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How to start the device at the beginning of work

Perhaps the first launch will confuse you, but get used to it- a matter of time.

  1. Insert the end of the cord into the rotor hole, rotating the rotor with your thumb, wind the cord around it so tightly, so that there is no sagging.
  2. When you have in your hands 4-5 cm cord, stop winding up and take the device in a brush so, so that the thread is at the top. Pull the free end of the thread sharply. The device starts moving at a speed 3000 revolutions.

You can wind the device with your thumbs, winding the rotor. In total, you will have to make three full turns, holding it. Release your finger quickly, then the device will start moving.

Advantages and disadvantages

so, from all of the above, we can conclude, that the Powerball hand trainer has both advantages, and disadvantages.

The advantages can be safely attributed:

  • mobility;
  • efficiency;
  • helps to recover from hand injuries;
  • helps to strengthen the hand and wrist;
  • works without batteries;
  • strength.

The disadvantages include its cost and then, that at first, after training with the Powerball, your hand may ache.

There is a legend that, that the PowerBall was created under the direction of NASA in order to, so that astronauts train in a weightless state. In space, there is no way to use gravity, and therefore scientists have created training aids., replacing gravity with centrifugal force. And finally, together with kinestherapists, they invented the PowerBall gyroscopic trainer..

Powerball - gyroscope based hand and forearm trainer. It is actively purchased not only for sports purposes., but also the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome, which became a real epidemic 21 century due to the general development of computers and mobile devices. This gyro exercise machine will tone your arm muscles, teach them how to relax, will give strength and excellent coordination.

Powerball advantages:

  • perfect exercise biomechanics;
  • treatment and prevention of tunnel (carpal) syndrome;
  • no risk of injury;
  • affordable price for any Powerball model;
  • durability;
  • compactness - the hand trainer fits easily into a pocket.
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