Megamillions draw

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Megamillion lottery, the results are pleasing not only to Americans

You can buy a lucky ticket both in the traditional form and online. Prizes are paid immediately after the drawing in any way available to the winner (except for jackpot). The rule is set, according to which you can only get a prize in the country where the ticket was purchased and the participant himself lives. For example, players from Russia can receive money only in the Russian Federation, with payment of established fees.

To receive jackpot winnings, which amounts to tens and hundreds of millions of special payment rules. The winnings can be divided into several annual tranches, up to 30. You can get all the money at once, but in this case, the amount of tax and commissions will be higher.

Information on the Megamillion lottery results is available immediately after the draw in all major languages ​​of the world, including in Russian. According to professional players, this lottery is one of the most profitable, and a high chance of luck really gives an opportunity for everyone to become a millionaire. It is most convenient to buy lottery tickets in the Russian Federation via the Internet.

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