Winnings tax

How to pay taxes on poker winnings in 2019 year?

What taxes do online casinos pay?

There was also confusion with the regulation of online casinos in the United States.. Federal gambling ban applied to gambling and betting throughout the country with the exception of Las Vegas, New Jersey and a few more places. Americans turned to offshores and websites, located outside the jurisdiction of the United States. It should be noted, that not every online casino accepted players from the States. From now on, the ban has been lifted - Americans will be able to open their own legal online casinos.

This summer, Russia banned money transfers to online casino and sports betting operators, located outside the Russian Federation. From now on, Russians will be able to play online only in casinos, registered in their country.

Consider, what is the difference between the taxation of gambling business in the USA, Germany and Russia. Let's take a gambling tax on winnings as a sample..

Tax rate




Operator Tax

Fixed fee for objects of tax on gambling business:

for online bets processing center fees from 2,5 million to 3 RUB million.

Gross income tax 20%

  • Gross income tax from 3,4 to 6,75%;
  • progressive tax on objects of tax on gambling business, depending on the number and type of license;
  • fixed annual tax for each machine and table;
  • online casinos in new jersey pay 15% from gross income

Player tax



  • from 30 to 35% to the federal budget (except for winnings in table games);
  • tax rate, state-established (to 10,8%);
  • tax rate, city-established
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