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Can I play Powerball from Russia?

American Powerball Lottery only allows direct ticket sales in the United States. That is why only Americans took part in the lottery before..

At the moment, the founders of Powerball have given the go-ahead for the participation of residents of different countries, including Russians. If it is not possible to buy a Powerball ticket in person in the United States, then participants from Russia can use the services of reseller sites.

In case of victory, prizes must be paid, regardless of the player's citizenship. The only point is taxes. After receiving the prize, the player will have to pay the tax rate on the prize in Russia in accordance with the Russian Tax Code.

How to play Powerball from Russia?

The scheme of participation of a Russian in the Powerball lottery looks like this.

  1. Purchasing a lottery ticket through an intermediary on the Internet.
  2. The agent of the intermediary purchases the original ticket in the USA.
  3. The intermediary sends the player a scan of the ticket.
  4. The player takes part in the drawing.
  5. In case of a small win, the prize is credited to the participant's personal gaming account on the intermediary's website.
  6. If the player became the owner of the jackpot, then he must visit the lottery headquarters in person. The intermediary must accompany the player and issue him the original lottery ticket.


Some people think, that the lottery is a good way to make easy money. However, need to understand, what before, than win a large sum, a person needs to spend, least, for one lottery ticket. And still this does not guarantee that, that fortune will smile at him. therefore, consider the lottery, as a way to make money is stupid, even the world-famous Powerball lottery.

The Powerball lottery is an opportunity to try your luck and become a real millionaire. The rules of the game are very simple. Participants just need to guess a few numbers. Total 6 numbers separates a person from a real jackpot. But, even if the player guesses fewer numbers, he still gets a prize. This is the main advantage of the lottery.

The peculiarity of the game is, which does not matter which country you are in. Anyone anywhere in the world can buy a ticket for the popular American Powerball lottery and become a real millionaire

You don't need to make any effort.. The most important thing is to find a middleman, which will bring you good luck, and buy a Powerball lucky ticket.

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