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The most famous Russian lotteries: reviews and review

Types and features of winning lotteries - how to win a lot

There are many types of lotteries: it is very easy for a beginner to get confused by this variety. The main advice to all beginners is to play better in the most popular and large-scale lotteries, best of all domestic.

  • Firstly, in the most popular lotteries, usually, very solid jackpot;
  • Secondly, in case of winning in the domestic lottery, you will not need to travel too far to get honestly earned money.

Let's warn you right away, that lotteries have no special secrets. So if you are offered some super-systems for money, wonderful strategies, you, likely, just "bred". You shouldn't spend your finances on purchasing miracle techniques, better to buy an extra ticket.

There are several types of lotteries:

1) Instant lotteries

This is the simplest type of lottery. You need to erase the closed field on the purchased ticket: you will find out about the win immediately after the process of removing the scratch layer. Some instant lotteries have a different principle: you just rip off part of the ticket, and then unfold it. Small winnings can be obtained at the point of purchase, a large "jackpot" requires contacting the organizers directly.

2) Draw lotteries

This is the most popular and demanded type of lottery. Draws are divided, in its turn, still on 2 varieties.

The first option involves self-selection of numbers, the second is a ready-made ticket, having a unique number. The most popular are those lotteries, in which the player chooses the numbers himself.

There are also local lotteries: Promotions, quiz, advertising draws.

Usually, these are one-time events, conducted by the organizers for commercial purposes.

Usually, non-cash prizes are drawn in such promotions., and goods. Experienced players advise not to neglect such events - sometimes the probability of winning in them is quite high due to the limited number of participants.

Another thing, that not everyone in the household can use a coffee grinder or tumble dryer, but, eg, a car or laptop is unlikely to be superfluous.

The better to buy tickets online?

How many tickets do you need to buy, to be guaranteed to win the Russian Lotto?

As you know, the probability of winning in the Russian Lotto is quite predictable, as mathematically, and statistically. And if not everyone is strong in mathematics and probability theory, then the purely statistical probability is quite easy to check, and from it it is easy to understand how many tickets you need to buy for a guaranteed win in the Russian Lotto.

Let's take game statistics for any lottery draw. To do this, on the stoloto website, open the "Russian Lotto" lottery and click on the link "Draws archive". Let's open for example the result of the drawing of the draw №1309 from 10 November 2019 of the year, in which in the bag at the end of the game there was 3 barrel. You can see the full version of statistics on the site yourself, here I have reduced the picture for clarity. In this data, we are interested in two numbers – how many tickets were sold in total and how many of them won. Moreover, the number of winning tickets will have to be calculated by ourselves., adding up all the tickets for each game round, but it's not that hard.

The results of this game show, that everything took part in it 2 045 701 ticket, but only won 577 405. By simply dividing one number by another, we get, that the probability of winning is 1 to 3,54. Thus, if you buy 4 ticket, then you are likely 99,9% win anything. Though, if you are a special "lucky" then there is little chance, that none of your tickets wins nothing there, as well as there is an even lower probability, that all four tickets will win at once, it will depend on the specific cards you choose.

I will note again, that the statistics above refer to circulation, in which at the end of the game remains 3 barrel. However, in most runs, by the end of the 4, in them, of course, the probability of winning is slightly less. And finally, there are circulations, where at the end of the game only 2 barrel, in them the probability of winning is 1 to 2,25. That is, it is enough to buy in them 3 ticket, to win at least something. These are usually festive editions., which I already mentioned a little above and it was in them that I recommended to participate. These circulations include the so-called "New Year's Billion", circulation No. 1316, which will be held 1 january 2020 of the year.

Thus, the minimum number of tickets for winning is easily calculated and now you yourself can calculate it for all types of draws and even lotteries..

Housing lottery

You can even try fate online, on the site “The chair”. Russian state lotteries allow you to win an apartment or a large amount of money. The Housing Lottery is ideal for those, who dreams of their own living space. There are two fields on the tickets, each of which has three rows, five digits each. Playing this lottery, you gain the opportunity to become the owner of one, two- or a three-room apartment. More recently, the organizers went through unfavorable times, but today the situation in the housing market has stabilized.

Winning combinations:

  • collect a combination of the dropped numbers in one line faster than all;
  • collect all digits of one field first;
  • collect all numbers in two fields.

Everybody loses, whose tickets have at least one outstanding number. Most often, there are from three to four unclosed numbers in the card..

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