1000000 dollars in rubles

1000000 dollars (usd) in Russian rubles (rub)

Dynamics of value 1500000000 US dollars in rubles

The dynamics of the exchange rate will allow you to find out their ratio in any period you need and make a forecast for the cost 1500000000 US dollars in rubles for the near future. Above is a graph of price changes for the last month. The maximum cost was 111237900000 rubles for 04.08.2020. Minimum cost - 106444500000 rubles - fell on 24.07.2020.

Date Day of week Ruble Changes Changes %
22 August 2020 r. Saturday 111149850000,00 RUB 493200000,0000 0,44%
21 August 2020 r. Friday 110656650000,00 RUB 797850000,0000 0,72%
20 August 2020 r. Thursday 109858800000,00 RUB -289350000,0000 -0,26%
19 August 2020 r. Wednesday 110148150000,00 RUB 696750000,0000 0,63%
18 August 2020 r. Tuesday 109451400000,00 RUB -372150000,0000 -0,34%
17 August 2020 r. Monday 111149850000,00 RUB 0,0000 0,00%
16 August 2020 r. Sunday 111149850000,00 RUB 0,0000 0,00%
15 August 2020 r. Saturday 109823550000,00 RUB -586500000,0000 -0,53%
Cost 1500000000 USD per week (7 days) decreased by -1326300000,0000 RUB

Dynamics of the US dollar against the ruble in August

Detailed dynamics of the US dollar exchange rate

Changes in exchange rates are one of the most important agendas of every news release. Learn about the dynamics of the US dollar exchange rate with Choose.ru from this chart. It reflects changes in the value of the US dollar during the last month. Click on the link below the graph, to see the details. A detailed graph will show the change in the US dollar during the period you selected. We store information about changes in the exchange rate from 2014 year inclusive.

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