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La primitiva lottery - how to play from russia

What bets can be placed on El Gordo de la Primitiva?

The El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery provides 2 type of bets - complex and simple. If we are talking about a simple bet, the player is offered the opportunity to choose up to 5 numbers as the main game combination. The ticket provides up to 6 pond, which contain 5 numbers from 1 to 54.

If the bet is difficult, here you can choose from 6 to 11 numbers within one playing field. Don't forget to check your game ticket, and also pay for the expanded game. Remember, that the more numbers the player chooses, the more the ticket price. As part of a complex game, it is possible to choose such options:

  • 6 pond, and 6 numbers within the first block - the price reaches the mark 9 euros.
  • 21 rate with the option to choose 7 numbers in the first block - the cost increases to 31,5 euros.
  • 56 pond, and 8 numbers in the first block - price 84 euros.
  • 126 rates and 9 numbers in the first block - price 189 euros.
  • 252 rates, 10 numbers from the first block - price 378 euros.
  • 462 rates, 11 numbers in the first block - the price is already 693 euros.

Expanded bets greatly increase the chances of winning, but the cost of participation in the lottery grows.

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