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What to do if you win

If you buy a ticket at a kiosk, you risk losing it. This is not possible on the PlayEuroLotto website, each ticket will be digitized and virtually registered in your personal account.

In case of winning, PlayEuroLotto will immediately send a victory notification to your email. In some cases, especially if the winnings are a decent amount, identity confirmation will be required. This procedure is in accordance with the regulations of the lottery law and is aimed at, to protect the player and financial-related transactions. Immediately after the verification procedure, you can start pleasant work on spending your winnings!

How to win the lottery ?

The 1 biliion dollar question: how to win the lottery? Plaguing minds for centuries. How best can I go about winning the lottery? From Venetian merchants to today’s online lotto players, the question has been asked again and again, yet the answer has never been readily available. Despite the fact that the lottery is indeed a chance based game and largely down to luck, increasing your chances of receiving a hefty payload of cash is an attainable goal, especially when you play through PlayEuroLotto!

Have a look at the odds

First off, look at the odds and the amounts of prize money available. Often, draws that have truly ground-shattering jackpots are accompanied by odds that are slightly slimmer than those that accompany draws that have smaller, more manageable jackpots. The MegaMillions jackpot, for instance, is 1 in 259 million, compared to Powerball’s 1 in 175 million. If you’re not looking for the jackpot, the odds are often rather rosy! EuroMillions, for instance, affords players a 1 in 13 chance of winning a prize, about as good as scratch cards (but potentially far more lucrative!).

Part in a syndicate

Next, think about joining a syndicate! Now we don’t mean the type of syndicate that carries around tommy guns in violin cases. Lottery syndicates come about when a group of individuals gather together, playing the same number combinations together as a group. When any of the shared lines win, all winnings are shared between the members, depending upon the amount of lines and shares each individual has in the syndicate. By playing this way, you can cut down on the cost of playing the lottery by distributing your costs throughout the group; PlayEuroLotto’s VIP World Syndicate, for instance, costs 12 Euro but allows you to play a total of 567 lines, played across all of our lottery draws, and because players are entered into every draw combination, you’re 100% guaranteed to win something every week. You can join our syndicates here.

The boosterball

Finally, you could try your hand at PlayEuroLotto’s extra-special, patented Boosterball system. Often players of the lottery will correctly guess 3 balls. It’s okay. You’ve won a small amount of money, but you can’t help think “I wish I’d picked a few more!” With Boosterball, however, you can win between 1000 and 10,000 Euro just from matching three balls. It sounds ridiculous, but here’s how! After selecting your lines, click the Boosterball button below each ticket to select your three Boosterballs. Then move the slider to change your stake in the balls. Match all three, you could be walking away with 10,000 Euro; in EuroMillions you’d have to match 4 main numbers with two lucky stars to get even close to that amount! Get Boosting!

Good manners make big money

Last year, the New Zealand press was full of headlines about a very successful player., lucky enough to win the grand prize in the national lottery of € 700,000. The size of the winnings is impressive, but even more surprising is, how the anonymous winner got his victory. The man told, what, when he stood at the box office for a ticket, another customer climbed in front of him out of line. Then make a remark to the ignorant - and, possibly, the win would go to another!

But our lucky guy kept good manners and remained polite towards the one who climbed into the queue.. “I was in no hurry, so I let them stand in front of me and didn't say anything to them. Probably, karma helped me win - do I differently, possibly, the winning ticket would go to them, not me ".

Good manners help in all areas of life., but for this law to act so literally! The New Zealand gentleman is going to spend his winnings on a house for himself and his wife. = niBKRaVHefU

How to participate in Lotto 6/49 on the PlayEuroLotto website and when the draws are held

We try, so that all our clients have direct access to all games. Just go to the Lotto 6/49 number selection page , select the number of tickets, enter your main numbers, and also select the Superzahl number (from 0 to 9). Then specify, what draws and how often would you like to participate. Click on the "Add to cart" button and go to the payment page.

Lotto 6/49 draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the lottery headquarters in Germany. To participate in the drawing, you must place an order before 17:25 CET on the day of the draw.

Besides, you can use the random number generator and the Boosterball function, which gives the possibility of additional winnings on the ticket.

The giant luck of a hardworking janitor named "Speedy"

Luck rewards people for more than being polite and kind, but also for patience and hard work. In all respects, the hardworking Illinois school janitor, Speedy Dave Martinez, possessed all four of these qualities..

Working in high school with 1982 of the year, Speedy has earned a reputation as a loyal and enjoyable worker in every respect.. Not surprising, that Martinez's colleagues and acquaintances were very happy for him, when we heard the news about his instant lottery win - Speedy got about € 1.900.000.

Source: Chicago Tribune

This is how the lucky winner describes events:

“I started erasing the card on the kitchen table and at first I thought, that I won a hundred thousand, but then I looked more closely and saw, that I won a hundred thousand multiplied by 20 - it was stunning!»

“I started jumping around the room, while my wife was still asleep. "

Speedy shares his plans to spend money on home renovations with NBC reporters, go on vacation to Hawaii and spend the day racing NASCAR in Dayton.

A dramatic change in the life of a wonderful family

Our last story also took place in Illinois, USA.

There is no more worthy contender for the win, than Lance Bradley. 74-x year old Lance and his wife Helen are adoptive parents of four boys, aged from 8 to 20 years old. The younger, Dalton, Down syndrome.

Source: The Daily Journal

20 june 2015 the family was lucky to win the Lucky Day Lotto prize of $400 000, but even this fact of unexpected enrichment did not change the habits of the Bradleys, accustomed to living for others.

Caring primarily about the fate of the boys, the spouses deposited most of the winnings in a bank account, and with the remaining money bought a house in Florida, to spend time on the coast during cold Illinois winters.

This is a great example of, what good people can do with the wealth that has fallen on their heads. Isn't that right, from such stories tears welling up in my eyes!

Slovakian Player Wins Big On PlayEuroLotto

What’s on in Slovakia today ?

PlayEuroLotto has received some amazing news from Slovakia this week! PlayEuroLotto Slovakian player wins big and bagged a second tier prize on the Euromillions, receiving 284,245.52 Euro! The winning player, a 34 year old man from Eastern Slovakia, wished to remain anonymous and is likely sipping (or investing!) his hard earned cash at this very moment!

Our Slovakian friend is testament to the potential for big wins via our lottery betting service. The Marketing Director of Kootac NV, Danny Thomas had this to say about the amazing win: “We’re so happy to have a big prize winner; this proves we are a serious company and shows we have a sound and professional risk management in place that our players can trust”.

The director’s testimonial

Thomas is correct in his assertions; though there are several other lottery betting sites on the net, only a slim few are run in a professional, capable manner. With PlayEuroLotto firmly in that camp, how do our winners exactly go about receiving their prize money? First, you have to have had a ticket in a draw; it’s a no-brainer, but is a very important step. Second, you’ve got to win on that ticket. This might seem like the most difficult step, but in the immortal words of Donald Trump, everything in life is luck! Make the lotto picks that you’re gut tells you to choose, and you’ll do just fine! So you’ve won.

One interrogation remains

The question remains, however- how do you get hold of all that cold hard cash? First, the winner is sent a claims form that must then be correctly filled in with all relevant details. After our lottery men and women receive it, the form is then forwarded to our insurers who subsequently check the claim. This part takes around three days, as it’s necessary to ensure everything is perfectly in place to securely provide payment. After the claims form has been checked by our insurers and all appears to be above board, the money is sent to us, and a declaration form is then sent to the winner, outlining that he or she has accepted the prize and subsequently wishes to have the amount credited to his bank account.

After this, the money is transferred to the winner. Easy! You may be wondering; where’s the website’s cut in amongst all this? The answer is, it comes from other PlayEuroLotto betting services!

PlayEuroLotto avoids the bad habits of its competitors and pays out in full, with no handling fees.

Who’d ever have thought internet lottery betting could be so good!? Our friend in Slovakia certainly thinks so now.

Your destiny can change overnight

Unbelievable, how one moment can change a whole life. Let's take, eg, this story.

About a year ago in January 2016 of the year in the news there was a sensational report about an incredibly large win in an instant lottery in the Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis. Who would have thought, that the winner is not a typical Frenchman, and the Syrian refugee, who left his country after the outbreak of war in 2011 year.

It's hard to imagine all the difficulties, encountered by a refugee on the way to France. But now, thanks to the luck that smiled at him in the amount of one million euros, he can safely look forward to a brighter future. In an interview with the Parisian newspaper La Parisien, the lucky man admitted, that he is going to open a restaurant with the money he won, and also help your family members move from Syria to a more prosperous France.

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