

The wife and parents were crying: "We don't need that kind of money"

Entrepreneur Albert Begarkyan from Kolpino won the lottery in 2011 100 million rubles, by matching six numbers from 45. From a rented apartment, together with his wife and daughters, he moved to a luxurious house in the center of St. Petersburg, bought several apartments and started a new business - building a hotel in Taman. But still there was not enough money - not paying on time tax on winnings, a millionaire became a defendant in a criminal case.

The Begarkyan family moved to Russia in 2001 year. Lived hard. Albert told on the First Channel, that he worked without weekends and holidays. Accommodation rented, even there was no furniture. Children slept with jacks on the bed, and parents - on the floor. Then everything worked out: the entrepreneur has several pavilions, car service. He took up construction.

- AT 2011 year everything was reset. The pavilions had to be closed, construction site stopped. I didn't want to start all over again. I thought, that I will tax for now ... In Russia then for the first time they played 100 million rubles. From the first draw, I started buying one or two tickets - I hoped, what will I win, - recalled Albert Begarkyan in the program "Alone with everyone".

Albert missed the TV show with the winnings. Checked the ticket on the Internet. Surprise and joy were followed by tension - the ticket of the nameless, children at home. The whole country knows, that the win is in Kolpino. The millionaire was offered protection, but he himself took the ticket to the safe deposit box, and then to Moscow. His wife sewed him to the shirt from the inside, rode a hare, so that no one can track his movements.

- A woman, parents, sister cried - do not take the prize. We don't need that kind of money. They were afraid, - Albert said.

The first winner of the TV program was filmed in Moscow. Albert's phone was broken on the way home. People asked for money. He did not refuse to help many, because at one time he needed it himself.

Albert Begarkyan. Photo:

- Many business plans offered. But I had a question not to earn, not to lose this money. Bought for everyone, what was needed: father - a car, my sister later renovated the apartment ... I bought housing, acquired a plot of land in Taman, started building a hotel ... I had to quickly get rid of the money. They oppressed.

Lottery winnings under Russian law are taxed in 13%. To 1 january 2018 year it had to be paid by the winner himself (now the state lotteries take it upon themselves). Albert Begarkyan immediately postponed 13 million, intended for the state - they were kept in the bank.

- I was told, that you can earn interest, and then pay tax. I spent the rest of the money - the site, hotel. At some point I lent a lot of money, more 12 million. And it was necessary either to stop the construction, or take from tax. The guys promised me, that in a month they will give everything, so I have withdrawn money from the account, - said Albert. - And then I heard on TV, that a criminal case was opened ... I paid a lot of interest, sold another apartment and paid.

To the question, is Albert Begarkyan waiting for a new win, he answers: “I don’t want big money. Further myself ". He calls his winnings a test.

- Winning the lottery is a great success. Big plus in life. But I think, that a person can break loose in such moments, become an alcoholic or drug addict - when he has everything or nothing. I got everything. It was hard to resist, - Albert says.

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