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The biggest lottery wins “Powerball”

USA lotteries are drawing really huge amounts, therefore, many do not believe in the possibility of their own victory. And completely in vain, because every year completely different people receive money. But exactly “Powerball” has the highest possible jackpot.

In May 2013 the jackpot was won by 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie, who just bought a ticket at the grocery store. Her winnings at that time became a record in the history of lotteries and amounted to about 590 million dollars. She decided to get the full jackpot, and due to tax accounting, the amount decreased, almost 370 million. The next big jackpot was raffled at 2012 year. It was slightly smaller – 585 million. It was shared by two participants at once, each of whom received 190 million. IN 2015 year the jackpot was 565 million, who shared 3 participant. One of them was from Puerto Rico. His win was the first to win outside of the United States.. IN 2016 year the jackpot reached record amounts and amounted to 1,5 billion, who played immediately 3 participant.


IN 2009 in the UK National Lottery for a long time (from March to September) nobody came for one of the winnings. The amount is not the largest, but worthy - £ 2 255 485. Finally, the supposed winner did show up - 51-year-old Eddie Putman presented the ticket and received the money. Sam Putman, true, was not a law-abiding citizen, he had previously been convicted of violence and fraud. But, in this case, the police did not have any evidence against him. Maybe he just played the lottery and won, the same happens too?

But, the story was continued in 2015, when Jyle Nibs, Camelot Group employee (lottery organizer) committed suicide. Nibs worked in the fraud prevention department. AND, as an employee of this level, knew perfectly the inner kitchen and the weak points of the system.

Shortly before his death, Putman accused Nibs of blackmail (allegedly he demanded from him 400 000 pounds) and damage to the BMW car. Therefore, Jyle Nibs was under police surveillance, and his suicide was the beginning of the investigation.

It revealed, that these two were in cahoots. Nibs, as a lottery employee knew perfectly well about the existence of unclaimed winnings and the possibility of getting it. And Putman just acted as the ticket holder.

As one of the Camelot Group employees said about this, “You cannot manage the lottery, but you can fake a ticket. And nothing prevents you from doing it again "

Police do not disclose, how exactly the ticket was forged, possibly, it was printed by Nibs himself (it seems like he could do it), maybe, Putman was also engaged in forgery - all, what was required for this was to buy a ticket there, where the real one was designed and "modify" it a little

Edward Putman during his trial 2012

The partners agreed to split the jackpot in half. But Putman just threw Nibs, taking all the money for myself. The latter was furious - such a perfect fraud scheme and such a shameful result. And you won't go to the police, then you must reveal your role in this story.

It's hard to say now, what exactly triggered Nibs' suicide. There is a version, that the security service was digging under it and the fraud scheme was about to be revealed. And he didn't want to go to jail. Generally, with the help of his death, Nibs decided to get his former companion. He left many messages and letters to friends, where the fraud scheme was revealed. Police, investigating, happily grabbed the materials provided and, looks like Putman will sit down again soon.

This is not the only case, when the unclaimed winnings are fraudulent. The most famous happened in the USA, and this story began as usual

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