Christmas lottery in spain: miracles and failures

Spanish Christmas Lottery - timelottery

We got proudly!

Almost at the same time Anna, another resident of Sodeto, picks up the phone, her daughter is on the wire. "Mum, She says, looks like, what proudly won at Granier. "This is a joke?"- Anna asks. She looks out the window and sees her friend Lolita, running in her pajamas to the mayor's house. Anna Lolita leaning out of the window screams - “WE GOT Proudly!»

"How many?"- Anna asks reflexively, and a friend calls the amount in pesetas, what Anna yells at: - "Tell me, so I can understand ". "One hundred thousand euros per ticket", - shouts back Lolita.

Anna in shock rushes to the bar. She remembers, how did you put your ticket under the cashier, and where he is, and ... here it is! She runs out into the square, among the lucky ones, who dance and hug, uncorking champagne bottles, taken for joy (and without payment) from the shelves of the village store.

Sandra, at the time of the drawing was at work outside Sodeto and found out the news after a call from a friend. She is nervous and worried, because ... she thinks, that I bought a ticket. After all, it was? Yes. That's just, where could she put it?

Taking time off from the chief, Sandra returns the same way, which I drove an hour ago. When she gets to Sodeto, the holiday is in full swing. Everyone in the square, all with champagne, dancing, sing and have fun. Sandra, head down goes to his house, opens the gate, bursts in and begins to frantically remember. Ticket ... where is the ticket?!

Meanwhile, in the office, colleagues are taking bets, on it, is there a ticket now. Maybe she threw it away, maybe, in twenty-five years he will be at the bottom of a shoebox.

Sandra, rushes at home, rummaging through things in closets and scattering them in all directions.? She takes out her phone and calls her ex-boyfriend - Cortis (still cloudy from sleep). "Sodeto won El Gordo, She screams, but I can't find my fucking ticket ". She cries, she is hysterical. Throws clothes and papers. Half an hour, forty minutes, searching and muttering, turning into despair ...

It all goes on until then, until the ticket was found Hidden in the closet by the sink.

One of the tickets, distributed by Mary Carmen was recorded by her friend. But, in view of the difficult financial situation (my friend's husband was unemployed then) it was never paid. When El Gordo's number was announced, the same ticket remained unredeemed. But, Miss Carmen left him for her friend anyway. “She was afraid to call me and ask,” said Mary. So a friend's son called Carmen's son and asked, was the ticket really saved? And Mary said yes, sure". And then there was a lot of crying.

Like many other local farmers, Jose Manuel Penella Cambra, recently invested in more efficient irrigation techniques, and worried about, will be able to close the loan. But his wife bought two tickets, brought 200 000 euros, and the son found two more, which she bought earlier and which she forgot, resulting in the total amount 400 000 euros.

“I kept on talking: look for more, look for more ", - he joked in a village cafe, a shabby establishment with several Formica tables and a torn black leatherette sofa. “This money means, that now we can breathe ", - said Jose. - “And the best part, that it's not just me. Everyone won ".

Chicken as a gift to the police in honor of the win

Throughout the history of the Christmas lottery, there have been many stories of people's reactions in the media., one day became millionaires. Some fainted and ended up in the hospital with a heart attack, others began to give gifts to others. Most curious reaction, according to journalists, there was a reaction from the owner of a poultry farm in Zaragoza in 1970 year. He found out about the win during a dispute with a policeman, who demanded from him the payment of a fine for an incorrectly parked van. Having received such great news, Manuel Peromarte, for his joy, decided to pay the fine on time and presented the policeman with a chicken.

Sailors, who preferred brandy to a lottery ticket, happy

Usually ship crews buy lotteries in ports, where they stop during the pre-Christmas period. Sailors often tell a sad story, which happened to their colleagues from the ship El Castillo de Butrón in 1957 year. Before heading to Senegal for fishing, the crew bought provisions in the shop of the village of Bermeo (Basque Country). Its owner often shared tickets for free. However, the sailors from this ship, instead of the lottery, preferred to get two bottles of cognac., which the owner of the store gladly gave them. Later it turned out, that one of those tickets was winning.

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