USA lottery income tax

Lottery winnings tax

Responsibility for tax evasion

If a citizen does not have time to make payment on time, then penalties are charged in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation:

  • for late payment is charged 20% of the tax amount additionally;
  • if through the court it is possible to prove, that the citizen deliberately evaded responsibility, you have to pay before 40% from winning;
  • accrual of interest 5% from the sum, if the winner does not declare his income by the end of April of the following year after receiving the prize (the fine cannot exceed 30% of the tax amount).

FSSP employees also have the right to impose sanctions, if the citizen continues to refuse payment after a court decision. So, it is allowed to impose a ban on leaving the country, seizure of accounts and property. In case of malicious evasion of payment, the debtor is judged under article 199 UK RF (tax evasion). It provides for a fine up to 300 thousand rubles, imprisonment for up to two years and deprivation of the right to hold certain positions.

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