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Eurojackpot lottery - how to play from russia?


Compared to other lotteries, such as Euro Millions and German lotto 6 out 49,, EuroJackpot is arranged this way, so that the main prize finds its winner more often (a chance to win a Euro Millions jackpot - 1 of 117 million, and less 1 of 139 million for German Lotto). As a result, the jackpot does not accumulate to the same levels, such as the Euro Million jackpot, as it is more often won. The biggest EuroJackpot jackpot has been raffled 15 May 2015 of the year. The prize went to the winner from the Czech Republic and equaled 90.000.000,00 euros.

The probability of winning the EuroJackpot lottery
Number of coincidences Probability
1 (jackpot) 5 + 2 1 : 95 344 200
2 5 + 1 1 : 5 959 013
3 5 1 : 3 405 150
4 4 + 2 1 : 423 752
5 4 + 1 1 : 26 485
6 4 1 : 15 134
7 3 + 2 1 : 9 631
8 2 + 2 1 : 672
9 3 + 1 1 : 602
10 3 1 : 344
11 1 + 2 1 : 128
12 2 + 1 1 : 42

To 31 january 2013 years there was a limit on the accumulation of the EuroJackpot lottery: if the jackpot is not hit within 12 consecutive draws, in the next draw, provided that no player guesses everything 7 rooms, the first prize goes to the winner of the next category. This situation happened in August 2012 of the year, when the record jackpot is 27.545.857,50 Euro went to a player from Germany, guessing 5 main numbers and only one of the additional numbers.

How to play EuroJackpot in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries?

The procedure for obtaining a win is associated with a number of nuances. Only the legitimate owner of the coveted winning ticket can receive the prize. Anyone can claim a prize, who bought the ticket / received it as a gift on the donor's free will. You can get a prize in that country, where was the ticket purchased. Before paying out the won amount, lottery agents check the ticket's authenticity and the correct combination.

  1. You receive a notification of your win by phone or email. At this time, the won amount is stored in the form of a check pending your further instructions. The funds received can be left in your personal account and used to buy new tickets.

Lotto winners

The richest in record winnings was 2016 year. This year, three lucky ones managed to hit the jackpot. 15 October, an indigenous resident of a unique place, Land of Baden-Württemberg received the highest lotto ever (for 6 years since 2012 by 2018 of the year) amount - 90 000 000 euros.

The public did not have time to forget their hero, as 29 July a resident of Germany from Hesse received 84 800 000 euros. And later 4 months, in March, a native of North Rhine-Westphalia became the richest inhabitant of his town, having received 76 800 000 euros. As practice has shown, it is not necessary to live in the capital, to become a millionaire.

In March 2019 Eurojackpot celebrates its seventh birthday. She has found an impressive number of regular players from Europe and from around the world. The army of fans of this entertainment expresses extremely positive feedback about Eurojackpot (you can read them on the website or third-party sites, forums). This is clear, because everyone has the opportunity to win prizes from 8 euros, buying a ticket for 2.


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