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22 july 2020 r. :: The property

In the Russian North, the demand for land for private houses has increased.

19 july 2020 r. :: Medicine

A characteristic feature of the coronavirus found

Scientists from France found a characteristic symptom in patients with complications, caused by coronavirus.

01 july 2020 r. :: Sports

Early July - start of races

4 and 5 July at the autodrome "Nizhegorodskoe Koltso" will host the first competitive stages of the main racing series of the country Russian Superbike Championship (RSBK) season 2020!

25 june 2020 r. :: Corruption

The Prosecutor General's Office of Russia named the most corrupt regions

Top three most corrupt regions of Russia, according to the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia for 2019 year, entered Mordovia, Chuvashia and Kamchatka Territory.

19 june 2020 r. :: Politics

Putin will personally explain to Russians the amendments to the Constitution

Russian President Vladimir Putin will address Russians before voting on amendments to the Constitution, appointed for 1 july.

18 june 2020 r. :: Medicine

The problem of fibrosis and COVID-19 under the gun of Russian scientists

Employees of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine of the Medical Research and Education Center of Moscow State University. M.V.. Lomonosov proposed a new approach to the regulation of fibrosis, which can be used to prevent and treat pulmonary fibrosis - thickening of connective tissue and scar formation - in COVID-19.

21 May 2020 r. :: In the world

Washington to end WHO funding altogether and renegotiate its membership.

It will happen, if the organization within 30 days will not carry out reforms, said in a letter from American President Donald Trump to the director of the institution, Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus.

20 May 2020 r. :: Politics

Tough reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reacted to the statement on the possible deployment of US nuclear weapons in Poland.

19 May 2020 r. :: Crime

The first criminal case was initiated due to non-payment of compensations to doctors

The Investigative Committee today for the first time opened a criminal case due to non-payment of compensation to doctors, working with COVID-19 patients.

How to participate in the RedLoto lottery?

Transfer funds even from your mobile phone balance. Enrollments are automatic, money comes instantly. Draws are held every day in 12:00. The site displays the time in the "Play" section. There are also tickets, which need to buy:

It's simple, click on the ticket, it is bought immediately. When buying a ticket for 30 rubles, maximum win 50 rubles, the second ticket has the maximum winning 100 rubles, the most expensive ticket 200 rubles. By purchasing a ticket, it is displayed in the side block, the current prize fund is also shown there:

Now it only remains to wait, when the drawing will take place and see the results. The money won is automatically credited to the balance, you don't need to do anything yourself. You go to your personal account and see, what tickets won, how big is the win:

Withdrawal from the site is carried out through Payeer, total commission is charged 1%, and the minimum amount 30 rubles. Manual payments, transfer money within 3 days.

Stiff lottery games

This type of lottery game includes all sketch lotteries.. They involve erasing the protective layer of the ticket and getting instant results.. The beauty of this game is, no need to wait for the draw and check the results. Besides, there is no opportunity to lose the ticket or spoil it.

It should be noted, that manipulating the game in this case is also quite simple. Organizers who are not particularly reliable can hide only small prizes under the cover, and to declare - large. It is almost impossible to check the honesty of the founders. Like it's impossible to know, is there at least one winning ticket in the whole lot.

Instant lottery big wins are not uncommon. You should just buy tickets from proven sketch lotteries with a good reputation.

Next, we will dwell on those games in detail., whose honesty approaches one hundred percent.

This type of game clearly rules out cheating. The player should only intuitively select a cell and the jackpot in his pocket.

The only swindle, possible in such a game is delaying the timing of the payment of prizes. There were cases, when players have been waiting for their prizes for several years.

"Probability" lotteries:

  • 10 stars;
  • 50 on 50;
  • Subsidy.

Many players say that, that in such a lottery it is really possible to win a good amount. However, it makes no sense to apply strategies and tactics here.. The only assistant to the participant is his inner voice.

There are other types of such games.. The cells do not have to be in a row in the card, they can be arranged in a circle.

Free online games can also be attributed to fair lotteries. They promise solid wins, only now you will have to spend a lot of time on the game.

Betting on lotteries can also be considered fair lotteries.. They involve guessing a certain event or number of a combination. If the player guesses correctly, then he gets a prize. for example, a bet can be placed on, what's the third ball, fallen out of the lottery drum, there will be a number 6. Get it right - get your win! If a, sure, chose an honest broker.

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