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1. Number of revolutions made Press FCN button, until the symbol . In that
mode calculates the number of revolutions of the rotor, which he performed from the moment of the last start to the moment of stopping.
The number of revolutions displayed is measured in hundreds - for example, if the rotor did 7240 revolutions, on the indicator
will be displayed 72.

2. Current speed Press FCN, until the symbol . The counter will show the speed
rotor rotation at the moment (in rpm).

3. Maximum rotation speed. Press FCN, until the symbol . When the rotor
stopped, the counter will show the highest achieved result. This record will be stored in memory, until you click
CLR. When the rotor moves, the counter switches to the mode - the counter shows the highest rotation speed,
reached since the last start. If you have surpassed your previous record since the last start, number of
counter will flash, and the new record will be recorded in memory, as soon as the rotation of the rotor stops. If your current
the result is less than the record, then it will be shown on the screen until the rotor stops, after which the screen will return to the mode

4. Strength Index. Press FCN, until the symbol appears . In this mode, rpm counting will start,
made in 30-, 60- or a 90 second interval immediately after, how the rotor will be started. The display starts
countdown. This is a great test of your physical strength - to set a record, you need to turn the rotor
at the highest possible speed for 30/60/90 seconds.


  • People, suffering from heart disease of any kind, the use of this product is not recommended.
  • NSD Power ball is suitable for people of all ages, However, use by children before 12 years recommended only
    with adult supervision.
  • Do not touch the rotor rotating at high speed - this may cause burns!
  • NEVER drop a ball - a heavy rotor will damage the inner surface or the sphere itself.
  • Keep the inside of the sphere clean and avoid any ingress of grease or oil.
  • Always hold the sphere tightly, while the rotor spins inside.

If you don't, then your NSD Power ball will become noisy and less smooth to handle.

Remember: low speeds for hand recovery, high speeds - for building muscles!

Lifetime guarantee NSD Power ball is a wonderful and very unique product. When used correctly,
we guarantee, that it will serve you for many years. If you have any questions, which were not covered in this
instructions, you are welcome, contact us at russia@nsdball.com

U.S.A Patent No. 5800311 – Taiwan Patent No. 135058
NSD Power ballwww.nsdball.com/russia/ – russia@nsdball.com


NSD Power ball - incredibly flexible arm muscle trainer, forearms and fingers. Its unique
features make it especially useful for those, who plays golf, tennis, boxing, fencing, rock climbing,
martial arts, shooting, badmintom, as well as cyclocross.

Drummers, guitarists, pianists (but in fact - most musicians) will also benefit from the increased strength and
endurance after training with NSD Power ball. However, for any type of activity, you shouldn't overload yourself
training with NSD Power ball. If you are unsure of your endurance level, see a doctor, or the coach.

NSD Power ball gives resistance, directly proportional to effort, which the user applies. it
means, that at low speeds NSD Power ball is a very effective tool for restoring hands after injuries.
Besides, NSD Power Ball helps relieve inflammation, caused by arthritis, tunnel syndrome or syndrome
repetitive stress (RSI). NSD Power ball has no negative effects.

NSD POWER® BALL - TECHNO Series Functions

In the Techno series, the counter is built into the rotor and has two functions.

1. Maximum rotation speed Start the rotor in this way, so that it starts rotating in the direction of the arrow,
applied to its surface and bring the rotation speed to 6000 rpm. The first of seven diodes, embedded in the surface
the rotor will light up. Adding every thousand revolutions to the speed of rotation will turn on another diode. Counter
writes the rotation record into its memory and after that, how do you set a new record, all diodes will start simultaneously
blink. After, how do you stop ordering effort, hold the sphere in your hands and let the rotor slow down. After
Togo, how the last diode goes out, your result will be displayed directly on the surface of the rotating rotor. (Also you
you will need to learn to hold the sphere level enough to, so that the rotor rotates in one plane and
you could read the result).

2. Number of revolutions per 30 seconds Start the rotor in this way, so that only the first one is lit
diode. Keep this speed around 18 seconds, after which the blue diode will start blinking - this will indicate the beginning
counting. During the next 30 spin the rotor as fast as possible. After, how will this time go, blue
the diode will start to glow constantly. After three seconds, the achieved result will be shown on the rotor surface.

Attention: the counter display on 250Hz and Neon models turns off automatically after 40 seconds after
rotor stops. This allows you to extend the life of the batteries in the meter up to several years

You can replace the batteries
at the nearest watch store.



Spin NSD Power ball easy and simple, although it takes a little practice to hone the technique. We advise you to do
it's in that order:

1. Insert one end of the lanyard into the connector on the rotor (rice. 1). Wrap the lace around the rotor along the groove
(rice. 2), holding the lace with your fingers and turning the rotor with your thumb. Make sure, that the lace fits into the gutter
smooth, without sagging.

2. Leave the end of the lace approximately 10 centimeters unwound. Hold the NSD tightly
Power ball рукой, which you are going to spin the ball (if you are right handed - right, and if left-handed - left), So, so that
the counter on the upper side of the ball fits snugly against the inner surface of the palm. In this case, the rotor must be turned
to the ceiling (rice. 3).

3. With your other hand, grasp the loose end of the lace and pull on it, fast and strong (not
restrain yourself, the harder you pull, all the better). If you did everything right, the rotor will spin up to 2400-3000
rpm. Always pull the lace straight out, otherwise it may wind up on the rotor mechanism inside
plastic sphere.

4. Immediately after that, immediately turn your hand over - the rotor should point to the floor. Start rotating the brush
hands (only brush!), holding the ball in slow circular motions. Again: you only need to rotate the hand in the wrist
(rice. 4).

5. The main secret of simple ball spinning is to start with slow movements after a strong pull on the string..
Start with leisurely wide diameter circles 15-20 centimeters, about one circle per second. Don't start fast
short movements of the wrist, otherwise you won't be able to catch the rhythm, and it will be difficult to spin the ball correctly. If you are this
will happen, you will hear clicks inside the sphere - they arise, when the gyroscope is trying in vain to catch the


The main secret of going to 13 000 rev / m - radius of rotation about 1cm, rotation should be continuous - hand and wrist
look, as if they practically do not move, and the tendons are ready to explode with incredible force.

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