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The history of the gambling business in New Zealand

The gambling business has existed in New Zealand since then, how settlers from Great Britain began to develop the territory. Gambling was a common activity during the colonization period.

Gambling Act 1908 banned the gambling business - only horse racing remained legal. They remained the only legal form until 1951 of the year, when TAB appeared - the state bookmaker.

After which the laws began to soften, and new forms of gambling became available to New Zealanders. Lotteries consistently appeared, slot machines, casino and online casino.

Horse racing

It is the oldest form of gambling in New Zealand. The first races were held in 1835 year. However, horse betting was prohibited in 1920 year. Again they were allowed only in 1961, and that, with great restrictions.


The first lotteries appeared in 1933 year. They were relatively small.. Major Golden Kiwi Lottery appeared in 1961 year. Then her in 1987 replaced Lotto.

Slot machines

Slot machines first appeared in New Zealand in 1991 year. Slang name - poker machines or pokey, as in Australia. The government allowed the organization of clubs with slot machines in 1989 year.

In the 90s, operators preferred to install slot machines in and around Wellington, since this is a metropolitan area. Then in 2001 year the government announced, that is going to free the capital from the gambling business. Were closed 7 city ​​casinos, because the authorities were afraid of too strong the development of dependence among the population.


The first casino was opened in Christchurch in 1994 year. Then casinos were built in cities:

  • Dunedin;
  • Hamilton;
  • Queenstown;
  • Auckland.

Gambling establishments in these cities still function.

Online slot machines

New Zealanders, as a very reckless nation, naturally, could not miss the online casino. Gambling websites and platforms started in 1994 year. Microgaming becomes the first online slots provider in New Zealand

Fruit Fiesta and Cash Splash are some of the first slot machines, which became available to New Zealanders. In the late nineties, New Zealanders got acquainted with slots from Playtech and Cryptologic.

At first, online slots only possessed 1 a winning line and three reels. Then, with the development of computers, developers began to introduce more paylines, wild symbols, scatter, bonuses and bonus games.

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