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Free lotteries ⋆ make money on the Internet without investments

Free lotteries - are there any more active ones??

As I said above, over time, all such projects are bent. Someone manages to withdraw their money, some are less fortunate.

So here are friends, I noticed above for a reason: "Sometimes advertising of such projects outlives themselves", the thing is, that many of you in search of free lotto opportunities may find projects, are already closed or who have not paid their participants for a long time.

Lottery scammers

I on purpose, did not delete my old list of recommended projects, now i just rename it to projects, which I do not recommend.

  1. Social Chance - Free Lottery, name reminiscent of an unlimited action to support the population of some of the social services.
  2. Lotzon - a game, which I already mentioned in this article. Maximum winnings - 300 000 rubles. Game scheme - 6 of 49, the number of tickets received by the player daily - 5.
  3. FANLOTO - this site holds the most frequent draws - every hour. Maximum winnings - 10 000 rubles. Scheme 6 of 9. Withdrawing money to WebMoney.
  4. FreeMoneyForum - tempting name and non-standard script. And the stages of this game are different.
  5. Leprechaun Pot - a game with a cute fairy name, in fact, is a clone of Social Chance. Same conditions, the same prizes. No major
  6. Freeloto - a game of schemes 5 of 36, easy enough to play, if you don't bother and choose the right bet option for hours - 5 arbitrary numbers and clicking on the banner to confirm. Pay in WMZ here (analogue of the dollar on WebMoney), and even rewarded for visits.
  7. TUTUTU - a modest lottery with modest prizes. You can win here during the day 1, 10, 100 and 1000 rubles. The value of the site is, that it makes it possible to use it as a platform for creating your own lottery.

Work lotteries

Friends, my article also contains positive information, otherwise only warnings and disappointments. Next, I will list a couple of free lotteries with real money withdrawal, but not simple money, and cryptocurrencies, which later, in principle, you can change any other currency.

  • - this resource, as far as I know, is the pioneer of this direction. Here you can win every hour from 0,06$ to 600$ in bitcoin equivalent(ie. on the site in automatic mode, the amount of winnings changes depending on the bitcoin rate to the dollar). For the entire time of working with this site, I managed to earn 0.52120208 BTC.
  • - this site was made by the same people, as the previous. Only here not bitcoins are handed out, and dogecoins. Also in dollar terms is obtained from 0,06$ to 600$. Stable payments every Sunday, and the income from referrals is even more than on the previous site.

More about, how to use these services with cash prizes can be found in this article: "Best Bitcoin Faucets - Get paid for 1 mouse click ".

How to earn, some nuances

The essence of all offers of making money on playing the free lottery, comes down to one thing - it is necessary to mark some arbitrary digital combinations, and after a certain period of time compare with the data, which the system issued following the results of the drawing. This type of earnings is characterized by the following conditions:

  • participation in the lottery is absolutely free, i.e, you don't need to invest your hard-earned money;
  • you won't be able to earn much, however will suffice, to invest in another, more profitable project;
  • income is paid from advertising payments, which is hosted on lottery web platforms;
  • Jackpot draws are held periodically;
  • participation in the project takes time and systematic visits to the site;
  • a winning combination should not be bet another time, since it will never happen again.

On the global Internet, you can find other types of real earnings, by winning. However, they require investment of their own funds.. Moreover, they are risky.

Some of the popular lotteries for real money

Analysis, posted online reviews, allows you to determine the most popular among users, free lotteries. Keep in mind, that despite the same principle of operation, each of them has individual advantages and disadvantages

therefore, before taking part, need to pay attention to:

  1. cooperation rules;
  2. procedure for withdrawing earned money;
  3. amount of possible reward in case of winning;
  4. what is the main prize;
  5. payment guarantees.

It makes no sense to start playing without following these recommendations.

And now the characteristics of free lotteries in terms of their popularity:

  • Fanloto - offers to catch your luck on buying and selling binary options. Winnings from one penny to ten thousand are raffled every hour. You have to guess 6 digits, starting from scratch and ending 999 999. If the outcome is positive, you can withdraw the earned money to electronic wallets of such payment systems, like Payeer and WebMoney. The minimum available starts at 15 rubles. From each attracted refel, the player receives 35 percent of their income. Registration of multiple accounts for one player is strictly prohibited.
  • Lotzon - runs prize draws daily. Each active member fills in at least five tickets, indicating in each a combination of six numbers. Guessing all the marked numbers in at least one ticket - the main prize is paid. If fewer numbers are guessed, the player receives other prizes. The service also offers to make some money on various games.. The minimum amount for withdrawal to WebMoney e-wallets, Yandex money and Qiwi, is ten rubles.
  • Social Chance makes a drawing of its money currency Chance online. However, to start participating in the lottery, you should have one unit of game currency on your account. You can get it by filling out the participant's questionnaire or by completing certain tasks. The winner receives ten thousand rubles for the main prize. You can withdraw it to one of the following e-wallets: Yandex money, WebMoney and Qiwi. The minimum withdrawal amount starts from fifty rubles. In addition, you will have to pay a withdrawal commission.. The withdrawal procedure itself takes quite a long time and can take up to four weeks..
  • Lotofreebie, like her like make draws daily. You need to fill in six tickets, choosing a combination of six digits in each. The maximum winnings reach five million rubles. All earned must be withdrawn within ten days. Who did not have time - will not receive anything. The minimum withdrawal amount starts from fifty rubles. Withdrawals are available to electronic wallets WebMoney, Yandex, Qiwi, PAEER и OOOPay). The procedure takes five days.
  • 3dloto features amazing simplicity and instant payouts. Wherein, check select only three cells, each of which can bring a win of up to three points. The amount of income is immediately reflected on the playing field. Having saved up fifty rubles, you can order a withdrawal to one of the electronic wallets WebMoney or Yandex.Money. Money comes in immediately. However, service, for reasons understandable only to him, he can refuse to withdraw funds. The reason for this decision will remain unknown..

? Let's sum up

so, if you choose online games with withdrawal of money to the card, pay attention to that, that the speed of the transaction may be delayed by several days. The transfer usually takes no more than three days, but consider, that there are no payments on holidays and weekends

In any case, the card has a number of advantages.:

  • no need to use exchangers to withdraw cash;
  • ATMs in major cities are in every public place;
  • with one call you can remove or set transaction limits;
  • you can manage your balance using Internet banking;
  • electronic systems begin to issue their own plastic cards for the convenience of customers.

Are there any disadvantages to online money games with withdrawal directly to the card?? Yes. The only drawback of withdrawing the earned funds to the card is the long transaction time. There are no transfers on holidays and weekends, therefore, in rare cases, you can wait for money on the balance sheet only after a week. But the main thing is to make sure of the honesty of the project., so as not to worry about withdrawal guarantees.

Generally, payments to the card are profitable. You avoid commissions for exchange services, and you can also withdraw your winnings at any nearest ATM, eg, when playing with the withdrawal of money to the Sberbank card. The main thing is to enter the correct data, otherwise you may be left with nothing.

How to withdraw money from online games?

Immediately after registration in the project, a personal account with all the functions of the resource becomes available to the system participants. It has a section with financial transactions, where you can specify the payment system to withdraw the earned funds.

Is it supported to play cards for money online with withdrawal on the phone?

Yes. Many real money card games are available on the mobile version. To use it, make sure your network connection is stable and your browser is working.

Is it really possible to win real money in online games??

Yes, if you use the project, who pays. Study reviews and testimonials, Consider product life and frequency of new versions. In our ratings you will find the best online fair games for real money.

Where to find online games with instant money withdrawal?

To instantly receive the winnings to your personal account, when registering, indicate the number of the electronic wallet. Banking systems may take 3 – 5 days, depending on the weekend.

How to distinguish online games with withdrawal from games without withdrawal?

Play only on proven portals, occupying leading positions in the ratings of reviews. If the profile does not have a section for financial transactions, check with the support consultants about the functionality of the resource.

? Popular online games with instant money withdrawal

The network offers many options for playing for money online with a withdrawal to the card, which differs in genres, conditions, bonuses and payouts. The table contains the most popular projects, proven by players and time.

Online games with real money withdrawal Status Min replenishment Referral program Payment systems
Golden Mines pays 10 rub. 30% Yandex money, WebMoney, Kiwi, Payeer
Super Birds pays 0 rub. 10% Yandex money, WebMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Visa, Kiwi, PerfectMoney
Business Farm pays 10 rub. 30% Yandex money, WebMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Visa, Kiwi, PerfectMoney
Money Birds pays 0 rub. 15% Yandex money, WebMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Visa, Kiwi, PerfectMoney
Collective farm pays 5 rub. 40% telephone, Yandex money, WebMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Visa, Kiwi, PerfectMoney
Golden Birds pays 0 rub. 30% Yandex money, Payeer
Best Ferma pays 0 rub. 40% Yandex money, WebMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Visa, Kiwi, PerfectMoney
Robot Cash pays 1 rub. 30% WebMoney, Kiwi, Payeer
Russia-Invest pays rub. 7% Yandex money, Payeer, PerfectMoney

We reviewed online games with withdrawal of money without investment, specially, so that you do not worry about your own material condition. That is, you do not need to take risks and invest your money in business development. You can start entertainment at the expense of the establishment and with the help of deductions for referrals. But if you want to increase your profits, have to pay for extra reserve, fund-raising.

? Online games with withdrawal of money without investment

Amazing, but an online game without real money exists. Rather, as a result, you can get quite real funds, but at the same time, without investing even a penny. Top casino creators provide bonuses to users, and also provide initial free resources for profit.

Online games without investing real money Welcome Bonus Referral program Withdrawal to bank cards Withdrawal to e-wallets Withdraw to mobile
Nuts 5 rub. 10% Yes Yes Yes not 10% Yes Yes not
Money-Gnomes 100% on deposit, 1000 silver not not Yes not
Mega Birds 50 rub., 10% on deposit 10% Yes Yes not 30% on deposit 5 – 40% Yes Yes Yes
Golden Mines 100% on deposit, 100 gold 30% Yes Yes Yes
Money Birds to 200% on deposit, 1000 silver 2 – 15% not Yes not
Golden Tea not 5 – 18% not Yes not
Market Hit 10 rub. for shopping 2 – 10% not Yes not

How online games work without money, where to invest is not necessary? Firstly, they receive funds for ads and user clicks on paid banners. AND, Secondly, referral system helps to increase the number of users. But serious players still buy add-ons over time., to increase the amount of profit.

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