Lottery winners in russia 2018

The largest lottery winnings in russia: list and interesting facts

Gosloto "6 out of 45"

The first of the Gosloto lotteries continues to lose popularity. The total number of bets placed by players falls for the fourth year in a row, and if you look at the data for 10 years old, then 2018 became the worst in this indicator.

Gosloto lottery "6 out of 45". The number of draws carried out per year and the total number of bets made by players

Remarkably, what's the maximum (130,4 million in one year) the number of bets in the lottery "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 "was reached in 2012. Wherein, most of them (89 million) gained in less than three months and 42 circulation, when one combination was worth everything 10 rubles.

Such cost, at current rates ("6 out of 45" - 100 rubles, "Russian Lotto": 150-100 rubles, "4 out of 20" - 200 rubles) seems amazing, but it clearly shows the direct dependence of the popularity of the lottery on the cost of the ticket.

In 2017, the turnover of the Gosloto lottery "6 out of 45" was 4,7 billion rubles. As for 2018, then, sales of the six fell by almost 40% (to 2,8 billion rubles), which was the worst indicator in the last six years.

Jackpots remain the only growth driver for 6 out of 45. Wherein, past records (when the statistics of the correct sixes was regularly violated) are in the past, and the current super prizes are much less, than in the lotteries "Gosloto" 4 out of 20 "and" Russian Lotto "

Gosloto "6 out of 45". Number of daily bets in 2018, and their dependence on the size of the current jackpot

IN 2018 super prize in "6 out of 45" was won four times, these moments are clearly visible on the chart:

  • 21 february (circulation no. 3496) — 267 506 103 rub (the jackpot has accumulated 321 circulation, during this time the players made 21,5 million bets)
  • 15 May (circulation no. 3662) — 83 078 199 rub. (accumulated for 166 circulation and 6,6 million bets)
  • 31 july (circulation no. 3816) — 74 696 278 rub (accumulated for 154 circulation and 4,4 million bets)
  • 27 september (circulation no. 3932) — 56 821 773 rub (accumulated for 116 circulation and 4,4 million bets)
Gosloto "6 out of 45", results 2018 of the year
  • 731 circulation
  • 27,7 million bets
  • 37,9 thousand - the average number of bets in one circulation
  • 2,8 RUB bln. turnover (2 847 887 600 rubles)
  • compared to last year, turnover fell by 40%

Winnings 2012 of the year

28 November, the organizers of the American Powerball lottery announced, that two residents of the USA, who bought winning tickets, will share one of the largest jackpots in lottery history in size 580 million dollars.

14 November, a French resident won one of the largest jackpots in the country's history - 169,8 million euros in the pan-European Euro Millions lottery.

6 November the largest jackpot in Australia was shared by four winners. The winning amount of the OZ lotto was 112 million Australian dollars.

18 September in the 477th draw of "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 "accumulated super prize at expanded rates, equal 152 millions 723 thousands 884 rubles, shared by four participants.

11 August, UK resident wins Euromillions pan-European lottery jackpot, which made 148 million pounds (190 million euros).

14 June, a resident of China won the lottery 90 million dollars - the largest prize in the history of the Chinese lottery.

31 one of the largest jackpots was drawn in March Mega Millions lottery in 656 million dollars, it was divided by three people from the states of Illinois, Kansas and Missouri.

7 In March, 81-year-old resident of the American state of Rhode Island Louise White won the popular Powerball lottery in the USA 210 million dollars, the night before the draw, she put the winning ticket in the Bible and slept with her.

29 February, a resident of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik hit the jackpot in 13,4 million kuna (near 2,3 million dollars) after, as 30 years, I bought lottery tickets weekly and marked the same numbers on them.

15 February, local media reported, that a resident of the Chinese province of Sichuan won the lottery almost 42 million dollars. Fuli Tsaipiao Chinese Lottery Center reported, that the owner of the winnings in 200 million yuan (41,3 million dollars) in the lottery "Two-color ball" became a resident of Chengdu, the administrative center of Sichuan province. The lucky winner of the prize had to pay tax in the amount of 50 million yuan (7,9 million dollars), yet 10 million yuan (1,6 million dollars) he volunteered for charity.

Gosloto "5 out of 36"

Indicators "5 out of 36" have remained almost at the same level for the last few years. Moreover, the methods, used by the operator to increase sales, completely exhausted their effectiveness: increasing the number of daily circulations is no longer possible, and there was nowhere to raise the price.

Maximum sales (2,5 billion) lottery "5 out of 36" reached in 2016, and the last two years turnover has been decreasing.

Gosloto "5 out of 36". Number of bets and draws in 2010-2018 years

For 2018 sales of the "five" were 2,206 billion rubles. Given that, that in the previous year the turnover was 2,236 billion rubles - there is a clear stagnation of the lottery. And even a small (-1,3%), but a significant drop in income.

Worth, Mark, that the operator did not remain indifferent to such losses and made a strategically correct decision: reduced the cost of the minimum bet by half. Starting from February 6, 2019, a ticket to Gosloto "5 out of 36" began to cost 40 rubles. The promotion was announced as temporary (until the end of February), but for more than half a year the price has remained unchanged. Just because, that the lower cost leads to, that the lottery is bought more. So this year the turnover of the lottery "Gosloto" 5 out of 36 "will noticeably grow. For the first time in recent 5 years old…

Gosloto "5 out of 36", results 2018 of the year
  • 1 825 circulation
  • 27,6 million bets
  • 15,1 thousand - the average number of bets in one circulation
  • 2,206 RUB bln. turnover (2 206 402 640 rubles)
  • compared to last year, turnover fell by 1,3%
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