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EuroMillion. Results of the last draw.

When distributing the lottery prizes, the number of numbers guessed by the participant is taken into account. In the lottery EuroMillions there are basic numbers and numbers with lucky stars. The winners of the game are determined depending on the numerical combination of these components..

The last circulation is currently considered, which is dated 14 february 2017 of the year (Tuesday). The winning combination of the main numbers is as follows: 2, 10, 24, 40, 44. The numerical combination of lucky stars was made up of numbers 3 and 10.

number combination of lucky stars

  • 03
  • 10

This drawing allowed two lucky ones to win the jackpot. Participants from Belgium and Great Britain received as a prize 23 million 570 thousand 709 euros. The second largest prize was 855 thousand 914 euros, which went to one player, guessing 5 main numbers and 1 with a lucky star. The third largest prize in this draw was 33 thousand 225 euros. This amount made six players happy, the numerical combination of tickets of which coincided with the five main winning numbers.

"Millionaire Creator" in the EuroMillion lotto. results

UK Millionaire MakerThis type of additional prize drawing is conducted in the British version of the lottery game. The essence of this action is, that in each EuroMillion lottery draw there is an additional round. The main prize is one million euros. Moreover, two lucky ones get the prize at once in one game. The winning combination of "Millionaire Creator" is made up of letters from numbers, which are generated automatically. Last winning combinations:

— 14 february 2017 of the year (Tuesday): HCQM 49983, HCQT 54057.

— 10 february 2017 of the year (Friday): TZPZ 16949, ZZPX 56565.

— 7 february 2017 of the year (Tuesday): MZPZ 13927, XZQD 33317.

It should be noted, that each participant of the British version of EuroMillion can receive two prizes in one game. Since the main lottery draw is held separately from the "Millionaire Creator", the chances of winning are doubled. Players are advised to carefully check their tickets on the official website of the lottery organizer.

The history of the development of the "Millionaire Creator"

The first additional draw in the history of EuroMillions (then still called "Millionaire Raffle") was held 13 November 2009 of the year. In two years (25.11.2011 of the year) appeared "Month of Millionaires". This drawing was timed to coincide with the coming Christmas. It consisted in the fact, that over 4 weeks, fifty prizes of one million euros were drawn. Another year later (27.07.12 of the year) a world record was set for the number of participants, winners 1 million in one evening. Drawing, dedicated to the opening of the Olympic Games, became a shocking event in the history of lottery games. He was named "100 Millionaires". On that amazing evening 97 people at one point turned into millionaires, claiming a win. 31 May 2013 a new drawing of big prizes took place. It was named "A Million Every Month". The next draw "One Hundred Millionaires" was organized 26 July of the same year. The lottery millionaires' piggy bank was replenished with another hundred. The name was changed to "Millionaire Creator" 31 October 2014 of the year. A drawing was timed to this event 25 million euros and top-class vouchers to one of the islands of Australia in one evening. FROM 24 september 2016 year, this drawing has acquired a modern look. Since then, every game has been accompanied by the appearance of two new millionaires..

Incredible EuroMillion Winning Stories

  • The biggest prize in the history of the EuroMillions lottery is considered to be the jackpot in the amount of 161 million 600 thousand euros. Participants from Scotland became the lucky winners of such a shocking prize. Spouses Weir 12.07. 11 year won the largest prize in the history of European lottery games. The prize was received on a single lottery ticket. According to the pound, at that time the winnings of the Weir family became the largest in England.

  • Weir's record would be broken by a UK couple, if not for the exchange rate of the pound. IN 2012 year Adrian and Gillian Bayford joined the world list of lottery millionaires. Their prize was 190 million euros. true, in this case, the win did not bring the expected result. This story has become quite sensational on the Internet.. A little over a year after the win, the couple divorced, and Mrs. Bayford returned to her homeland of Scotland. Adrian Bayford, in turn, got a young lover, which after three years of romantic relationship, left an enviable bachelor for an unemployed guy. At the same time, the young lady took with her an expensive car and elite horses., once given to her by Mr. Bayford.

  • Another striking win in EuroMillions history comes from a Majorcan woman. Chain of events, leading ultimately to victory, at the initial stage developed in a rather sad way. Future Jackpot Owner Has Serious Flu, and was in serious condition for a long time. As soon as she got better, then I decided to check the lottery ticket purchased the day before. The woman experienced a real shock, when I saw the results of the EuroMillions draw. She won a prize, the size of 126 million euros.

  • The most famous lottery syndicate, received a major prize, was a union of drivers from Northamptonshire. The syndicate consisted of 12 participants. Each of the players received 38 million 34 thousand 639 euros. The draw took place in March 2012 of the year. Company employees created a special account, to which a certain amount of money was transferred monthly. It was from this account that the systematic online purchase of tickets was carried out..


Stunning EuroMillion prize statistics haunt millions of players. The excitement around the purchase of lottery tickets does not subside, beginning with 2004 of the year. Participants from completely different countries of the world continue to win big prizes and, wherein, do not stop participating in draws. Draws become additional motivation to participate in the game, dedicated to any important events or holidays. At such moments, the lottery prize pool is more generous than ever with large gifts..

Since the number of people who want to take part in the game is growing exponentially from year to year, then the chances of winning vary depending on their number. If you have not found a winning combination of numbers among the numbers, present on your ticket, do not despair. Luck loves the stubborn - it's a common knowledge. If you try again and again, then sooner or later the jackpot will undoubtedly be in your hands!

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