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Version “The goat”

Informburo managed to contact the chief accountant of the LLP “Милан.kz” Mayru Ibraikhanov. She said, what “The goat” really didn’t pay winnings to some Kazakhstanis. In addition to Nadezhda Chulkova, nine more people are waiting for their money. The reason, according to which the winners were left without prizes, - license revocation from “The goat” and other lottery operators.

Spokeswoman “The goat” is talking, that her leadership was offended by attacks and accusations of dishonesty. She also asks to emphasize, what “Channel One Eurasia” nothing to do with this story, since the program was simply broadcast on its air, which was immediately closed with the entry into force of the new law.

“We were exposed as some kind of scammers. We have been on the market for a long time, and, basically, there is trust in us. This situation did not arise by our will, so it's a shame, that they called us that. It offended us a little, our lawyer is preparing an answer”, - says Mayra Ibraikhanova.

About website accountant LLP “Милан.kz” stated, that this resource has nothing to do with LLP. And the coincidence of the addresses of regional offices is explained by the fact, what “Bingo” could be a partner “The goat” in the payment of prizes, and they could have the same payout centers.

April fools joke from “The goat”

In March 2017 year Nadezhda Chulkova has not gone, but called the office of the representative “The goat” and asked the question again: where's the money? By that time, a new law had already entered into force and no draws had been held.

“In March, I called the regional representative again, he told me, that they will give me the winnings, when will lottery sales resume. Then he said, what kind of like 1 April will resume. AND 1 April and he got lost, - says Nadezhda. - When I checked out the ticket, the regional representative said, that they generally take a very long time and usually pay in installments. This is so accepted by them. The lottery was taken in full, but don't want to give. I'm not the only one”.

Millionaire without money

IN 2015 year in Kazakhstan there was another major scandal, non-payment of lottery winnings. Pensioner Imash Mamatraimov from Almaty instantly became a millionaire, by winning the instant lottery. But I got nothing but emotions. Then Imash Mamatraimov arranged a performance at the office of the National Lottery.

You have Mamatraimov / Freeze video “7 channel”

“I have a million!” He cried joyfully, taking a piece of paper out of the box with the inscription “Scam”.

Instead of winning, the participant of the pageant received a placard with the inscription “And here's a shish for you”. Imash Mamatraimov did not manage to achieve payments. The lottery organizers said, that the pensioner's ticket was damaged, and the examination showed, that he wasn't winning at all.

Now you can win every 15 minutes.

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31 january 2020 18:11

Modern lotteries keep pace with the main modern trends, while maintaining the classic format. Certainly, habitual “paper” lotteries survived, meeting the needs of conservatives. Однако онлайн-режим предоставляет большие возможности для развития данной сферы. Подробности – in the material
Today, when every minute counts, wait days for the result of the bet, or even a week – unaffordable luxury. With the active development of IT technologies, it became possible to participate in lotteries online and find out the results during 15 minutes, while winning large sums.

Such a project was launched by the national lottery operator just a month ago “Lucky Star” for their clients. Three games with different mechanics and rules were presented a month ago in the LotoQ project.
According to representatives “Lucky Star”, LotoQ – these are draw lotteries in online format at intervals 15 minutes. The prize fund of such lotteries may exceed 70 percent. The high level of the prize fund is ensured due to the absence of ticket production costs.
Three new games have been launched recently: LotoQ 6/49, LotoQ KENO and LotoQ 777. Their main feature lies in the fact, that online draws are held every 15 minutes.
We have already introduced readers to the KENO lottery. The principle of determining the winners is quite simple: of 80 numbers, participants need to guess ten numbers from 20 to receive the main prize in the amount of 3 370 000 tenge.
The lottery has also been in use for a long time 6/49. The participant just needs to choose six numbers from 49 submitted by. Prize payments are made according to the number of guesses.
Draw format “777” even easier. Those wishing to take part in it should guess three numbers in exact order.. You can also guess one / two numbers. This will only affect the size of the prize money..
Draw every 15 minutes will allow you to more actively apply your tactical and strategic developments. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to instantly adjust the combinations and subsequently win.
About that, how to try your luck and win, можно узнать на официальном сайте оператора лотереи.
Recall, according to the law “About lotteries and lottery activities” from 2016 the lottery operator undertakes 10 to transfer percent of gross gaming income to the development of domestic sports. However, the national lottery operator “Lucky Star” took on increased commitments and took the initiative to list 15 percent, as this resonates with the practice of lottery companies as a percentage of the global WLA and European ELA lottery associations, a regular member of which 2018 of the year is a Kazakhstan operator.

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