She is fatal: do not participate in lotteries (you are)

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A funny and frivolous story about, how hard it was for an ordinary student of the magic academy, lottery winner – supreme demon. And if we add to this and then, that you just can't get rid of an unexpected win?

Rokova Yana

Rokova Yana


Part one


– Well girlfriends, well united! And this is what I do now?

Wicked as hell, I rushed about my tiny bedroom, stupidly shifting things from place to place, unsuccessfully trying to keep your hands busy (trembling in your fingers, scratched to strangle someone), and at the same time trying to bring some kind of order to the room.

Not, well, this should have happened! well yes, I am human, so what? Is it strange, that an ordinary human girl, learning in this breeding ground of non-humans, there will be problems with the opposite sex? Well tell me please, to whom did I surrender to the background of elves, devils, fairies and other ladies?

But this… This is too much…

Remembered, that when they gave me a lottery ticket for my birthday, another semi-legal quiz, who regularly arrange succubi and incubus within the walls of our Academy, with words: ‘This is the solution to all your problems!’ – it was still funny, although a little offensive. And not at all because, that so I was once again reminded of my own unattractiveness. Nooo! Little of, that i am human, so I'm also terribly unlucky. To my mind, all the luck, let me go for my life, I was exhausted that day, when all the same, despite all predictions, I was able to go to study here. And I certainly didn't get any winnings…

Of this I was convinced! Completely! Absolutely!

But now!!!

Little of, what i won! So also the JACKPOT!!!

I could not have imagined this! I was also delighted, in… there is not enough evil on myself!

But I should have thought at least for a minute, having learned, who organizes the quiz!!!

To her, how… What a fool, as it is, fool!

Learning about the added happiness, rushed as fast as she could to get the prize! I didn't even think for a minute, that I could win such a lottery! I wanted to get the prize as soon as possible!

She took it…

Won, is sitting, looks at me with his huge blue eyes and waits for something incomprehensible…


. and after all, not a single brute warned! Were silent, like fish!

Now take the rap for me!

Here's what to do now!?

Why did I even give up the only and unique opportunity to deprive a real elf of virginity??

Especially considering that, what to me 17 years and no experience… As well as an elf.

You see, the organizers of the quiz could not find such a miracle, therefore they provided this as an equivalent replacement!!!

(Not, elf virgins somewhere, sure, there is, but clearly not among those, who studies here).

Little of, what a high demon, so also the universally recognized sex symbol N 1 in Academy, and the most famous fan of female charms! Babnik, shortly speaking.

А что делать? Accompanied by the girls' envious glances, the cheering and hooting of the Academy adepts, I had to take him to my tiny apartment. Demon, true, behaved quite modestly, at least, while we were walking home.

Но все равно как-то мне с ним наедине неуютно. Tall, stately, copper-haired… Oh, somewhere I am not there… Simply put, redhead he!!! There is nothing to dissolve your magical vibes on me here, anyway they won't work on me! Infuriates, pancake!

Тут уже впору начинать бояться, that I'm not him, but no matter how he deprived me of something… Look, sprawled in my favorite chair, took off his shirt, flexing muscles. …

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