Instant lottery ticket

Instant lotteries. instructions for use

Where to buy instant lottery tickets?

Tabletop instant lotteries can be bought online on their website. And already offline – yes, almost everywhere. Sold by mail, in kiosks, shops. But we do not recommend buying them.. We consider the organizers of "stoloto" to be dishonest businessmen. And if they cheat with the draw lotteries , then make instant lotteries absolutely win-win they just spit.

In Russia before 2014 there were a great many instant lotteries. There were all-Russian, regional and local lotteries. Even Sberbank held such lotteries. As we mentioned above, organizing instant lotteries is much easier than organizing a drawing. Actually, you just need to advertise the lottery, print tickets and sell them. Well, sure, despite the requirement of the law, the organizer can print tickets like this, that the main prize will not be in them at all, well, or leave a winning ticket for yourself.

Currently, all non-state lotteries are banned in Russia (that is, actually everything, except "stoloto"). However, holding instant lotteries, e.g. shopping is still possible. The thing is, what, despite, that the concept of incentive lotteries has disappeared and the Lottery Law, the government considers, what if tickets don't sell, namely, they are distributed to buyers or even at polling stations during elections, then this is not a lottery, but a stimulating event (Letter of the Ministry of Economic Development D09i-451). So that, free instant lotteries take place.

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