The most popular lottery in russia

10 the most winning lotteries in russia

The lucky ones in Russia: who hit the jackpot?

In our country, the percentage of people, participating in lotteries? negligible - no more 2% population. But, Nevertheless, even this percentage gets the jackpot.

Lucky No. 1. The largest cash prize was won in the game "Russian Lotto" by a 63-year-old woman from the Voronezh region - 506 million rubles. This amount has been raffled 5.11.2017. The founders of the draw could not find a winner within 2 weeks, because she could not believe her happiness. The lucky woman has already decided, how to spend the prize - will help children and grandchildren, will also do charity work.

Lucky No. 2. 21 May 2017 year hit the jackpot 364 million rubles cultural worker from the city of Sochi. The woman spent on the purchase of a ticket 700 rubles. The winner did not come for a win for a long time, because I wanted to come with the whole family, but there was no money for the trip. Money won, according to her, was going to contribute to the electoral fund of the Communist Party political party.

Lucky No. 3. IN 2016 year became happier on 358 million rubles doctor from Novosibirsk. He played the lottery for two years and used his own formula, which ensured his victory. He decided to spend money on buying real estate in Moscow, develop your business and donate part of the money to charity.

Lucky No. 4. A native of the city of Novosibirsk 30 May 2017 year was lucky to become the owner 300 million rubles. The most amazing thing is, that the lottery cost only 100 rubles.

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