Pv cube guide

Pv cube guide

What is the essence of changes in the monetary system in PW?

As I wrote at the very beginning, instead of yuan in Perfect World is now gold (transferable currency) and silver (character-bound).


This is the currency, which is completely attached to the character – it cannot be transferred to other players, put in the bank, to the auction or to the commission. You can spend silver on interactions with NPCs (teleportation, repair and craft equipment, craft items according to drawings in your own house), as well as for pumping skills and opening the souls of a soldier. You can get silver from the following sources:

  1. Farm mobs (all dropped coins are now silver).
  2. Selling most NPC items (except those, on which it is written, what are they for gold – eg, checks on 10 kk).
  3. 100 dailies from the plate GD and ЗЗ (500to with a guarantee every day).
  4. Passing quests.

These sources were not a significant channel for the production of game currency for ordinary players., however, wild twin farms for tens and hundreds of bots received impressive amounts of yuan from them. It all went, mostly for sale for real, and binding is now a real problem for a lot of bot bots. However, not excluded, that the most cunning of them will be able to somehow get around this limitation. However, most bot farms, I hope, the end will come.


Actually, this currency in Perfect World completely replaces the old yuan. Gold can be transferred between players, Besides, they can cover the silver deficiency (eg, pay extra for repairs). The main sources of gold coins for the server will be excellent prizes from chests, clan award for GVG, ZZ dailies and checks from Sademan. Well, for ordinary players, there is always trade with each other. – eg, through thrift stores or seals.

But what about the gold from the auction? It will still remain gold: gold bars in the shop and gold in the inventory – these are different things.

Should I exchange gold for silver?

Not, no and no again! Remember, what is silver – it is a pegged game currency, which can be spent in a limited number of places. Whereas gold has no restrictions and can replace silver everywhere, and nothing needs to be changed for this. When buying items from NPCs, teleportation and other actions, requiring silver, you just pop up a window, which will offer to pay in gold the missing amount.

Why is the exchange function needed?? Perhaps, can be distinguished 2 highlights:

  1. For those, who, after the update, had various checks with a hedgehog, which began to give silver when sold in the NPC. During 48 hours after the first entry into PW, the player can sell them and exchange the received silver for full gold.
  2. For comfort. Each time click on the additional button, to pay extra in gold may be inconvenient. Transferring a small portion of gold to silver for recurring expenses, you can make the game more comfortable for yourself. But, I repeat: all gold should not be converted into silver. For recurring expenses only.

If you go to 100 hedgehogs, then you will have enough silver for daily activities. But may not be enough for more substantial actions (eg, to upgrade p8p2 from p8r or 40pa housefinder from a 30pa blank).

How to exchange gold for silver and silver for gold

On first login after update “Call of the North” each character is shown a simple tutorial on this process. If you skip it, then this simple instruction will always help you:

  1. 1. Open your character's inventory. A line was added at the bottom showing the amount of gold and silver (1).
  2. 2. There is an arrow in the middle (2), click on it. For characters, only those who entered the game, it will be double and will allow you to exchange silver for gold (and vice versa) during 48 hours. Well, after the expiration of the term, the arrow will remain alone, and only the exchange of gold for silver will be possible.
  3. 3. In the window that appears next to it, manually enter the amount of gold, which we want to exchange for silver and press “OK”.
  4. 4. Done!

The interface for exchanging gold for silver in Perfect World

As you can see – nothing complicated.

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