The most winning lotteries in Russia

The most winning lotteries in Russia

How to get your winnings?

The procedure for receiving the won money is detailed on lottery sites. Big winnings can be claimed at the head office of the organization that creates and distributes lottery tickets. Small prizes are issued at the point of purchase of the ticket.

What is the tax on winnings?

In Russia, the standard income tax is deducted from the prize 13% for citizens of the Russian Federation and in 30% for those, who is not a citizen of the Russian Federation.

The advantages of domestic lotteries

Sample ticket, participating in the Russian Railways lottery

Government lotteries are considered reliable, therefore, they are usually preferred. Indisputably, plays a role and then, that these lotteries are controlled by the state, and payments are paid in 100%.

It doesn't mean at all, that non-state pranks are suspicious. for example, the draw lottery from Russian Railways is a non-state, but at the same time 10% of the cost of sold tickets is allocated to children with serious illnesses and more than 60 thousands of people.

Besides, all lottery players contribute to the development of sports and culture in Russia.

5 the best lotteries in Russia

In the video you can take a closer look at the most popular lotteries of the Russian Federation

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Top 5 lotteries in Russia

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