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Income tax (Income Tax)

Any income of an individual is taxable.. Income tax in America (Income Tax) covers income:

IN 43 states have Income Tax from individuals. The maximum rate reaches 13,3% (in California), the minimum is at the level 2,9% (in North Dakota).

Employment-related (the salary, prizes, compensation payments, bonuses),

From owning capital and property (interest, dividends, rent),

Capital gains (when selling real estate, land plots, corporate rights),

Self-employed persons (when self-employed).

The taxable base is adjusted by the amount of allowable deductions and benefits (training costs, for medical care, in connection with moving to a new area, charity expenses, credit for the elderly and disabled, etc.)

This is followed by the definition of a non-taxable minimum. It depends on the family (social) payer status (eg, single resident or married, general declaration from spouses or two separate, widow (widower) with child, the main breadwinner of the family, etc.). So, for lonely persons up to 65 years, this minimum is 12,2 thousand. dollars. in year; for spouses, who jointly file a declaration, it's already 24,4 thousand. dollars. etc.

Next, the rate is determined (at the federal level it is progressive). for example, for an unmarried young man with an income in 75000 dollars, income tax in the United States will be calculated at a rate of 22%.

Self-computing is rarely used in everyday life., there are special tables, programs and expert advice.

Income Tax can be paid in two ways: the employer withholds the amount until salary is paid or the employee receives full salary, and the tax pays itself during the year.

USA: the declaration sees everything

Players are taxed in America, and it is arranged quite cunningly. It's easiest with small winnings at the casino - everything, which is less $ 1200, does not require filling in any declarations. Further - already the nuances. Let's say, if you play in the casino and hit the jackpot, then you need to show your social card (speech about US citizens). Then the winnings will be taken into account, so it must be entered on the tax return. Where, eg, in California, you can pay tax 28% in place and do not show or fill anything. In general, the tax for players ranges from 25 to 30%.

Talking about online poker, which is legal in nevada, Delaware (there is also an online casino) and New Jersey, then the winnings are also subject to declaration for the tax. The main thing is not to forget about them., if you hit a big jackpot or withdraw funds from your account. Small winnings or if you are playing at a loss - no tax is paid. However, even if you have earned and withdrawn a large amount (in the declaration indicate it as "other receipts"), but at the end of the tax year remained in the red, you can mark losses on bets as "other write-offs", and you won't have to pay extra from your pocket. The luckiest players, receiving a good plus at the end of the year (more $ 5000), pay tax 25%. Almost the same rules apply to online poker.

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