She is fatal: do not participate in lotteries (you are)

Vote at home, play the lottery and wash your hands after the procedure: how to ensure the vote on the constitution?  - stories - tv-2 agency - current news in tomsk today

Flat, car and phone as a gift

In several regions, to increase turnout, various draws are held on election day. This technology is not new. In particular, in Tomsk during the gubernatorial elections, the flash mob "Golosovach" was launched. For a photo from a polling station, you could get an iPhone as a gift.

Today Krasnoyarsk Territory is one of the first to announce such a lottery. At the voting on the amendments, a drawing of expensive prizes will be held - 10 one-room apartments, 10 cars and 50 smartphones. Anyone can take part in the quiz without investing funds. The main conditions are majority and registration in the region.

Forms for filling out for participation in the quiz will be issued at special points near polling stations. They will work already 25 June - on the day of the start of the plebiscite. The first results will begin to be published on the quiz website from 29 june.

The form resembles a regular lottery ticket, however stated as a quiz: on the back 5 questions on knowledge of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and 3 answer options for each of them. At whose expense the prizes will be provided, unknown.


A similar quiz will be held in the Irkutsk region. Three one-room apartments in Irkutsk will be drawn, five cars, 100 tablets and 600 phones.

Already printed 1,2 million booklets, giving the right to participate in the quiz. Now they are delivered to remote areas of the region. Also, booklets will be distributed among labor collectives..

“We announce the quiz together with our partners, educational project "My Constitution", - notes the general director of the Irkutsk branch of Komsomolskaya Pravda Stanislav Goldfarb. - Guessed it to be held for a big event. Voting for the Constitution is just such an event. This is an extraordinary thing. The last time they voted for the Constitution in our country was 1993 year. With this quiz we wanted to create a good mood for people, who will come to the sites ".

Will play for apartments, so that people "walk more energetically to the sites", and in Ulan-Ude. According to the director of the plant, whose apartments will be the prize, the initiative was accepted with an understanding of the importance of the upcoming event. Muscovites, who will vote on amendments to the Constitution, will be able to take part in the drawing 2 million certificates for payment for goods, services, parking and discounts at restaurants. Spend gift certificates of different denominations (one point will be equal to 1 rub.) it will be possible before 31 December 2020 of the year

Muscovites, who will vote on amendments to the Constitution, will be able to take part in the drawing 2 million certificates for payment for goods, services, parking and discounts at restaurants. Spend gift certificates of different denominations (one point will be equal to 1 rub.) it will be possible before 31 December 2020 of the year.

"We expect, that this action to stimulate consumer demand in aggregate could be up to 10 RUB bln, which literally in the next few months will be launched into the city's economy ", - said the head of the department of trade and services of Moscow Alexei Nemeryuk during a press conference in TASS.

The program will be financed by the Moscow government, and from the business side, discounts and bonuses will be provided.

In document, which establishes the procedure for all-Russian voting, there is no mention of campaigning and its framework, which gives great scope for campaigning work in support of the amendments, so and against them, - comments Anna Yudina. - In other words, theoretically set access equality for position expression. The order also does not regulate the holding of shares with draws and the distribution of various certificates. We all understand, sure, that this is one of the ways to attract people to the sites (moreover, in conditions, when many things are not prohibited). In my opinion, use of commercial initiatives, especially in the context mentioned, no place in the electoral process.

Tasks and goals of promotion

В описанию к конкурсному заданию сказано, that Stoloto distinguishes three categories of users:

  • new members - those, who has never participated in lotteries in their life
  • играют время от времени — люди, who bought one or more lottery tickets, but did not become permanent participants
  • regular players are those, who buy lottery tickets regularly

All categories are divided into a young audience (from 18 to 25 and by 26 to 35) and the usual (older 35 years old). At the same time, Stoloto sees the main problems in the audience before 30 years old:

  • low knowledge about lotteries as a way of spending leisure time or getting a drive
  • very low confidence in lotteries, eg, betting is considered a more honest and transparent business
  • устаревший подход к коммуникациям в социальных медиа и мессенджерах

It is for the age group under 30 that there will be, looks like, нацелено планируемое продвижение в соцсетях. Will it allow attracting new members? Or a deeper study of the problem is needed, which can lead to completely different initial data and possible activities?

В случае со Столото вопрос решается просто — за счет монопольного положения и отсутствия конкуренции можно показывать хороший результат даже исходя из ошибочных вводных. But, и показатели будет хороши только для российского рынка, whereas compared to most other lottery countries, we are losing great, in all important parameters.

Lucky numbers by zodiac signs

Which zodiac signs are lucky tomorrow. Lottery horoscope.

Don't know what number to bet on or what prize it makes sense to fight for - read the predictions in this section.

  • Aries - fortune will smile at you all year, so buy a lottery ticket soon. May be, you even win a summer house or trip. Your lucky numbers - 4, 7, 9, 11.
  • Taurus - impulsivity is not your friend. By participating in the lottery, select a ticket with the following numbers: 2, 6, 16, 24.
  • Gemini - you've worked hard all year, that's why the stars have prepared a gift for you. Your lottery ticket with numbers 3, 4, 5, 25.
  • Cancer - celebrities advise against participating in lotteries or betting in the first half of the year. There are too many scammers around you. Do you trust everyone around? If you are still going to buy a ticket no matter what, then take with numbers 4, 9, 14, 28.
  • Leo - don't waste your time on trifles, your ticket, must contain numbers 3, 8, 11, 13. There is a high probability, that he will bring you a win.
  • Virgo - it's time to increase the number of bills in your wallet. Try your luck at the housing lottery. Your lucky numbers 3, 9, 16, 7.
  • Libra - if you set yourself up for victory right away, then increase your luck to win. Better not to tempt fate in winter, wait for summer. Consider the numbers 1, 11, 6, 10, even one of them can bring you good luck.
  • Scorpio - the stars speak, that you can win an unforgettable trip to the sea. Use these numbers to determine your lucky lottery ticket 4, 5, 7, 21.
  • Sagittarius - you need to get rid of all loans and debts before the New Year, so tomorrow is your lucky day. Get a lottery ticket with numbers 3, 4, 9, 27, luck is on your side.
  • Capricorn - you better not count on the award from the leadership. The same cannot be said about winning the lottery. Your lucky numbers 5, 8, 16, 24.
  • Aquarius - your financial situation is pretty stable, but you can try your luck for strength? Tomorrow is the most favorable day. Ticket with numbers 2, 4, 13, 30 is waiting for you.
  • Pisces - follow your intuition. Likely, this year will be financially difficult for you, so it's time to participate in the lottery. Rooms 3, 7, 14, 28 bring good luck.

Lottery wins

Another example of substitution of concepts is winning the lottery. By default, any bet refund amount (even 101 ruble at ticket price 100 rubles) is considered a win. So it turns out, what 73% won. Moreover, only 3% received significant (size not specified) prizes

Winnings, which went to the study participants

Pay attention to the point - Expectation of the winning amount - the most popular answer here is the amount from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles. At the same time, most of them dream of prizes up to a million (57%) participating

This indicator very clearly shows both the beggarly incomes of Russians and, respectively, the mundane dreams of lottery players, who want to win at least some money for life and current consumption.

Next win range, from 1 to 10 million (which is guaranteed to help solve the same housing issue) only attracts 13% participants.

The last point can serve as an example of the result of widespread media coverage of the victory of a pensioner from Panino, which became the first major winner of which was shown to the public. If in 2016 about winning over 500 million only dreamed 4% participants, then in 2017 there were already such 9%.

Very long vote. Even at home

Voting on amendments to the Constitution this time will last seven days - from 25 June to 1 july. In this case, six will be allocated for voting at home.

To call the members of precinct commissions at home, a simple desire of a citizen is enough, although usually a good reason must be given to apply for a home vote. Residents of settlements and villages will be able to order a field site.

In the movement "Voice" they consider, that such a course of voting could contribute to massive fraud.

clear, that the voting process as a whole will be non-standard. <…> The main difficulty unfolds: you need to ensure voting and at the same time not create a situation of mass gathering of people in one place (in this case - a polling station). The CEC found such a controversial way out. Firstly, we consider this solution from the point of view of observation, and besides, how is the situation unfolding, voting-related, full observation will be extremely difficult, - commented on TV2 earlier coordinator of the movement in defense of the rights of voters "Voice for Fair Elections" in the Tomsk region Anna Yudina.

The observation procedure is really difficult. Наблюдать за голосованием смогут только граждане, которые аккредитуются в местных общественных палатах. Representatives of accredited media can also attend the sites..

По расчетам ЦИК, для обеспечения эпидемической безопасности на избирательном участке должно голосовать не более 8-12 человек в час. Besides, Rospotrebnadzor strongly recommends, arriving at the site, wash your hands thoroughly in the sanitary room, do not stay on the site longer 15 minutes; entering the voting booth, don't touch the walls, завершив процедуру, throw away the mask and gloves and treat your hands with an antiseptic.

Participation barriers

Another diagram, in which the results of the answers may lead to incorrect final decisions.

Causes, on which Russians do not participate in lotteries

The first four points are extremely eloquent. (judging by the % multiple answers were allowed:

  • 39% don't believe in the possibility of winning
  • 27% this is basically not interesting (don't see the point)
  • 21% consider lotteries a waste of money (this is consonant with the previous paragraph)
  • 17% do not believe in the fairness of lotteries

What conclusion does GFK make? The most paradoxical - most do not participate because they do not believe in winning, а готовы были бы играть если бы лотерея гарантировала выигрыш в 100% cases, that is, it would be a win-win.

Meanwhile, a win-win lottery can exist in three cases:

  • when the prize is always less than the cost of participation (bought a ticket for 100 rub., won 20-50 rub)
  • when the organizer distributes money for free in a circle (10 people bought 10 tickets, каждый стоимостью по 100 rubles. And each of them "won" - 100 rubles)
  • ever lottery services or full / partial funding of the prize fund comes from outside.

clear, that in our reality all these options (Besides, can, the first) not achievable and meaningless. The result is, that the lottery organizer is receiving confirmation of recent policies, pronounced in the New Year's drawings, when the prize pool is split into very small prizes, allowing to advertise the lottery, in which "wins" (but in fact only returns the cost of the ticket) every second.

Interesting, what's the matter of ticket cost (minimum rate) apparently not considered, как фактор влияющий на число участников. Although only 10% called the cost of lotteries affordable. Also, the frequency of draws was not discussed. (for number lotteries), and the main motive for participation, how one would expect it became financial

Motives for participating in lotteries

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