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How social networks differ?

Existing social platforms for the most part work in different ways and help users achieve their goals in different ways.. To make it easier to decide, all social networks should first be divided into categories, whichever, when, who and how will communicate with your audience online.

so, all social platforms can be divided into: personal, rented and employed.

"Personal platforms"

Personal includes blogs, forums or home social networks, which can also be both external, and internal. In other words, you personally own this site, instead of occupying a page or platform, owned by someone else's uncle. Your personal site is completely under your control.

"Leased sites"

Similar to renting an apartment, the user "leases" a channel with the permission of the owner. Sometimes it comes for a fee, which is not so common in the world of social media. Facebook Sites, Twitter and Tumblr fall into this category. for example, Facebook owns the relevant site, and you just have a page on it. You can decide, what will be available on this page, but you cannot influence the activities of the site itself.

"Common areas"

Sites in this category are the farthest from your zone of control. Your company may have an official representative, which is active on this site, however, there is no need to talk about any kind of property. Probably, the most obvious example of such a site is Reddit.

Why do we become addicted

In addition to vague phrases about escaping to another reality from their life problems, let's take a closer look, why exactly they become addicted to social networks, how does it affect our brain and our psyche.

During the endless update of the news feed on the network, we irritate the pleasure centers in the brain. You see beautiful pictures - the brain reacts. You send a request for the desire for new content - the social network satisfies it with lightning speed. Also, pleasure centers get annoyed every time, when you see a like alert, new subscribers, pleasant comments and new messages. I.e, literally works like a drug - flawlessly. But if drugs and alcohol are condemned in society, social networks have become an integral part of it, therefore addiction is much more difficult to resist.

Responsiveness and Availability - Another Negative Brain Training. We quickly get short information on social media, which immediately replaces each other. It is like clicking seeds or biting nails., in a sense for smoking: monotonous obsessive movements, to which our locomotive system and brain get used. Have you noticed, that when it gets awkward or anxious, you reach for the phone, start chaotically jumping from one page to another, sometimes not even grasping the meaning?

How to join a new network?

There are certain laws and regulations in social media. Therefore, if you have presented your business on one social network, then you will quickly navigate to another. "Battle Rules" may vary slightly from site to site (the same can be said about semantics), however, the fundamentals of "reference" remain the same. Among them:

Objectives and statistics: define goals from the beginning, you want to reach through your community on the social network. Why do you want to be represented here? What do you want to get? After that choose the ways, with which you will track your success. Finding tools can take a while, whichever, what is on the market and how the social platform API is configured.

Branding: your credibility as a brand plays an extremely important role in the social arena, and social media gives you incredible opportunities to establish that authority. Start with prestigious-looking avatars and perfect bio - and add a point to your brand's credibility box!

"Content imposition": no more depressing picture, than go to the community of the brand you are interested in and not find anything there. Before you start following people or directing traffic to your new group, spend a few days filling it with content. This will convince visitors, what is it worth following.

Connection with influencers: by declaring branding and making some interesting posts, start looking for people, communication with which you will be useful. By visiting brand communities from your niche, you probably noticed, who is influential in them. Build a relationship with him, support it in both communities. Look for the same people in their followers. Soon you will have your own small social circle.

Publications calendar: in the maintenance of any social network, the regularity of the publication of posts plays an important role. You can create a kind of calendar (or schedule) posts using tools , and , though, if it is more convenient for you, regular Excel will come in handy. Content planning allows you to optimize events, news and other "interesting things", which you want to convey to the audience.

Well, the first steps in setting up your social media activity can seem daunting. However, the good thing is, that when you set up work in one of them, you can easily join any other social network. And our tips will help you achieve success in any of them..

To be continued…

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Focus on being, what is important to your clients, but not on that, what is popular in general

It's easy to get lost in the social media world. New apps appear every day, tools, which you can spend a lot of time studying. Your goal is to balance your obsession with finding tools and being completely unaware of what, how do your networks work. But when you also need to keep an eye out and watch for new trends., namely:

Look for platform functionality, which are suitable for advertising your product or niche

for example, for clothing stores, the visual presentation of the product is extremely important, that's why Instagram and Pinterest are the best choice for them

Implement "chips", that will allow you to communicate and share information with your audience in new ways.

Follow the news and sites, which will give you the opportunity to find new subscribers - your target audience or people, who can affect her.

If you do not succeed at first, do not despair! Try, try and try again.

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Where to begin?

Having defined the goals, you will understand, presence in which social network would be more appropriate for you; outlining the desired behavior of your target audience, you come up with, how to communicate with her. for example, you want to increase your brand awareness. Means, you should develop a marketing strategy, which includes collecting and demonstrating , and . Look for important and interesting people among your clients, которые могли бы своим примером повлиять на остальных.

Imagine, that you are the owner of a developing cosmetics company with ambitions to enter the national and international market. This is how your steps to choosing the perfect social platform will look like.:

Do not limit yourself to these points. Look wider.

Naturally, your consumers are interested in your product, however, what about their other interests, which, possibly, at some point intersect with that, what do you suggest? for example, let's say, you are a seller of boats and swimming equipment. You have a great social media group, where do you offer your product. However, there is a high probability, that your customers are also interested in travel, outdoor activities and even food and wine. Think, how can you "make friends" with these communities, and get ready to meet your new subscribers!

How to beat social media addiction

1. Do not pick up your phone after waking up and before bed

The habit of starting and ending the day by flipping through the Instagram feed is a very bad habit.. Thus, you cannot tune in for the day and take stock, as a result, you lose a lot in productivity. Well-being and nervous system suffer from this habit.. People, falling asleep with the phone, have bad, shallow sleep, they have a higher risk of developing insomnia.

To give up the phone at this time and create such additional pauses in your life is the main condition for getting rid of the addiction and dependence on social networks.

3. Avoid social media with "blank" content

Helpful and engaging videos can also eat up a lot of time. And not so useful to be. But it's best to avoid useless or harmful content.. Don't go to pages, useless. Unsubscribe from "empty" bloggers and leave communities, whose posts do not carry a semantic load. This will seriously reduce the negative impact of social networks on your productivity and psyche..

4. Replace a bad habit with a good one

When will you shorten your time online, you will have a lot of free time, which needs to be filled with something. The insidiousness of addiction is, that she will try with all her might to pull you back into her webs. There will be a lot of free time, may be overtaken by excruciating boredom and an obsessive desire to spend an hour or two again scrolling through the news feed with useless materials. To avoid this, fill in the gaps in your schedule with a good habit, eg, reading developing literature or learning a foreign language. There are many fun language learning apps today, which in a playful way help to learn. It is a great alternative to social media, because such apps are just as fun.

5. Stop posting in real time

A bad habit of the modern world is to post photos and captions in real time: travel reports, visiting exhibitions, meetings with friends and even meals. If your hand is constantly reaching for the phone, when something interesting happens, it's a wake-up call. So you lose the fullness of immersion in the moment and stop rejoicing. You will always evaluate your life for, how many likes will she get (if metaphorically). But you will never be satisfied in such a case.

6. Use social media as a vehicle for valuable thoughts

Write rarely, but with meaning. Take really important notes, share valuable thoughts. Social media provide tremendous opportunities. They have long become serious competitors to the media., if not overtaken them. Influence your audience with maximum benefit. Track your development. Share valuable information and engage others in civic engagement. It's much better, than just posting a photo of your lunch, is not it so?

7. Remove unnecessary apps from your smartphone

Hundreds of notifications and the endless temptation to go back to social media for no reason and stay for a long time - this is the result of countless applications on the smartphone. Just remove them. minimum availability is a major step towards freeing yourself from addiction.

How to create a social media image

8. Clean up your friends and groups list

Everyone has the right to choose for himself, how should he live. You decide, which social network to use, how much time to spend in it, with whom to communicate ... But if you feel the negative influence of social networks and want to fix the situation - do not be afraid and take the first step. You will not lose, but just get!

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