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Housing lottery

You can even try fate online, on the site “The chair”. Russian state lotteries allow you to win an apartment or a large amount of money. The Housing Lottery is ideal for those, who dreams of their own living space. There are two fields on the tickets, each of which has three rows, five digits each. Playing this lottery, you gain the opportunity to become the owner of one, two- or a three-room apartment. More recently, the organizers went through unfavorable times, but today the situation in the housing market has stabilized.

Winning combinations:

  • collect a combination of the dropped numbers in one line faster than all;
  • collect all digits of one field first;
  • collect all numbers in two fields.

Everybody loses, whose tickets have at least one outstanding number. Most often, there are from three to four unclosed numbers in the card..

Lottery "Golden Horseshoe"

Another lottery, with government support, is the "Golden Horseshoe", it is broadcast on the NTV channel on Sundays at 8:15 by Moscow time. With the support of the Ministry of Sports, she has a large number of fans similar in terms of the rules and principles of Russian lotto.

The well-known presenter Mikhail Borisov supports the image and is already remembered by the audience for his good-natured smile and catchphrases

note, what to buy tickets before 16:00 Moscow time one day before the broadcast, more precisely until Saturday. The intrigue lies in the ever-growing jackpot

“Golden horseshoe” heads Russian lotteries with a large prize pool, because the number of ticket buyers is a record. Simple rules of the game and TV propaganda do the trick.

If we consider the rules of the game, then you can see a striking resemblance to the usual Russian lotto. One line must be crossed out, to get the minimum prize. Then one completely crossed out square wins, then the winner is the one, who crossed out all the numbers of two fields before others.

If you carefully study the reviews about “Golden horseshoe”, then we can note their positive direction. The big advantage in favor of buying this ticket is played by the low price – near 50 rubles. Second significant factor – transparency of tours. Russian lotteries, reviews which are carefully studied by the organizers, usually carried out online, to exclude the possibility of fraud and to prevent rumors about dishonest tours. Analysts claim, that the manipulation of the results of this lottery has no basis, the thing is, what the Ministry of Sports gets 50 percent of all tickets sold, and this is an impressive amount. Rest 50 percent goes to the prize pool.

However, you can find a negative note in the reviews., eg, the issue of winnings can be difficult and take a long time. In some cases, winners had to wait up to two weeks. Organizers reassure theme players, that everyone will get winnings, the problem lies in accounting delays when transferring large amounts of money. Public funding takes time, which is already limited. Report preparation, money transfer to the organizer and delivery of prizes to the points of issue – it all takes one to two weeks. If you become the owner of a prize of one million rubles, you will have to visit the central office, the rest can pick up prizes at points of sale.

Where can I buy a ticket

You can hardly meet a person, who does not want to get rich in an instant. Help in solving financial problems is offered at every step. You can see a large number of offers on advertising banners on the Internet. But is it worth trusting tempting offers? Experienced players advise to buy tickets only at official points. To really win, give preference to trusted dealers and sites, eg, Russian lottery “The chair” proven over the years.

Points of sale:

  • newsstands;
  • Sberbank branches;
  • shopping centers.

Sure, these are not all available options, but try to buy tickets at trusted points with a decent reputation and great experience.

How much can you win and what are the rules?

Despite, that many, who tried instant lotteries, the reviews are quite positive, although believe in everything 100% things like this are not worth it. The winnings, although they do happen, are unlikely to be more than symbolic amounts in 50-100 rubles. Yet again, I will not argue, what are the lucky ones, who win prizes of several hundred thousand rubles.

Talking about the rules of instant lotteries, I want to notice, that they are simple enough. You don't have to explain too long, how to play instant lottery.

lottery 5 of 36 . One – twice a month, purely for the sake of excitement. I seem to spend a little and the prizes are big, everything is like a fairy tale:D

Well, and so, who are thinking about, to play instant lotteries, buying a ticket will not be difficult, but you need to remember, that you shouldn't get too carried away. Instant lotteries can be very tempting, and it seems, that this is a possible way to "make money out of nothing". But it's worth understanding, that many will seek to cash in on the lust for easy money.

Actually, that's all I wanted to tell you in this article.

Let's summarize: today we talked about instant or no-draw lotteries. This way of making money can be treated in very different ways.. I didn't set out to say, that instant lotteries are definitely good or definitely bad. My task is rather, so that you draw a conclusion yourself.

Free real-win lottery really exists. And sites that run the lottery, make money from advertising.

You can earn money on the free lottery 2-20 rubles
in a day, and if you are lucky, then you can earn by 20 000 rubles per month without investing money!

However, there are a lot of scam lotteries on the Internet and only a few sites offer a really profitable win-win lottery.

SocialChance - # 1 free lottery

Is the best free lottery in Russia, where can you earn 10 000 rubles for the jackpot, which is ripped off every day!

Initially you are given 6 chances to guess 6 digits, which will appear in random order on the site. You get money for every number you guess.

Matching Prizes Table:

  • 1 number - 0.01 rub;
  • 2 numbers - 0.1 rub;
  • 3 numbers - 1 rub;
  • 4 numbers - 10 rub;
  • 5 numbers - 100 rub;
  • 6 numbers - 10 000 rub.

You can also increase the number of chances of guessing numbers.. If you have just started playing, that in you 6 chances, if you follow all the steps in the picture below, then you will have 21 chance.
If you think, what the lottery cheats with numbers, then came up with for you "honesty control
» . Before starting the game, you can download the file with numbers, which will fall.

But this file is locked, and in order to open you need a password, which is available after the numbers are dropped. Thus, you can be sure of 100% fair game.

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