Powerball lottery reviews

Australian powerball lotto (7 из 35 + 1 of 20)

Is it realistic to win?

The Powerball site has several stories from lottery winners.

  • 10 Martha 2018 of the year, the Loto Ladies syndicate managed to guess 5 white balls and got 1 million dollars. Since the union included 12 women, each winner received a prize of 83 333,33 US dollars.
  • 17 Martha 2018, just one week after the success of Loto Ladies, Pennsylvania resident managed to pick up the Powerball Jackpot. He guessed everything correctly 6 numbers and got a prize of 456,7 million dollars. true, after deducting taxes, this amount is slightly less 274 million.

There are other prizes in the Powerball lottery. The probabilities of correctly guessing various combinations and picking them up are in the table below:

Number and type of matched balls Probability
1 red ball 1:38,32
1 white + 1 red ball 1:91,98
2 white + 1 red ball 1:701,33
3 white balls 1:579,76
3 white + 1 red ball 1:14494
4 white balls 1:36525
4 white + 1 red ball 1:913129
5 white balls 1:11688053
5 white + 1 red ball 1:11688054

How to collect your winnings?

Powerball winners can use their money in two ways:

  • pick up everything at once
  • receive funds gradually over 30 years old.

If the player takes everything at once, then he may lose a significant part of the winnings due to high tax rates (in some states, they reach 70-90% at once). But they don't work, if remuneration is paid in installments. Therefore, many winners do not collect the entire amount at once., but prefer to receive money gradually.

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