Eurojackpot lottery rules

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EuroJackpot rules

According to information from this site:, playing EuroJackpot is very easy: the participant buys a card with two drawn playing fields: you need to guess 7 numbers (on the first field - 5 of 50, on the second - 2 of 10). When the number of matched fields is less, the player also receives a prize, but in a lesser equivalent.

After, how the EuroJackpot data will be filled, the ticket is given to the cashier at the lottery terminal (if purchased personally) or sent to online. By the way, player, decisive play online, do not put all numbers manually, how to do with a paper ticket, and use the Pliks-Plaks function and fill in all the data automatically (in random order). Instead of the sent one, another one is issued - with filled values, by which you can check the ticket.

MEGA Millions has a similar game principle (lottery) from USA, where to get the award you also need to correctly guess five of the numbers presented, but getting access to it on the territory of the Russian Federation is even more difficult, than to EuroJackpot. Read more about Mega Millions here:

What is Eurojackpot?

Despite significant
popularity in Western and Eastern Europe, Eurojackpot lottery -
relatively young lottery. Her story is connected with the idea of ​​creating a second
pan-European lottery, alternative to EuroMillions.

Eurojackpot organizers
rightly considered, that the participation of a number of states will provide much more
impressive size of prizes, than national lotteries, held in selected
countries of the European Union. Therefore, it was decided to immediately connect several countries to
organizing the Eurojackpot lottery.

First meeting on
organization of Eurojackpot took place in November 2011 years in Amsterdam. IN
it was attended by representatives of Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy,
Finland and Slovenia, who thought about creating an alternative
Euro million, moreover, in a new project, the probability of winning on purchased
lottery tickets should have been even greater.

The negotiations turned out to be
successful, and in March 2012 Eurojackpot lotto was launched. First tickets
went on sale 17 Martha 2012 of the year, and the first edition took place in the capital
Finland Helsinki 23 Martha 2012 years - a week after admission
tickets on sale.

In less than a year to
Germany joins Eurojackpot, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Croatia,
Slovenia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic,
Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Their citizens also received
the ability to purchase Eurojackpot tickets
and receive winnings.

Thus, coverage
countries turned out to be quite solid, at the EuroMillions level. Only in
Eurojackpot, as we see, play more in Northern and Eastern Europe.
This is where the bulk of ticket buyers live, and it is to these countries
accounted for most of the winnings.

You can buy a ticket for only 2 euros.

Eurojackpot can
citizens of countries, who joined the lottery. They acquire
lottery tickets at kiosks or shops, and also via the Internet, then
guess combinations of numbers and get their money if they win.

But here you need to have in
mind and numerous risks, related not only to overpayment, but also with that, what
individual websites - intermediaries may be fraudulent and no tickets
you will not be provided. After all, no obligations to players from Russia
they do not carry. therefore, as with other foreign lotteries,
Russian, trying to play Eurojackpot online, seriously risks
be left without a win and just waste your money.

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