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Lotto rules 6/49

В Lotto 6/49 three lotteries are held in one draw:

  • main lotto (6 of 49)
  • drawing of a guaranteed prize in 1 million dollars (Guaranteed Prize Draw)
  • drawing of an additional prize from $500 thousand to $ 1 million (Encore Draw)

Fields, which are needed for so many draws, fit on one ticket:

Main Lotto (6 of 49)

The rules are the same here, as in other lotteries "6 out of 49". On the ticket 49 numbers ranging from 1 of 49, of them you need to choose 6 arbitrary numbers. The more numbers match the barrel numbers, which the presenter will get from the lottery drum, the greater the gain.

Difficult game (Combo)

Choosing "Difficult game (Combo)», the player can cross out not 6, and 5,7,8 or 9 digits. In this case, the number of winning combinations will be as follows:

  • when choosing 5 digits - 44 (the cost of the game - $132)
  • when choosing 7 digits - 7 (the cost of the game - $21)
  • when choosing 8 digits - 28 (the cost of the game - $84)
  • when choosing 9 digits - 84 (the cost of the game - $252)

Feature of "Lotto 6/49" - when choosing 5 there will be more numbers of winning combinations, than if the player crosses out 6 or 7 digits. Lotto 6/49 has a rule: if the player crosses out 5 digits, then the winning combinations will be all, which has everything 5 digits and any other number. In other words, if the player crosses out the numbers 1,2,3,4,5, the combination 1,2,3,4,5,6 it will be beneficial for him. Like combinations 1,2,3,4,5,7; 1,2,3,4,5,8 other.

What are the prizes in the main round?

The Lotto 6/49 prize pool is distributed among the winners as follows:

Winning category Number of coincidences Prize fund share
1 category 6 79,5%
2 category 5+1 6%
3 category 5 5%
4 category 4 9,5%
5 category 3 $10
6 category 2+1 $5
7 category 2 Free bet on the next draw

Guaranteed Prize Draw

Guaranteed Prize Draw is a lottery, which makes one participant of "Lotto 6/49" richer by $1 million. This lotto is played in every draw. Which means, twice a week, the organizers of "Lotto 6/49" make one of the players a dollar millionaire.

You don't need to pay extra for participation in the Guaranteed Prize Draw - participation in this lottery is included in the ticket price. The winner is determined after the end of the main lotto. The presenter announces a ten-digit combination in the format 12345678-01. Participant, who found a combination like this on his ticket, becomes a winner.

Note, that the numbers in the combination for the Guaranteed Prize Draw the player cannot select. They are printed on the ticket in advance.

Encore Draw

Encore Draw - additional lotto, participation in which is 1 dollars. Encore Draw is played in every Lotto 6/49 draw.

The leader's lottery drum contains 10 kegs with numbers from 0 to 9. He takes turns pulls out of the device 7 balls, showing their numbers. Then the removed keg is sent back to the lottery drum. Therefore, in a winning combination of Encore Draw, the same number can appear twice or more..

Participants, guessing all 7 numbers in that order, in which they fell, get by $1 million. Players, correctly named 6 or fewer numbers, also get prizes:

  • for 6 numbers - $100 thousand
  • for 5 numbers - $1000
  • for 4 numbers - $100
  • for 3 numbers - $10
  • for 2 numbers - $5.

Prizes and odds

The odds of hitting the jackpot are relatively good, especially when it comes to some of the most popular international lotteries. Getting six out of 45 correct numbers has a probability 1 to 8,155 millions.

Division match

  1. Prize 6 = 1: 8,145,060
  2. Prize 5 = 1: 34 808
  3. Prize 4 = 1: 733
  4. Prize 3 = 1:45

The size of the jackpot will depend on the amount of money, which returned from previous draws. Highest jackpot Baloto, ever won, has reached 47 million US dollars.

Even people, who have five, four or three correct numbers, can count on winning. For five correct numbers, the winnings can be around five million pesos (1700 dollars). Correct four numbers will generate a profit of about 5 500 peso (two dollars). The latter is not so impressive, but he can still cover the cost of getting the ticket.

Tips and tricks for active baloters

Obviously, what expectation, that the jackpot will accumulate, is the key to, to get a chance for more income. There are many theories of winning games, and you can easily calculate numbers, which are found in Baloto most often. If you are sure, that such a strategy increases your chances of winning, You should definitely try. Don't forget to share your results with us!

Revenge game will require additional payment, but opportunity is too good to be neglected. Yes, Revenge prizes are far from impressive, but getting access to two draws is definitely a good idea.

How foreign players buy tickets for Baloto?

Choosing a good online lottery agent, international players can try their luck at Baloto. These websites have local representatives, who buy tickets on behalf of customers. Each agent has special conditions - check them, before choosing one or the other option.

Keep in mind, that Colombia has a so-called Impuesto a Ganadores de Loterias or lottery tax. The tax is 17 percent of the earned amount. Before buying a ticket, it will be useful to check the taxation in your own country and if you will not lose part of the amount twice.

Conclusions about Baloto Colombia

Good, let's summarize some of the most important benefits of Baloto.


  • Good odds of winning the jackpot;
  • Regular draw and rematch;
  • Two draws per week;
  • The jackpot continues to the next draw if there are no winners;
  • Getting five correct numbers will also lead to a nice win.;
  • Open to international players.

Quite fun to try, but it's important to remember, that Baloto is definitely not that lottery for people, looking for millions. Often, the payoff is modest, and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of Baloto

Pay attention to a few more cons:

  1. Lower levels have negligible prize amounts.
  2. Colombia has a tax on lottery winnings.

One thing's for sure: Baloto is a legal international opportunity to make money on lotteries. Colombia, However, is a country with relatively modest jackpots. To find out, do you like one of the largest lotteries in South America, try playing Baloto. We give unequivocal approval!

Официальная страница на википедии,

Lottery Name Maximum Jackpot
SuperLotto $120 Million
Euromillions GBP 167 million
Super Enalotto €177.7 million
Fat 18 million EUR
Powerball Australia $58,737,207.41

How the Viking Lotto appeared and who plays it?

Vikinglotto lottery - a joint project
Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Interestingly, she was the first
multinational lottery in Europe, even before the appearance of such famous games as EuroMillions
and Eurojackpot. Viking lotto draws were started with 17 Martha 1993 of the year.
This was preceded by negotiations between companies - organizers of national lotteries
Scandinavian countries.

IN 1992 year of TipstjänstAb (Sweden, now called SvenskaSpel), NorskTipping (Norway), DanskTipstjeneste (Denmark, download DanskeSpil), ÍslenskGetspá (Iceland) and the Veikkaus lottery (Finland) entered into an agreement to release a weekly lottery, uniting all the listed countries. Так появилось Викинг лото – первая на тот период наднациональная лотерея в Европе.

Thus, at the origins of Vikinglotto
there were five states - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. IN 2000
Estonia joined the lottery with its national lottery EestiLoto,
and in 2011 year - Latvia and Lithuania with national lotteries LatvijasLoto and Olifeja
respectively. I.e, to the second decade of the XXI century list of participating countries
Viking Lotto rose to eight and included, besides the Scandinavian states, also
all Baltic countries.

Large-scale reform of the Viking Lotto was
held in 1997 year, when the players began to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 45 and 2
additional numbers. At the same time, the cost of tickets also increased - from 2 crowns to 3
crown, which allowed to significantly increase the Vikinglotto prize fund and to award
winners every week. From that time it became enough to guess 3
main numbers, to be eligible for a prize. This norm has increased the chances
players to earn money in the lottery and, hence, led to an increase in popularity
games in scandinavian countries.

IN 1998 Viking lottery for the first time
exceeded the annual turnover in 1 billion kroons. For twenty seven years of existence
Viking lotto lottery jackpot rose to 35 million. Vikinglotto's rise in popularity has contributed to,
what in 2017 year the ninth participating country - Slovenia - joined the game.
Thus, the lottery has crossed the borders of Scandinavia and the Baltic States. By the way, in
Slovenia makes it even easier to win the lottery, than in the Scandinavian or Baltic
countries - just guess 2 main numbers, to get the first prize.

EuroMillions lottery - Euromillions

I must admit, that EuroMillion is not just a lottery, and one of the most legendary lotteries in the world. Its uniqueness lies in the fact, that her draw currently covers nine European countries: France, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Portugal.

How to play Euromillion

EuroMillion Lottery - Number Lottery, containing two fields: main and additional, called "lucky star". In the main field, you need to select five numbers from 1 to 50, in an additional two numbers from 1 to 12. The lottery draws are drawn twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45 local Paris time.

Combinations are recognized as winning, in which the main field is guessed 2 or more numbers, as well as a combination with correctly guessed one number in the main field and 2 guessed numbers in additional.

To win the jackpot, you must enter all numbers from both fields correctly. The EuroMillions jackpot is not unlimited, its maximum size at the moment is 190 million euros.

When the maximum amount of the super prize is reached, it does not increase, and two more draws are being played, after which it is distributed among the winners of the next category. However, such a situation has not arisen until today..

EuroMillions lottery results

EuroMillions - European lottery, which is operated by several National Lottery organizations. For this reason, there is no single official website for the EuroMillion lottery., each National Lottery organization publishes information about EuroMillions on their official websites.

Chances of Winning

  • In the lottery 13 categories of winnings
  • Every 22nd ticket wins (win of any category)
  • The probability of winning the jackpot 1 of 116.531.800

Latest information on EuroMillions:

  • Last draw: Tuesday, February 6, 2018
  • Drawn numbers: 8 17 28 34 38 6 12
  • Next Draw Jackpot: €128,000,000

Oz lotto in Russia


When it comes to lottery games, many skeptics question the appropriateness of this way of getting rich. Multiple real stories of lottery winners, regularly published on the Internet, fundamentally change the attitude towards games as such and give rise to the hope of a big win.

Taking part in a world-famous lottery game at this stage is not a problem. Oz Lotto is one of the brightest representatives of the lottery community, opened its doors to residents of various countries. Convenient online service allows you to become a participant in the game without any difficulties and get your chance to replenish the list of millionaires.

Sorvite Kush with Oz Lotto!

How to play OZ Lotto

Of 45 balls drops 9: seven main and two additional. Depending on the number of matched balls, the amount of money is distributed among the winners as follows:

  • 7+0 - first category
  • 6+1 - second category
  • 6+0 - third category
  • 5+1 or 2 - fourth category
  • 5+0 - fifth category
  • 4+0 - sixth category
  • 3+0 - seventh category

That is, in order, to start playing, you need to choose 7 main numbers and two additional. And then rely on luck.

OZ Lotto rules from Australia

So that if you win, you will surely receive your prize, follow a few simple rules set by the lottery organizers. Check them out below.


You can take part in the OZ Lotto game, being on the territory of the CIS countries, it is not necessary to be directly in the country where the draws are held. The main requirement of lottery organizers is the age of majority. For persons, did not reach 18 years old, it is strictly forbidden to take part in the prize draw. Minimum age restrictions are not a reason to give up your lifelong dream of becoming a millionaire in a couple of minutes. Play, buy a ticket, and you are lucky today.

One-handed win

There is one winner per ticket, single ticket is optional, This does not mean, that you only have to buy one ticket. More tickets - more opportunities to win. If all the tickets are won, you will be able to collect the winnings from only one lottery ticket at your discretion.

You can get your winnings, only being on the territory of the country, where the game of the OZ Lotto took place. It means, if the player wins in Russia, then you can only get a win in this country.

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