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Program 2020 - diamond league

"Trois" - "Saint-Etienne"

Champagne at home will face one of the main disappointments of the current championship, "Saint-Etienne". In early October, these teams within the League 1 met in Troyes. Despite the removal of the support, Azamuma, on 34 minute "farmers" were able to defeat the "saints" (2:1).

Now their paths cross again, but under special circumstances. Both teams are at the bottom of the table, they borrow 15 and 16 places and suffer from numerous gaming problems. But it is the Champagne that is in a winning situation before this meeting..

Saint-Etienne - the team, former Eurocup, and defended the honor of French football on the international loan, 10-multiple champion of France - today stands at the edge. This chasm is elimination in the League 2. However, even now, few people believe, that the "saints" will manage to stay in the elite. And most importantly, it feels like, that the players themselves do not believe in their luck.

Players are sluggish, ideally, take defeat for granted. It's a sad sight, and not only because, what's on the field of hope, but also for the reason, that there is a crisis in the club itself. There is no money to strengthen the team, new investor too, the coach does not have the necessary authority, he cannot completely find a way out of this situation. It will sound incredible, but now Saint-Etienne deserves to be in the relegation zone. Troyes have every chance to win, because the "green" are in terrible shape, which is reflected in their standings.

"Tour" - "Match"

Metz were the worst team in the fall in France, but then he packed up and got 4 victories in 5 matches. After this successful series, "pomegranate" remained in last place, now in his asset 15 glasses.

In a hopeless position in the League 2 is "Tour", this team is also an outsider, but the gap with competitors remains huge. IN 22 tours he was able to earn only 9 points, 7 of them in home matches.

I dont know, what composition will the guest coach Frederick Huntz put up for this meeting?, Does Metz need a victory in a cup match?? 7 matches in a row "dragons" score, and "Tour" in a match with a representative of the elite will be overly motivated.

"Both To Score".

PSG v Gengam

The current French Cup winner will host Guingamp at home. Guests have no illusions about getting into 1/8 finale. PSG is one of the best clubs in Europe at the moment, if not the best. But Guingamp will try to do the impossible, replay favorite. There is no doubt, that the "tractor drivers" at the beginning of the match will really do their best, that's just one effort, for sure, will not be enough. Parisians in the class are significantly superior to the opponent. Given the busy schedule of the capital team, I'm sure, that Unai Emery's team will play as a semi-reserve squad and will try to clear all questions regarding the winner of the duel in the first half. Likely, will not enter the field again Neymar, who was first named Footballer of the Month in the League 1. The Brazilian does not want to risk his health ahead of the Champions League matches against Real Madrid, although the doctors did not find anything serious. Besides, Neymar is offended by the fans of the Parisian club, которые освистали его в матче против «Дижона». If it goes on like this, then he may refuse to play because of a fresh pedicure.

Every fan knows, how cool it is to have a super sab on your team, who needs half an hour of playing time for a goal. The Parisians are Edinson Cavani, who should score today, and become PSG's top scorer of all time. The outcome of the match entirely depends on the mood and desire of the PSG players to play football. If they want, they can do that and defeat. But no, you will achieve a comfortable advantage, and then go to economy mode. One thing is clear - the victory will not go anywhere from the hosts..

PSG bookmakers consider it a clear favorite in this meeting. The capital club has no competition in the championship, and it is he who is the main contender for victory in the French Cup. Last weekend, Unai Emery's wards lost away to Lyon (1:2), but this defeat should whip up the Parisians. Already 7 matches in a row "PSG" in Paris wins "Guingamp" with a clean sheet. This series will lengthen today.

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