Latest American lottery megamillions results

American lottery mega millions (5 из 70 + 1 of 25)

Game rules and buying lottery tickets

Beginning with 2013 of the year, there have been some changes in the rules of the game, thanks to which the lottery now looks like a double system. The system itself consists in choosing a combination of numbers for playing from two ranges. This system is inherent in most modern foreign lotteries and is the most convenient. The participant is asked to choose five numbers from 75 possible combinations of white balls. Then you should choose one of fifteen possible numbers. This figure will become the designation of "Mega ball". One bet will cost the player only one dollar, which is negligible in comparison with multi-million dollar prizes, which he can win.

You should pay attention to the special system of online games, which the organizers of MegaMillions offer to residents of various countries on the official website. Online games mode involves purchasing a lottery ticket through an official verified representative

The ticket purchase scheme looks like this: on the website the participant chooses "Buy" a ticket, pays for his purchase and receives an electronic version of the ticket, which gives him the right to take part in the game and receive the long-awaited prize in case of victory. The original ticket is at the official representative. In the event of a multi-million dollar win, a representative will accompany the player to the lottery headquarters to claim the cash prize.


The sizes of prizes of foreign lottery games cannot be compared with domestic games. Thousands of Americans have already won their big money wins and are not stopping playing MegaMillions. They know for sure, what is real to win this lottery. Now the Russians have a chance to take part in the multi-million dollar game.. Many of our compatriots, armed with faith in victory, tried their luck in the fight for dollar bags and were not disappointed in their choice.


The activities of the organizers of the MegaMillions lottery are regulated by international law. The question of the safety of the personal funds of the participants and the fairness of the game disappears with such serious supervision by the law. It should be noted, that since the founding of the lottery, there were no complaints from the players and no, and MegaMillions exist about 15 years old. Therefore, doubting their safety for your own wallet is simply illogical..

Real chance

On the Internet you can find a lot of stories of victories in MegaMillions from ordinary people, most often not distinguished by financial well-being. This lottery game turned hundreds of lives upside down and made many happy people dollar millionaires..

A chance for foreigners


Believing in fate or not believing is everyone's personal business. Lottery games once again highlight the obviousness of this choice. To improve the quality of life, you should grab every chance, which is provided by life. At the moment, just such a chance is the MegaMillions lottery. Proven by hundreds of thousands of participants, the game opens up new possibilities and allows you to dream a lot. Use your chance for happiness! Play MegaMillions!

How to get on the MegaMillions list the results of a successful game?

The rules of the game are as follows: in the block of balls with numbers, you need to select five pieces from 75, if the numbers coincide with the issue of the lottery drum, the ticket becomes a winner. Besides, there is a sixth ball called Megaplier (Megaplier) it gives an additional chance of luck, increasing the winnings several times. For example, if the prize is 1000 dollars bonus ball if guessed it will raise the amount to 2-3 or even before 5000 thousand. There are five winning categories in total, one of them is the least frequent jackpot. The top five includes a consolation prize, which the player gets, guessed only 1 number from 5.

Before the announcement of Megamillions, the results are drawn using two lotto machines. In the first mix 56 balls, 5 of them should fall into the tray and show the lucky numbers. Second lottery drum mixes 46 balls Megapliers, one of them falling out, indicates the winning number of this lottery option.

The chances of winning the lottery are very high, according to statistics, every sixteenth ticket brings at least a small win. The Mega Million results lotto line has great appeal because, what more 50% percent of the profits from ticket sales go to the prize pool. Most other lotteries use much smaller amounts for this..

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