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Stoloto company has been working on the Russian market for a long time and very successfully. Therefore, the system for issuing winnings can be called well-developed and very effective.. An additional plus is the presence of several ways to receive a prize and subsequent withdrawal of funds.

However, it is quite possible that difficulties arise. Most of them are associated with the mistakes of the participants themselves.. The most common of which in practice are such problems:

  • the need for additional identification in order to receive a prize from 15 thousand. rub.;
  • lengthy procedure for registering a bank personal account;
  • impossibility of receiving winnings by persons, under the age of 18;
  • impossibility of receiving a prize in case of loss of a mobile phone;
  • impossibility of receiving a prize if incorrect data is indicated during the registration process on the Stoloto website;
  • the presence of a complex system of limits on the withdrawal of funds and restrictions on the methods of obtaining a win, which is quite difficult to understand;
  • problems with withdrawal to Maestro cards.

How to get your winnings?

The procedure for receiving winnings on Sberbank tickets depends on the size of the prize. In most cases, money is received at the branch, to which the person originally turned. If the winning amount is less than 1 thousand. rub., money is issued immediately. If the amount is large, you should contact your account manager. The employee will say, how long will it take to register the prize and set the date of issue.

More recently, buying lottery tickets from Sberbank made it possible to win a large sum of money, which would be enough to buy your own property. To take part in the drawing, it was necessary to fulfill the condition of the organization: make a deposit or purchase a bank savings certificate, apply for participation in the lottery by sending SMS. In addition to the large prize, small sums of money from 3 to 4 thousand. rub.

Any questions, related to receiving remuneration, you can ask a call center specialist or the organizers of the draw (to do this, go to your personal account "Sberbank Online" and use the feedback form). It should be remembered that, that all draws are limited in time. Not to miss the lottery, you need to regularly monitor news on the official website of the organization.

Advantages of the mobile version of the Stoloto website

  1. Registration from a mobile device can be carried out from anywhere, where the client has access to the Internet.
  2. The performance of the mobile version of Stoloto is beyond doubt - the software is modern, constantly updated, with a weak internet signal, application works.
  3. You can buy a ticket from a mobile device using SMS, even without registration.
  4. Not only Russian citizens can become a participant in the lottery, but also the CIS countries, the way to open a personal account in Stoloto is simple and straightforward, making it even easier from your phone, than from a computer.
  5. The lottery works with all payment systems, which are used in Russia and neighboring countries: Qiwi, Mastercard / VISA, MTS, Megaphone, Yandex money, everything is done in a few clicks directly from the Stoloto client's game wallet.
  6. It is convenient and quick to buy tickets in one payment using the "Cart" tab, where you can place a purchase of several lotteries in a row, in one payment in two clicks.
  7. Wide bonus program, the accrued points can be found in the purchased tickets section.
  8. You can easily track the lottery results from your phone online. Also, through the mobile application, you can check the results of the draws, which the customer can buy at the ticket sales point.
  9. If you win more than 15000 rubles to the phone comes SMS with an alert.
  10. Online consultants support "Stoloto" in touch around the clock, the phone call will be answered almost instantly, the consultation is informative and as correct as possible.

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Draw rules

Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and a reliable financial institution, trusted by many consumers. When in 2011 r. he started selling lottery tickets, there was a line behind them almost immediately. Subsequently, this may have been copied by many other institutions., but Sberbank's instant lotteries remained the most popular.

To take part in the drawing, need to buy a lottery coupon worth 20-100 rub. Prices depend on various factors: rules of the game, the potential gain, etc.. d. One thing remains unchanged: the result can be found immediately, without waiting for the drawing and summing up. The procedure for holding a lottery from Sberbank is as follows:

  1. Man buys a ticket.
  2. Erases the protective layer and recognizes the results.
  3. If the coupon is winning, the winner receives a prize (you can find out the rules for obtaining it on the reverse side).

Sberbank is the most stable financial institution in Russia, that's why millions of people trust him. Here you can not be afraid of deception and fraud: the game is played according to the general rules, all winners receive their winnings. As for the prize pool, then it is formed through ticket sales.

Sberbank rarely holds instant draws and timed them to various significant events.:

  • in honor of the winter olympiad 2014 r. - participation in the lottery was worth 100 rub. and allowed to win up to 10 RUB million;
  • to help nature - you could buy a coupon for 30-50 rub., the maximum gain was 20 thousand. rub.;
  • in honor of Victory Day - at the ticket price 50 rub. could have been won before 400 thousand. rub.

Each Sberbank lottery is charitable. Money, proceeds from ticket sales, are divided into 2 parts. About half goes to the formation of the prize fund (of money, which are paid to the winners). The rest is donated to charities, used to solve socially significant problems. The proceeds from the draw in honor of the Winter Olympics went to charity. Money, received from the lottery for Victory Day, were spent on the installation of monuments and support for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

How to transfer winnings

As mentioned above, the way of getting the prize depends on the amount and the place of purchase of the ticket. Some of the most popular ones are described below..

Step-by-step instruction

Procedure for transferring winnings to the Stoloto wallet, which is used by most of the participants, playing directly on the site, as follows:

The second way to get a win, which appeared a long time ago, allows you to automatically withdraw funds to your mobile phone. It is available for amounts, not exceeding 3 thousand. rub., and for participants, playing directly on the site. To receive funds on a mobile phone, just put a tick in front of the phone number before the start of the drawing, specified during registration. After that, if you win, the money is automatically credited to the phone's balance.

The third way to get a win is to visit retail outlets. These include not only the specialized divisions of Stoloto, but also numerous partners of the lottery online supermarket, in particular:

  • Rostelecom offices and Megafon salons (the winning amount does not exceed 1 thousand. rub.);
  • salons "Svyaznoy" and "Euroset" (winnings ranging from 1 thousand. to 10 thousand. rub.);
  • Russian Post offices (also before 10 thousand. rub.);
  • the offices of the bookmaker "Baltbet" (to 100 thousand. rub.);
  • branches of the lottery network "Balt-Lotto" (to 200 thousand. rub.)
  • Stoloto head office, which is located in Moscow at Volgogradsky Prospect, 43/3 (to 200 thousand. rub.)

The last way to receive the prize is by bank transfer to the personal account of the winner. To link it to a specific participant in the lottery, you will need to send a set of documents to the company by mail, which includes:

  • details of the winning lottery ticket;
  • code received by sending an SMS message indicating the mobile phone number, for which the lottery ticket was purchased;
  • copy of document, allowing to verify the identity of the winner;
  • bank details of the personal account;
  • copy of TIN.

Upon receipt of winnings from 15 thousand. rub. you will need to go through additional identification with the operator of the Internet site, already mentioned above.

Where to buy lottery tickets?

You can participate in the instant lottery of Sberbank in any branch of the bank, t. to. tickets are sent to all branches and structural divisions. Anyone can become a participant, not only a bank client. To do this, you need to contact a free operator and purchase a lottery coupon. It should be remembered that, that tickets differ from each other in price, drawing rules, the amount of possible gain. You can see the face value on the front side (in most cases it is 20-100 rub.).

Tickets are sold only in bank branches. It is impossible to buy them in "Stoloto" or "Sberbank Online".

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