Us winnings tax

Lotto winnings tax

How to pay lottery tax

If you win a big
amount or any property, you will inevitably have a question, how to pay
lottery tax. In that case, when the lottery organizer performs in
the role of an agent and pays all the necessary payments for you, do nothing
need to. But if the responsibility lies with the player himself, then it is necessary to submit
declaration in the form 3-NDFL.

report the income received until 30 April new year. It means, what
if you are in 2019 won the lottery 100 thousand rubles, then you need
submit a 3-NDFL declaration before 30 april 2020 of the year. Lottery tax amount in
in this case will be 13 thousand rubles, from which you can subtract 4 thousand
rubles, tax-free, and pay 9 thousand rubles.

Pay tax on winnings
you can enter the lottery directly at the bank branch, and on the internet, on
FTS website. If you have any difficulties and difficulties with that,
how much to pay tax, ask for help from the department staff and they
will give you a comprehensive consultation.

But how to be, if a
a citizen of Russia won the lottery in another state? In most countries
the world he will not be considered their resident, which implies higher rates

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