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The expert told, is it possible to win a billion in the lottery - Moscow 24, 14.01.2020

Features of the lottery market in Russia.

The lottery market is divided into two segments:- draw lotteries, the draw of which is held at a certain time, and non-circulation (instant);- combined lotteries, where both options are combined, but there are very few of them in Russia.

IN 2012 r. sales of drawn lotteries amounted to about 10 billion. rubles (300 million. US dollars) – such data are provided by the largest players - companies “Interlot” and “State lottery “Victory”. How many instant lotteries are sold, not exactly known, but it is considered, which is the same. Total 20 billion. rub. “But of them, if by law, at least half must go towards paying out winnings”, – resembles one of the major market players, President of Finstar investment holding Oleg Boyko. It turns out, that the volume of the lottery market is 10 billion. rub. “Microscopic market”, - concludes Boyko. For comparison: Austrian Austrian Lotteries' revenue 2011 r. made up 2,9 billion. euros.

Despite its modest size, this market attracts a large number of companies. In general, thousands of licenses were issued, but, according to the Accounting Chamber, the number of players is measured in hundreds. And they, who still has profit, show profitability as a fraction of a percent (in “Interlot”, eg, 0,2-0,7%). Highest profitability - 3-5% - from Boyko lottery companies. With a conditional average profitability of 1% participants in the lottery market can earn a net profit per year 100 million. rubles.

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