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Lottery, whom Russians trust

The most popular drawing in Russia is the Russian Lotto. People, those taking part in it piously believe in good luck and then, that sooner or later she will come to them. Lottery statistics indicate a high rate of winning tickets. The people trust her. Winning numbers are announced live. People invited to the studio pull out numbered and jumbled kegs with numbers. Everything is honest and open.

Gosloto has become no less popular recently 5 of 36 or 4 of 20. The ratings of this lottery are also quite high. In the case of the first, you need to guess at least 2 figures from 36 the proposed, to get a win. In the second option, you will have to choose combinations of numbers, which may later be decisive. After filling out the lottery ticket, it is registered in the system, where the player's phone number is also indicated, to which an SMS message is sent with a winning combination.

You can win, However, not only a large sum of money. A considerable list is supplemented by the Housing Lottery, the purpose of participation in which is to obtain an apartment or a country house. In certain cases, in addition to real estate, you can also receive a prize in the form of a sum of money.


To play EuroMillions, you need to select five main numbers in the field from 1 to 5 and two additional numbers from 1 to 12, referred to as "varnishes old". To hit the jackpot, you need to guess all five main numbers and both are "lucky old".

Also, twice a week in the raffle draws, an alphanumeric code is selected, nine character. If the code matches that, what's printed at the bottom of your ticket, then you will win one million euros. Moreover, this prize is tax-free..

Besides, EuroMillions has a special Superdraw with a guaranteed starting jackpot of one hundred million euros. If no one rips it off, then after accumulating a jackpot of two hundred million euros and passing four more draws, it will be distributed among the winners of the secondary prizes. When the next superpay will be held is still unknown. You can find out information about this on the Golotter service website.

One of the users of the Golotter service from Russia in 2012 won the second prize in EuroMillions, and his winnings were 144 thousand euros. Another user from Hungary in 2013 won almost 490 thousand euros. By the way, this user was Golotter Platinum VIP and saved 12,5 % playing EuroMillions.

Draws take place in Paris every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 by local time (23:00 in Moscow). You can buy a ticket for a maximum of 20 minutes before the start of the draw.

Is it worth the risk?

As they say, who does not risk, he doesn't drink champagne. Try fate from time to time, sure, necessary and even useful. Thus, you can tickle the nerves and cause a jump in adrenaline in the blood.. However, throw yourself headlong, giving the last money for the ticket, not worth it. You will hardly be able to win in such a situation., but losing the rest is easy. In addition, haste and excitement will prevent you from thinking sanely..

Desperate people in difficult situations often decide to take such a step.. They're ready to pull the last, what do they have left. Later, when the realization of what happened, it will be too late.

Play the lottery then, when you are calm, happy with life and ready to try their luck. The bet shouldn't be big. Don't spend a fortune on tickets and don't trust people, approving, that the more you buy cherished pieces of paper, the higher the probability of winning. From you in this case, Unfortunately, nothing depends.

Make a conscious decision to participate, checking the situation with the amount of winning and its probability, having studied several different options. Don't try to calculate the best result, rely only on your intuition.

What is the most honest lottery in Russia?

By law, only state lotteries are legal on the territory of Russia - their holding is regulated by a decision of the Government. Participants can count on lottery fairness, presented below.

The slogan 6 of 45

«The slogan 6 of 45 "- popular draw lottery, in which you can really win a big cash prize. Draws are held daily at 11:00 and 23:00 by Moscow time.

On the ticket, the participant must mark at least 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 45. The minimum cost of a game card is 100 rubles (6 selected numbers, one combination). Participants can make "multi-bets", to increase the chance of winning. for example, card, which noted 13 numbers, will be winning if 1716 possible combinations. However, in this case, the ticket will cost 171600 rubles.

All participants, guessing 2 numbers, get by 100 rubles. The remaining prize pool is distributed as a percentage between those, who matched:

For 6 the guessed numbers get a super prize. Its minimum size in Gosloto 6 of 45 "- 10 million rubles.

Housing lottery

In the "Housing Lottery", in addition to cash prizes, apartments and country houses are raffled off. Ticket price - 100 rubles. The super prize is accumulated from run to run, its minimum size is 3 million.

Tickets contain 2 fields, in each of which 15 numbers - by 5 in three lines (range from 1 to 90), combinations are formed in advance. The super prize goes to the participant, which for 10 first moves will coincide 10 numbers of any two strings. Draws are held once a week on Sundays.


"Bingo-75" - lottery, where each ticket gives three chances to win, which could become a multi-million dollar jackpot. Draws are held weekly on Sundays at 13:30.

Combinations in tickets, which cost is 100 rubles, generated automatically - the participant chooses nothing. The card contains 24 numbers, range - 1-75. The circulation consists of 72 moves and several rounds. To get the minimum win (300 rubles) and participation in the further drawing of cash prizes is necessary, so that the ticket before 28 moves coincided 4 numbers, located in the corners of the game cards.

Minimum super prize - 10 million. The jackpot goes to the participant, in which all numbers in the playing field coincide with those dropped in the drawing up to 46 stroke inclusive. For winning with 47 by 55 move relies 50000 rubles, from 56 by 72 — 100 rubles.

Russian lotto

Russian Lotto is one of the most popular and fair drawing lotteries in Russia, which is conducted with 1994 of the year. The scheme is similar to the Housing Lottery - the range of numbers in game cards is from 1 to 90 (two fields, combinations are generated by the system automatically).

The biggest winnings are received by the winners of the first rounds of the "Russian Lotto" - from several tens of thousands to several million rubles. Besides, apartments are regularly drawn in the lottery, cars, vouchers and other prizes.

Draws are broadcast on Sundays at 14:00 on the NTV channel. Ticket price - 100 rubles. The minimum jackpot amount has not been set - it is constantly changing and accumulates from one draw to another.


You can win in this fair lottery, without guessing a single number. Draws take place every 15 minutes, therefore "KENO-Sportloto" will suit those, who doesn't want to wait long for the draw. Ticket price - 50 rubles.

The participant needs to choose 1-10 numbers ranging from 1 to 80. In the lottery 42 winning categories with a fixed reward. IN 4 cases can be obtained 50 rubles, not guessing a single number.

Also in a separate round of "KENO-Sportloto" a super prize is played (from 10 million rubles) by participant ticket number.

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