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Perhaps you think that it’s very difficult to become rich. For some people the opposite is true. There have been lucky players who bought a lottery ticket of 50 cents and became rich during a lottery draw. How easy can it be? A lottery ticket doesn’t have to be expensive. They’re already sold at 50 cents, but multiple tickets for 100 or 200 euros is possible as well. You have to find the right lottery to increase your winning chances. Some research might help you. After a research you will probably find out that ‘El Gordo’ is a well-known lottery in Spain. ‘El Gordo’ actually means ‘The Fat One’ and after you’ve participated it becomes clear why this nickname has been given. Main reason is that players can win millions of euros. Because of that thousands of people participate in this lottery during December. All of Spain is watching the lottery draw live on television. Christmas is not only the most beautiful, but also the most exciting time of the year for them. Who knows if you’re going to be among the people who becomes rich in an instant!

How to buy coupons for “El Gordo de Navidad”, to take part in the Spanish Christmas lottery?

The easiest way, to just buy the whole block “El Gordo de Navidad” tickets, one “Ticket”.

Nevertheless, a very common practice among lottery players, to buy a lot “We say”From different coupon blocks. This allows you to increase your chances of winning a prize., however, due to the size of the win. Because, the more details from different lottery tickets, the more different numbers. If the lucky winner really only keep one winning “Tenth”, Not the whole block, obviously, the prize is divided into 10, and he will only receive 10% from winning a prize.

Another common way to participate in the Spanish Christmas lottery – ElGordo is the creation of a group of players or syndicates, where all the participants agree, to divide the winnings between the total number of people, participating in this kind of scheme.

Some online services allow you to buy coupons for the Spanish Christmas lottery online.

When do the Loteria de Navidad draws take place?

This annual raffle takes place every year on December 22, giving all participants a 1 in 100,000 chance of winning the big prize! This year’s draw, like those of the last 200 years, will have the same traditional style that fans of this raffle have already become accustomed to! The wooden balls will be drawn from one barrel, while the tickets are drawn from the other. This event usually lasts for about 3 hours, and the results are chanted by the students of San Ildefonso School in Madrid! The event is broadcasted live by Televisión Española and Radio Nacional de España, and the audience in the room is usually dressed in extravagant outfits.

Rain of millions

The Christmas Lottery has distributed this year a total of 2.380 million euros in prizes, which is the same amount as last year. The winners of the first prize, Fat', they will receive 400.000 euros to the tenth, with 680 million euros to be distributed with this main prize.

The second prize amounts to 1,25 million euros per series (125.000 euros to the tenth) and the third, a 500.000 euros to series (50.000 euros to the tenth).

Breaths, the two fourth prizes have distributed 200.000 euros per series (20.000 euros to the tenth) and the eight fifths, 60.000 euros (6.000 euros to the tenth). There have also been 1.794 prizes of 100 euros to the tenth, what is known as the stone.

From this money you have to deduct what the Treasury takes. The winners will pay less to the treasury this year. The exempt amount has increased this year to 20.000 euros versus 10.000 of 2018. This means that only the first prize will be paid to the Treasury, Fat, the second and the third. Fourths and fifths will be exempt. Yes, the lien remains in the 20%.

The taxation of the prizes is as follows:

Fat': It is endowed with 400.000 euros per tenth. It is taxed by 380.000 euros, on which the 20%. In this way the graceful one takes 324.000 euros and finance, 76.000 euros.

Second prize: Distributes 125.000 euros to the tenth of which is taxed for 105.000. The winner takes and Hacienda 21.000.

Third award: The lucky ones take 50.000 euros per tenth. Are taxed 30.000 euros, what supposes that 6.000 euros go to the tax agency and 44.000 euros for the owner of the prize-winning tenth.

The two fourth prizes (20.000 euros each) they will no longer have the lien of 2.000 euros from last year., stone, approximations and reimbursements also do not have to render accounts with the Treasury as they are less 20.000 euros.

Buy Tickets

Buy tickets for the El Gordo de Navidad draw:

Buy 2020 Christmas Tickets

View information on how to play El Gordo de Navidad

The draws, which are held in Madrid on 22nd December every year and considered a national event, differ from standard lotteries in two important aspects. Unlike other lotteries, whose draws are generally brief and completed with relatively little fanfare, El Gordo de Navidad draws take hours to complete due to the sheer number of prizes and the format is closer to a raffle than a standard lottery.

The balls are drawn from two machines, called ‘bombos’, which each hold thousands of balls. One bombo contains balls inscribed with a pre-determined number combination, while the other bombo contains balls inscribed with a prize value. Each pre-determined number is printed on numerous tickets so, when a prize is selected to correspond with the number drawn, the prize fund for that tier will be shared between all of the players whose ticket matches the number drawn.

“We were saying that he was going to hit the first ball”

Noura Akrouh and Elisabeth del Carmen Roque, of 12 and 13 years respectively, they have explained after singing the ‘Gordo’ that they had the feeling of giving the prize despite being the first of the Christmas Draw. “We were saying that he was going to hit the first ball”, Noura told the media gathered at the Teatro Real in Madrid

At 9.19 hours of this Sunday, just a few minutes after the drums of the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw started spinning, Elisabeth and Noura sang the 26.590.

“At first I did not believe it”, Elisabeth has stated, recognizing that upon noticing the award they were “shaking her legs”, infecting on compaсera Noura. “We are always excited that it will touch us”, the girls have added, who already sang one of the great prizes last year.

“I'm going to celebrate it with my family”, Elisabeth has targeted the journalists pounced on her and Noura, Accompanied by Santo Daniel de Leуn and Bileiky Lisselot Arias on the first panel, who have extracted the balls. It is one of the ‘fat’ most early risers in history, but he has not managed to overtake that of 2004, that appeared at 9.16 hours.

Lotería de Navidad Christmas lottery 2012

- Lottery in Spain came from the hand of Carlos III, what was tradition, imported from Naples and it looked like, what is now called "Primitiva lottery" .

The first draw took place 10 December 1763 of the year.

But the origins of the Christmas lottery date back to the time of Cortez Cadiz, when the minister of the Indian chamber thoughts of him, as “a means to increase revenues from public funds, without violating taxpayers " .

The first draw took place 18 December 1812 of the year.

It was named "Modern Lottery" , to distinguish it from the “Primitiva lottery“ .

The title 'Christmas Giveaway' has not been reported until 23 December 1892 years and five years later, the name has already appeared printed on tickets.

With the first draw, had children from San Ildefonso producers singing numbers, which before 1913 years have been printed on paper. From this date, the system was introduced drums and wooden balls, which are still in use today.

Collegium de San Ildefonso , sure, in the institutions of the city of Madrid dedicated to the old child. For 500 years she has been working in the city. His activity is both inside, So: reception, training and orphans of local residents, and outwardly: liturgy, public holidays, lottery, has always been very intense.

Children of San Ildefonso Besides accepting the Lottery also drew the drawing of numbers called "millions", benefit ballots, MPs income and ball, and how many appointments were left to the fate of the ball or random vote.

Regarding the educational aspect of the college of the first ordinance, which exist today, 1600 and did the clerk Francisco Monson, a city clerk named Corporation. Because they know, that the school was headed by the rector's church.

First drawing of children, participating as extractors were 9 Martha 1771 years as a director in Lottery D. Miguel Joaquin de Lorien, Finance Council, and the first student, who sang Diego Lopez was the lottery, lottery gives 500 reals in alms to college for such cooperation.

Next students, who participated in the draws were Jose Manzano (20 april 1771), Santiago Rubio (1 june 1771), Diego Lopez (13 july 1771) and Candido Perez Medel, student, who would become a priest and college president.

is he, thus, two long centuries custom of San Ildefonso schoolchildren to sing the lottery.

Like everyone 22 December, Proudly Christmas Draw will be held again.

Good luck everyone.

How to play

Lottery tickets of the game "El Gordo de Navidad" are not like tickets of other world lotteries. Instead of buying a single ticket, El Gordo de Navidad lottery participants can purchase as full tickets (isp. Ticket), and a tenth of a ticket (isp. Tenth). Similar to the Ruffle draw, participants buy pre-printed tickets, and each number can be purchased before 180 time, hence the name "Series", signifying, that many tickets with the same game numbers will be printed.

Distribution of prizes

Prize categories in each ticket:

El Gordo main prize 1 4 000 000€
Second prize 1 1 250 000€
Third prize 1 500 000€
Fourth prize 2 200 000€
Fifth Prize 8 60 000€

* The number of prizes is calculated by multiplying the number of winning combinations by the number of tickets in the series. for example, 180 x 4 000 000€ if the number of tickets in the series is 180.

† As this number of prizes is shown on one ticket, then the prize amount is divided by the number of players, who bought a share of the ticket. for example, if each of 10 players have 1 share of the ticket, then in case of victory, everyone will receive 1/10 of the ticket prize amount.

The table above shows only the first five prize categories, however full list (isp. Pedrea), including 100 prizes, will be presented on the day of the draw.

El Gordo de Navidad circulations often contain additional "variations", giving participants a chance to win additional prizes. So, in the draw for 2012 year there was a special prize for all ticket holders ending in a number 8.

Where and when can I collect my tenth prize?

Prize can be collected the same day 22, Although this year being Sunday it will depend on the administrations and financial entities that decide to open their doors. Depending on the amount of the prize with which we have been awarded we will have to go to different places; if it is less than or equal to 2.500 euros can be collected at any lottery administration, and if it is superior, you should go to concerted financial entities (BBVA, Santander, CaixaBank, CZECH) or to commercial delegations of Lotteries to collect. The maximum payment period expires after 3 months.

History of the creation of the Spanish Christmas Lottery

The history of the Spanish National Lottery goes back to the distant Middle Ages, when in 1276 year King Alfonso X of Castile or as he was also called Alfonso X the Wise first issued a decree regulating gambling. At that time, all kinds of private, usually charity lotteries. A little less than five centuries later in 1763 year King Carlos III issued a decree to hold the first state National Lottery, which was the prototype of the Italian, as you know the very first lotteries on a national scale. From the first draw, the lottery gained popularity among the population and enjoyed great success thanks to large winnings.

The original National Christmas Lottery draw was held 18 December 1812 of the year, even though, that Spain at that time was in a state of war of independence. From then until now, the El Gordo de Navidad lottery has been drawing every year on Christmas Eve. Even the civil war 1936-1939 years, during the division of Spain into two warring parties, Republicans and Francoists, did not stop the "El Gordo", but simply each of the opposing parties played lotteries independent of each other.

Since then, the drawing ceremony has remained practically unchanged and has survived to this day in its original performance.. For the Spaniards, El Gordo is a true national tradition, and its conduct looks more like a solemn ritual. The draw event begins 22 December in 8.30 in the morning and looks very exotic. Two huge steel ball-shaped drums contain small bone balls: in one - with ticket numbers, and in the other - with winnings. inmates from the San Ildelfonso orphanage in Madrid remove the balls and, as if to the motive of church psalms, sing their numbers and prizes. According to the old tradition, since 1771 of the year, inmates of the San Ildelfonso orphanage began to "sing numbers", when the first royal lotteries were drawn. Participation in the "singing of the circulation" is considered very prestigious for children. Intensive preparation and rehearsals begin at least one month before the holiday draw., after which the best pairs are selected. Every child has a big dream - to sing the winning number of the "main prize" - "El Gordo" and those, who are lucky to be the stars of magazines and TV for a while.

The Exceptional Christmas Lottery Commercials

Lottery ads have a history of going the extra mile to gather players, but the commercials for the Loteria de Navidad are unlike anything else in the world of lottery advertisement. Every year, the Spanish Christmas Lottery releases a short film to promote the upcoming raffle. This is actually a big part of the traditions surrounding this lottery because the release of the ad is an event in itself. Let us show you the best Loteria de Navidad ads of the last years, so that you can get an idea of just how amazing they are: = T10o-tfSsK4% 2520 = T10o-tfSsK4% 2520

"La Mirada de Daniel" - Christmas Lottery Ad 2017

2017’s El Gordo advert is one of fairytales. Directed by Oscar winner Alejandro Amenábar, the ad tells the story of Danielle, an alien who comes to Earth, takes human form and finds out about the wonder of love. The alien walks in Madrid and ends up staying in line for El Gordo tickets. Here, she meets Daniel, a young man who tries to help her, as she appears to be lost in a country where she does not speak the language. Daniel buys two El Gordo tickets, hands one to the girl, and introduces himself. When she repeats what he said, she gets the name Danielle from him. Then, he takes her in and this is how their story begins. First gradually, then suddenly, they fall in love, in spite of the language barrier and all the other reasons keeping them apart. But when Danielle gets lost in Madrid, they are in danger of never seeing each other again. Find out how this enchanting love story ends in 2017’s ad for the Loteria de Navidad! = k2QHRuHsMHg% 2520 = k2QHRuHsMHg% 2520

"December 21" - Christmas Lottery Ad 2016

This is one of the most heartwarming Christmas ads of all time and it tells the story of Carmina, a lovely lady who sees a Loteria de Navidad spot on television and believes that she has a winning ticket. She gets incredibly excited about her win and she wants to share it with the entire town. The only issue is that draw for the Spanish Christmas lottery has not yet been held, as the date is December 21st. In spite of this, nobody in town has the heart to tell her that she had not won the lottery just yet. This leads to the entire town getting involved in this make-believe lottery win celebration because Carmina had a special spot in everybody’s heart. Watch the ad to find out whether or not her son masters the courage to tell her the truth or not. = kEJNNs9N3Ew% 2520 = kEJNNs9N3Ew% 2520

"Justino" - Christmas Lottery Ad 2015

From all the Loteria de Navidad ads made up to this point, “Justino” is by far the best. This animated short film is about a night guard from a mannequin factory in Spain, who always put in extra effort to make everybody’s day better. With Christmas coming up, Justino decides to make a very special holiday installment for his colleagues, for which he uses mannequins from the factory. Preoccupied with his project, Justino forgets all about the Loteria de Navidad. He realizes that he forgot to put in his share in the factory syndicate as he reads about his colleagues winning the Spanish Christmas Lottery. As he goes in to congratulate them, Justino will get a surprise of his very own.

€ jackpot 84 million !

Loteria Nacional - Spain's oldest national lottery, which emerged at the beginning of the 19th century as an alternative to the La Primitiva lottery already in force at that time.

A new lottery project was developed to support the state treasury, seriously affected during the wars of independence.

The idea behind the lottery was, to give additional funds to the country's Ministry of Finance, without increasing regular taxes for the population.

The National Lottery was approved 23 November 1811 of the year, and 4 Martha 1812 years in the Spanish city of Cadiz, what's on the Atlantic coast, her first drawing took place.

The lottery's headquarters was originally located in San Fernando, then it was moved twice - first to the city of Ceuta (north coast of morocco),

and then to the capital of the country Madrid, where it remains to this day.

How much does an online ticket cost

The cost of Loteria Nacional lottery tickets is low and amounts to 3 euros (on Thursday) and 6 euros (on Saturday).

"Lottery ticket" in this case is called its tenth share or "decimos", which is acquired by the absolute majority of players.

Nacional Lottery Full Ticket Price, respectively, almost in 10 time.

What days is the drawing

Loteria Nacional de Espana is held twice a week - on Thursday and Saturday.

Every Thursday is played out 6 ticket series, Every Saturday - 10 ticket series.

How to play the Nacional de Espana lottery

To start playing the Nacional de Espana lottery, it is necessary to purchase one or more shares of a lottery ticket from the series.

To buy a full lottery ticket, you need to buy ten decimos of the same series.

On every ticket (or down) already printed five numbers, who participate in the Loteria Nacional drawing. Thus, each share is one of 10 tickets with the same number.

On the day of the Nacional lottery draw, five numbered balls are drawn at random from the five reels.

This process is repeated twice to, to determine the winner of the first and second prizes.

Anyone can play the National Lottery today, no matter, in which country of the world does he live.

All you need to do is find an online service, providing such an opportunity.


Every Thursday, a jackpot of about 12 million. euros, and every Saturday the lottery prize pool reaches 42 million. euros. There are also special additional prizes ranging from 1 to 3 million. euros. If the last number in the ticket matches, the ticket price is returned to its owner.

Chances of winning

The Spanish national lottery differs from many world lotteries both in its structure, and the odds of winning.

Win at Loteria Nacional, really, everyone can. Owners approximately 35 tickets from each 100 receive certain cash prizes according to the number of "decimos" from the series and the number of drawn numbers. Thus, the chances of winning are 1 to 3.

Where to see the results

You can buy this lottery HERE



Buy Loteria Nacional easily:

just register on the site, select a ticket and pay for it in any of the suggested ways.

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Not sure which number to buy? We give you some ideas

Appointed date, the birthday of a loved one, the day your team won a trophy… there are many special numbers that are sought for the celebration of the Christmas Lottery draw. This atypical year, the key dates of the coronavirus crisis have become the most wanted numbers…

The Christmas Lottery numbers of dates related to the coronavirus

Since the first case of the virus was declared until now, These are the key COVID-19 dates that may represent important numbers for the Christmas Lottery draw 2020. 11219 is the combination corresponding to the date of 1 from December to 2019, in which the Coronavirus first appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan. This combination is followed by the number 31120, which refers to 31 of January of 2010, when the first cases of COVID-19 contagion were reported in Italy and Spain. Then, You can see the most wanted numbers related to the coronavirus crisis.

The most wanted in the previous Draw

Among the most searched numbers for the previous draw for ‘El Gordo’ they were the 28419 and 10119, the dates of the general elections. He too 24119, day on which the exhumation of Franco and the 18109, date of Leonor's first speech at the Princess of Asturias Awards. 13919 was another of the most sought-after tickets for last year's Christmas Lottery Draw, being the date on which the cold drop DANA hit the Spanish Levante. On the sports ground, Barcelona fans looked for the 28419, day your team won the league. While many opted for the 15919, date on which Spain won the Basketball World Cup held in China.

Christmas Lottery Numbers 2020

Spaniards usually repeat their bets in this traditional Draw…

We offer you a very simple way so that you can get your tickets…

There are a series of finishes that become the most demanded each year…

Tell me what you dream of and I will tell you what number to buy for the Draw

Learn to interpret your dreams to buy a tenth with a most special meaning

Latest news of the Christmas Lottery

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What number will you play in the Christmas Lottery?

Latest news of the Christmas Lottery

Christmas Lottery Dates

Christmas Lottery Draw

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Isabel II Square, s/n

Madrid, 28013

Mar. 22 Dec


Pedrea Christmas Lottery

Check tenths

Mar. 22 Dec


Children's Lottery 2020

Sweepstakes Hall

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Madrid, 28013

Piss. 6 One


Find your tenth

In our Christmas Lottery search engine 2020 you can find whatever number you are looking for. Using it is very simple, You just have to fill in the number you want and all the administrations where that tenth of the Christmas Lottery is sold will appear.

The endings that touch the most

Fat’ of the Christmas Lottery has ended in 5 in a total of 32 occasions. In this way, This ending is the most graceful in the history of the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway. It is followed by the tenth finishes in 4 and in 6, with 27 jackpots each.

The Christmas Lottery ticket explained

1 – This is the ticket (ticket) number – can range between 00000-99999. This is the five-digit code which will be drawn at the time of the raffle.

2 – This is the lottery number and year for the upcoming draw.

3 – This is the series number for the ticket – can range between 1-180.

4 – This is the share (tenth) number – can range between 1-10.

5 – This is the complete date for the upcoming draw.

6 – This is your ticket code.

The Christmas Lottery Tickets

This is yet another of the great traditions surrounding the Loteria de Navidad. Every year, the lottery issues a ticket featuring one of Spain’s greatest works of art. This is meant to pay homage to the country’s astounding cultural heritage. Here is a short list of the visuals included on the tickets:

  • 2018 Christmas Lottery Ticket - “Virgen con el Niño” –painting from the Altarpiece of the Life of the Virgin and Saint Francis - displayed in the Prado National Museum in Madrid.

  • 2017 Christmas Lottery Ticket - "Adoration of the shepherds" - an oil painting by Bartolome Esteban Murilio, 1650 – displayed in the Prado National Museum in Madrid.

  • 2016 Christmas Lottery Ticket - “Flamenco Nativity” - polychrome wooden altarpiece from the XV century, anonymous – featured in the Santa Maria Cathedral in Leon.

  • 2015 Christmas Lottery Ticket - "Adoration of the shepherds" - oil painting by Juan del Castilio, XVII century – featured in the Museum of Beautiful Arts in Sevilla.

  • 2014 Christmas Lottery Ticket - “Adoracion de los Reyes Magnos” - painting by Pieter Coecke van Aelst - XVI century - featured in the Prado National Museum in Madrid.

  • 2013 Christmas Lottery Ticket - “El Nacimiento” - canvas made in oil by Federico Barocci in 1597 – featured in the Prado National Museum in Madrid.

What are the Odds of winning at the Lotería de Navidad?

Christmas lottery offers 15,304 ways to win on each ticket. Odds of winning start at 1 in 6.5 for the lowest prize of this raffle and goes up to 1 in 100,000 for the €680 Million jackpot (for the whole winning ticket). The chances of winning the €4 million jackpot (with one copy) are of one in 17,000,000. The odds of winning the €400,000 prize (with one share) are of one in 170,000,000.

On average, players have a 5.3% chance of winning, which is quite appealing when compared to the odds of winning the Powerball or other lotteries. The odds of winning the El Gordo prize are of 0.001%, while the EuroMillions lottery offers 1 in 139,838,160 chances to hit the jackpot (0.0000000086%). When you play US Mega Millions online or other lottery giants, you have even less appealing odds of winning the top prize.

What Are Christmas Lottery Statistics?

  • The 15,640 number was twice the winner in the history of this raffle – in 1956 and 1978. Same as 20,297 – in the years 1903 and 2006.

  • The El Gordo prize was scooped four times with tickets with the same three-digit number: 25,444, 25,888, 35,999 and 55,666.

  • The two-digit combinations that have been repeated over the years are: 85, 7 times (in 1841, 1858, 1867, 1868, 1900, 1915 and 2005); 57, 6 times (in 1820, 1846, 1871, 1878, 1881 and 1932); 75, 5 times (1825, 1835, 1843, 1869 and 1962); 64, five times (in the years 1821, 1948, 1961, 1976 and 1987), 95, four times (in 1886, 1994, 1995 and 2001) and 58 times four times (in 1881, 1987 and 2012).

  • Winning tickets have never ended in: 09, 10, 21, 25, 31, 34, 41, 42, 43, 51, 54, 59, 67, 78 and 82.

  • 1 was the rarest figure for ending the jackpot winning code, followed by 2 and 9.

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