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Where and for how much can you buy powerball


Considering in more detail the construction of the Powerball, its characteristic features can be noted:

  • Housing. Represents two halves of a ball. They are made of high quality, strongest plastic. Connected with screws, snaps;
  • Rotor. Detail, rotating on its axis;
  • Limit ring. Makes the rotor rotate in the same plane, do not fly;
  • Weight. The mass of the product is absolutely not great. The weight of the hand trainer is only 250 grams;
  • Colour. The devices are presented in four different colors. Optionally, you can choose yellow, Orange, Violet, or blue simulator;
  • Backlight. Colored LEDs are embedded inside the device. They glow, when the speed starts to increase;
  • Overlay. Small rubber band, covering the ball, allows you to hold the object firmly in your hand.

Powerball Hand Trainer

For people by the nature of their activities, often using the telephone, or a computer keyboard, unpleasant, numb sensation in the fingers. Pain occurs due to the, that pinching of nerves occurs. They are clamped between ligaments and muscles.. Such microtrauma must be fought. For this purpose, inpatient treatment is used., in advanced cases, an operation is prescribed. Preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, can be exercised regularly with the Powerball expander.

This novelty looks like a kind of ball. However, this is a rather complicated design with a rotor., imprisoned. Giving it movement, it starts to spin. By supporting, either by increasing the rotor speed with the hand, a person develops muscles, ligaments, tendons. The resulting load is identical to the training process. Through regular exercise, you can achieve excellent results.: prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, recover from injuries.

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