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Top 10 Russian lotteries: fair + really win

Big Win Stories

Is it possible to buy lottery tickets, and how high are the chances of winning big money? Below we will share the success stories of Russian millionaires.

for example, Albert Begrakyan from the suburb of St. Petersburg in 2009 won 100 million rubles, just by buying a ticket to Gosloto. At one time, he and his family moved to the northern capital from Armenia in search of a better life.. The first time he worked as a security guard, then he opened his own small business - at first related to trade, then with a car service. From time to time he bought lottery tickets, ended up winning a huge amount.

In the same 2009 year Muscovite Evgeny Sidorov won a smaller, but still a considerable amount - 35 million rubles. Before that, he purchased a lottery ticket worth 560 rubles and quite by accident guessed the "lucky" combination.

With the funds received, he went into agriculture and opened a private business outside the city.. He rebuilt the infrastructure of the village, and also bought a good car for myself.

However, not in every case the winners can competently dispose of their winnings. So it was in 2001 with a resident of Ufa Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova, who won the lottery about 30 million rubles. Then, New Year's Eve, she purchased six lottery tickets, one of which turned out to be winning.

Ufa unemployed woman couldn't even dream of such money before, as a result, she and her family were never able to properly dispose of them. They spent the lion's share of the winnings on restaurants, booze and entertainment. Purchased cars were eventually wrecked, and the new apartment was almost completely burned down after another festivities.

Lottery "Golden Horseshoe"

Another lottery, with government support, is the "Golden Horseshoe", it is broadcast on the NTV channel on Sundays at 8:15 by Moscow time. With the support of the Ministry of Sports, she has a large number of fans similar in terms of the rules and principles of Russian lotto.

The well-known presenter Mikhail Borisov supports the image and is already remembered by the audience for his good-natured smile and catchphrases

note, what to buy tickets before 16:00 Moscow time one day before the broadcast, more precisely until Saturday. The intrigue lies in the ever-growing jackpot

“Golden horseshoe” heads Russian lotteries with a large prize pool, because the number of ticket buyers is a record. Simple rules of the game and TV propaganda do the trick.

If we consider the rules of the game, then you can see a striking resemblance to the usual Russian lotto. One line must be crossed out, to get the minimum prize. Then one completely crossed out square wins, then the winner is the one, who crossed out all the numbers of two fields before others.

If you carefully study the reviews about “Golden horseshoe”, then we can note their positive direction. The big advantage in favor of buying this ticket is played by the low price - about 50 rubles. The second significant factor is the transparency of the tours.. Russian lotteries, reviews which are carefully studied by the organizers, usually carried out online, to exclude the possibility of fraud and to prevent rumors about dishonest tours. Analysts claim, that the manipulation of the results of this lottery has no basis, the thing is, what the Ministry of Sports gets 50 percent of all tickets sold, and this is an impressive amount. Rest 50 percent goes to the prize pool.

However, you can find a negative note in the reviews., eg, the issue of winnings can be difficult and take a long time. In some cases, winners had to wait up to two weeks. Organizers reassure theme players, that everyone will get winnings, the problem lies in accounting delays when transferring large amounts of money. Public funding takes time, which is already limited. Report preparation, money transfer to the organizer and delivery of prizes to the points of issue - all this takes from one to two weeks. If you become the owner of a prize of one million rubles, you will have to visit the central office, the rest can pick up prizes at points of sale.

What lottery really to win - what the statistics say

We looked at this issue from the perspective of the theory of probability. But you need to understand, that it works with a very large sample, about a million outcomes.

No other company has had such a large number of draws yet., therefore, lotteries are more interesting to consider from a statistical point of view.

The slogan

Under the brand name "Gosloto" 4 state lotteries, we will consider the most popular - "5 out of 36". Held daily 5 draws, and the total number of copies exceeded 8100.

The statistics are quite interesting:

  1. Number of participants. Participates in each drawing from 10000 to 20000 tickets. At the same time, the largest number of participants falls on the evening draws.
  2. Drawn amounts. If we talk about circulation, in which there is no jackpot, then payouts range from 300 000 to 800 000 thousand rubles.
  3. Jackpot. The super prize is drawn on average every hundredth draw. That is, every 20 days another millionaire appears.

Russian lotto

One of the most popular and oldest lotteries in Russia. Draws are held once a week on Sundays.

The site provides the following statistics:

  1. Number of participants. In the regular draw, from 2 500 000 to 3 500 000 tickets. In special, when remains 2 barrel, from 7 000 000. The first of January 2018 the record was set: in the drawing took over 45 000 000 participants.
  2. Drawn amounts. On a typical day, played out 100 000 000 — 120 000 000 rubles. For special editions, the amount is doubled. The record belongs to the January edition - 2 125 000 150 rubles.
  3. Not dropped barrels. Most often numbers remain in the bag 83, 76, 78, 70, 37.

Winning chance. This indicator depends on the missing numbers. There are no official statistics on the site. But by simple mathematical calculations the following result will be obtained: 4 barrel - 20%, 3 — 30%, 2 — 40%.

Housing lottery

The name speaks for itself. All big prizes are real estate (country houses, cottages, apartments). The rules are exactly the same, as in "Russian Lotto". Only a lottery drum is used instead of a bag of barrels. Draw takes place once a week on Sunday.

The statistics for the draws are as follows:

  1. Number of participants. It is lower, than in the more popular "Russian Lotto". For standard - up to a million, for special draws - up to 2,5 million.
  2. Drawn amounts. In the standard draw, the draw is up to 80 million rubles. The record belongs to the January special edition, during which more than 310 000 000 rubles.
  3. Non-falling balls. Balls numbered are the least likely to take part in the game. 18, 72, 11, 70, 37.

Golden Key

In the past, one of the most popular representatives, and the main competitor of "Russian Lotto". IN 2015 ceased to exist, for unknown reasons. We wanted to compare the statistics of the "Golden Key" with existing counterparts, but there is no information.

The only thing, what we managed to find was a loud mention of, that during its existence it was played 2000 prizes worth more than 1 million each.


Sportloto is the oldest representative on this list. Draws are held every 15 minutes. Sportloto does not boast of large amounts paid. The maximum possible amount is 10 000 000 rubles. Biggest win, found by me in the archive - 63 000 rubles.

Is it possible to win a billion?

Photo: TASS / Donat Sorokin

Gambling business expert Dmitry Slobodkin told Moscow 24, that state lotteries are indeed subject to strict state control.

“If citizens have doubts and inquiries, then the state should check, as it should do. This is done by the tax service. You need to check the circulation, true, little can be checked already. The bottom line is, what to control the lottery in real time, not then, when something like that happened”, - noted the expert.

If not controlled, but just let it all take its course, then there may be people, who are interested in some not quite adequate actions. Not a fact, what was it in this case. Nevertheless, the assumptions can be any, but these assumptions are akin “one grandmother said”.
Dmitry Slobodkin
gambling expert

Expert added, that there are cases of fraud in the lottery, and globally. As an example, he cited the situation with the national lottery operator in the UK. “Camelot Group”.

IN 2019 Briton Edward Putman was convicted, presented in 2009 fake lottery ticket, by which he received 2,5 million pounds. Later, law enforcement officers found out, that the man was friends with the employee “Camelot Group” Giles Nibbs. A source in the company said, that Nibbs had the opportunity to simply print the lottery ticket with the desired number after the draw.

“Anyone can win the lottery, who bought a ticket. The only question is, honest or dishonest. This is already a question for the organizers.. If some beggar grandma would win, then there would be no questions, and so a more or less wealthy woman won, and there were many questions”, - concluded Slobodkin.

Golden Key

We continue to consider popular Russian lotteries. Russian lotto or, as the official name says, "Golden Key" will be remembered by all viewers for many years. Especially mustachioed good-natured uncle, which for already 12 years gives apartments to the right and to the left.

Central channels are happy to broadcast the draws. First the program was shown by ORT, then I had to make room and change the First channel to RTR. Apart from apartments, players have the opportunity to win cash prizes or cars. The meaning of the game is similar to a regular lotto. It is necessary to cross out one of the rows faster than the others. Considering the best Russian lotteries, then the "Golden Key" is considered the oldest existing today. According to unconfirmed media reports, the organizer and main sponsor of the game is the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation.

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