Finish dishwasher tablets review

Finish dishwasher tablets

Product description

The package contains from 20 to 80 PCS., the cost of one tablet is from twenty-five rubles. Finish Quantum Max is a compressed detergent, a drop of gel is fixed in the middle. Externally represent a cube, two-layer. Packaged in water soluble and environmentally friendly packaging. Falling into the water, the detergent dissolves completely and removes dirt from the kitchen utensils.

Such packaging is very impressed by the hostesses., because in this case the skin does not come into contact with chemicals. The main purpose of Finish Quantum Powerball, in addition to cleaning dishes, protection of metal parts of the dishwasher from limescale formation and softening of hard water.

FINISH Quantum 40 PCS

Distinctive features of the product:

  • Can be used to wash glass and silver dishes;
  • Effective even in cold water;
  • Performs "functions" of a rinse aid - dishes acquire shine;
  • Wide range of possibilities - cleansing from dirt and grease, protection against limescale and stains.

Finish Quantum tablets contain active enzymes, thanks to which food residues on the dishes are split into tiny particles. For maximum results, it is recommended to wash dishes at a temperature of fifty degrees..

Available in Classic Finish Quantum Powerball or Lemon Flavored (Lemon). You can also find tablets with the scent of apple and lime..

FINISH Quantum with lemon

Types of pills

Finish specializes in more than just dishwasher tablets, the catalog contains related products, improving cleaning and equipment performance. This category includes water softeners, gloss enhancers, conditioners, fresheners. They are used in conjunction with detergent capsules, the appropriateness of their use depends on various factors. The line of dishwashing detergents includes the following products: Finish All in 1 Max Finish All in 1, Powerball Classic, Finish Quantum.

After contact with water, the packaging dissolves, and the detergent takes part in cleansing your dishes from grease, food residues and other contaminants.

Finish All in 1 и Finish All in 1 Max

Finish All-in-One tablets are in great demand among buyers. The tool is multifunctional, tablets provide cleaning of dishes from traces of dyes, fat, protects technology, metal objects from the formation of scale and rust. The products are used when washing in a dishwasher ceramic, glassware, cupronickel, silverware.

Versatile in removing grease and stains.

The product contains special anti-corrosion agents - Zn2 ions. They fill in cracks and irregularities on the surface of metal and glass cutlery, which contributes to an increase in their service life. Salts and anti-foaming agents help soften hard water, have the properties of a rinse aid and a fat-solvent. The dishes are effectively cleaned even at temperatures 30 degrees.

Finish All in 1 no need to unfold: they immediately dissolve in water along with the shell.

For short washing cycles (25-40 min.) it is recommended to use special All in products 1 Max, Finish All in 1 Turbo Finish. The listed products are distinguished by a high concentration of active ingredients., which provides an excellent cleaning effect even with a short washing period. It is worth noting, what to use All in 1 Max, Finish All in 1 Turbo Finish is not recommended in standard washing mode, this can lead to rapid flushing of the components. As a result, dirty dishes will have to be washed again as usual..

For a quick wash, place the cube on the bottom of the dishwasher next to the filter for better results.

Powerball Classic

Classic tablets are considered the most budgetary. They have an almost identical composition with the powder of the same name., which is packaged by 1-2,5 kg in plastic containers. The main difference is ease of use, in the case of capsules, there is no need to dose the agent. Formulated with fully biodegradable substances.

Finish Classic adds patented StainSoaker component, tackles dry dirt and tea and coffee stains.

The main active ingredient of Stain Soaker is the company's own development. The component is an active oxygen bleach, its action is aimed at splitting dirt. The product helps to get rid of traces of cosmetics, tea, coffee, fat, no need for pre-soaking. Also includes foaming agents and water softeners, food stabilizer, flavorings, chemical substances, accelerating the destruction of protein organic matter.

For high-quality washing of dishes, special salt and rinse aid must be added to the machine, which means, the cost of one wash increases.

Tablets show effectiveness in washing glass and porcelain dishes.

Classic tablets are packed in an individual plastic wrap - remove it before placing in the dishwasher.

Finish Quantum

Finish Quantum capsules are considered an innovative development. The product has a wide range of aromas, you can always buy lemon-scented tablets, lime or apple. Contains Enzyme Powder, fat breaking concentrated gel, emollient salts, water purifier.

The manufacturer approves, that these are the best tablets for washing and therefore their price is high - from 22 rub / pc.

The main feature of the product is the step-by-step activation of the components at different stages of washing. First, the capsule dissolves in water, then powder, water softening and purifying components. The gel dissolves in water at the final rinse stage, which allows you to achieve shine.

Finish Quantum are gel capsules, and they cannot be opened.

Benefits of Finish tablets

The main advantage of Finish funds is reputation, the company's products are of high quality. The manufacturer is engaged in new developments, constantly improving processes. The company was the first to release two-layer tablets and three-dimensional capsules, after which other manufacturers followed suit. Products for PMM from this brand were recognized as the best among 50 thousand. buyers in 2013 and 2016 years.

Bubbles form when dissolved, which deliver active reagents for deep cleaning of dishes.

The company is engaged in the manufacture of cleaning and detergents for PMM, forms of release are very different:

  • Gels;
  • Powders;
  • Pills.

Over the past 20 years the product was advertised and it gained mass fame all over the world.

One of the important advantages of the products is the absence of strong chemicals in the composition of the products.. Effective dirt removal is ensured by natural ingredients and oxygen, the use of which does not lead to the formation of foam and destruction of machine parts. The company's detergents are absolutely safe, they have passed numerous quality checks.

The basis is a proprietary detergent powder in combination with surfactants necessary for high-quality washing, enzymes and bleach.

Characteristics and properties

The company produces several types of finish tablets for dishwashers with different compositions and properties., their number in the package is also different. Visually, they look almost the same.. The tablet consists of two layers of colored powder, in the center is a capsule filled with gel. The capsule is packed in a film, which dissolves in water, contact of chemicals with skin of hands is completely excluded. The tool allows you not only to clean dishes from fat and food debris, contains components that soften hard water.

Fragrances and fragrances are present in a minimum amount, therefore, clean dishes do not smell.

The tablets are easy to use, one capsule is designed for one wash cycle. The preparations can be used when washing dishes in low temperature water. The tablet takes effect almost immediately after starting the dishwasher. The remedies do a great job on old stains, liquids, bloom from coffee and tea. No limescale deposits on the dishes, machine walls are reliably protected from limescale deposits. There is a separate compartment for tablets, where do they fit before washing and where do they dissolve.

Finish pills are nothing else, like a compressed detergent powder with a gel capsule in the middle.

Storage and use tips

The effectiveness of capsules depends on storage conditions. The substances included in the detergent are characterized by increased hygroscopicity, lose their properties when exposed to sunlight and in a humid environment. It is not recommended to take tablets with wet hands., the tablet compartment must always be dry.

Buy everything 3 type and then choose a suitable one according to how dirty the dishes are and how many.

Application rules:

  • loading cutlery, dishes in the dishwasher (silver should not come into contact with stainless steel);
  • loading the capsule into a special compartment of the dishwasher;
  • setting the washing temperature 50-55 degrees;
  • turning on the machine.

If necessary, place a water softener in the compartment., rinse aid, etc.. d. It is recommended to store the tablets in a place protected from children., like all other household chemicals. In case of contact with eyes, on mucous membranes, immediately rinse the affected area with plenty of water, after which you should call a doctor.

Buy large packages - they are more economical.

How to use

In order to use funds more efficiently, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Follow, keep the tray and pill box dry. Otherwise, the product will dissolve ahead of time or settle on the dishes.;
  • If a tablet does not fit into its compartment, put it on the bottom of the dishwasher, but not in the dishwashing drawer;
  • Make sure, that the dishes do not interfere with the opening of the tray. Even a minor difficulty will disrupt the process of receiving funds;
  • If coffee and tea deposits remain on the cup, Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets are not to blame, but hard water. Accordingly, there are not enough chemicals in the tablet to soften it., therefore it is worth adding salt when washing;
  • Experienced housewives use vinegar or citric acid, to add shine to the dishes. This is not necessary when using Finish Max, it includes a sufficient amount of necessary funds, to make your glasses sparkle;
  • To make the dishwasher last long, at least once every six months, wash all its internal parts with a special cleaning agent from Finish.
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