Tax on winnings in 2020 year

Foreign Lottery Winnings Tax in 2018 year

If a Russian citizen becomes a participant, and then the winner of a foreign lottery, then it is worth considering a few nuances. Firstly, need to understand, that taxation here will act somewhat differently, and the size of the win, in this case, already plays a secondary role. I speak otherwise, any winnings will have to pay tax. However, it is worth clarifying here, who exactly will be paid tax. This information must be checked in advance, before taking part in the drawing.

The thing is, what if the country, in which the draw is held, did not sign an agreement with Russia on the elimination of double taxation, then the winner will receive the time spent and disappointment instead of the prize

And all because, what a situation might arise, in which it will be necessary to pay first the tax on winnings in the country, where the lottery was held, then, in the process of transferring funds, your native tax office will also pay attention to you. Thus, the winner will have to pay two taxes at once, and quite possibly, at different rates

After all, it is unknown, what tax rates apply in the country, organizing the lottery.

To avoid this situation, better to clarify in advance, whether the selected country has signed the aforementioned agreement with Russia. If there is no agreement, and there is already a win, then some companies offer the participant, more precisely already to the winner, stay incognito. One side, this may seem like a good way out of this situation, but on the other hand it should be remembered, that tax evasion on the territory of Russia is punishable not only by fines and administrative penalties, but also criminal liability.

Tax on winnings in 2020 year

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