How to register for stoloto

How to fill out lottery tickets correctly

Registration in the Chair

Registration Procedure:

  1. Enter your name, if you wish, you can enter full initials.
  2. A valid email address (which in the future will receive notifications of results and other information).
  3. Personal password (which no one will know, for security reasons).
  4. Indicate the country of your current residence. Countries such as: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, Tajikistan, Moldavia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
  5. contact phone number.
  6. Then check the boxes opposite: Came by invitation (in case you were recommended a lottery, indicate the contact number of the person who invited you). Agreement with the offer agreement and confirmation, that you are full 18 years old.
  7. The verification code is easy enough to pass, just put a tick in front of the words - I am not a robot. And choose images, which depict bridges road signs cars. If they are not, click "Skip".

Where to track the number and circulation of the ticket, purchased at retail outlets

Many players do not purchase tickets electronically, and at retail points of sale, not quite trusting computers or preferring paper to electronic. for example, you can at Pyaterochka, "Crossroads", "Svyaznom", Beeline and other points of sale. Usually, no numbers can be seen on such tickets., our circulation. So where, then, can you find the information you need??

Usually such tickets consist of two parts - actually, the ticket itself, which has no number, our circulation, and cashier's check, on which all this information is attached. And in order to get your winnings, the second part is needed, namely the receipt. It just indicates such information, as ticket number, circulation, unique key, and also a mobile phone number, which the player showed when buying a lottery at the checkout. If suddenly a similar ticket wins, then the player will receive a special code on his mobile phone, with which it will be possible .

Receiving option Ticket Promotion period Assessment
check in + ticket


Without registering

No bonus

By the way, it is the receipt that will need to be saved, to get your prize in the future. And all because of that, that the check is the basis for receiving the winnings. As you can see, the lottery ticket itself of this type usually does not contain any useful information, except for barrel numbers. There is no receipt number here, our circulation number.

Stoloto lottery ticket without drawing number

And a completely different thing is a cashier's check, which comes with such a ticket. This is where all the useful information will be in it - including the circulation number., ticket number, field and so on

Those data are underlined on the check, which you need to pay special attention to

Stoloto cash register receipt, which comes with the lottery ticket

And it is this check that must be kept to receive the win.

Buying a ticket online. Step-by-step instruction

After, how is the ticket selected, you need to pay for it. It's easy to do, using step by step instructions:

1. Click on the selected ticket and on the right find the green button "All payment methods". Above we see the amount to be paid for 1 ticket - 150 rub. Also above there is information about the date of the draw. On our ticket it is 17.02.2019 r. IN 14:00 Moscow time. Circulation number 1271.

2. Press the button "All payment methods". A field will appear with all possible payment methods for the ticket. You can choose the most convenient.

3. Choose a payment method. for example, via mobile phone bill, and click the "Payment" button. In the window that appears, enter your phone number and click "Confirm".

4. Then the system records the payment.

5. An SMS from Stoloto comes to the specified phone number with a request to confirm the payment

note, that for all payment methods a commission is charged for making a payment. For our ticket cost 150 rub

had to pay 172,41 rub. with commission.

6. After confirmation on the site, the payment information is updated. We see, that the ticket is successfully registered.

7. An SMS will be sent to the phone with information about accepting payment and registering a ticket.

8. After the payment procedure, all data about the ticket becomes available in the personal account on the website. To see your ticket, go to the tab "My tickets".

Now all that remains is to wait for its circulation. Our ticket participates in the drawing 17.02.2019. Information on the status of the ticket will be updated after the drawing and will be available in the personal account.

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