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How to buy a ticket from Russia?

To participate in any lottery, you should choose your favorite game from the list, click "Play".

This will open the page, where you need to select order parameters. Then the player chooses the number of tickets, marks any random numbers in them. You can do this manually or use the auto-select option. When all numbers are chosen, you should decide on the type of participation:

  • one-time drawing;
  • multitrack on 5, 10, 25, 52 circulation;
  • subscription to all draws.

When participating in a multi-draw, you must pay immediately. Depending on the number of draws, the client is given a discount up to 25%. When choosing a subscription for all runs, the site debits the required amount before the broadcast, every tenth ticket is free.

Russian lotto – our truthful review

They, who has never been to the official site of the implied lotto and has no idea what it looks like, then suspicions may disappear by themselves. Especially, the founders of the site did a good job for this.

All actions on the Russian Lotto website are performed very quickly. Before you entered, how some processes immediately begin. People are encouraged to attend an online raffle, demonstrates the dropout of "random" numbers and filling them into empty fields. Less information - less unnecessary questions.

To finally psychologically "finish off" people, the site uses various pressure tools. One of these tools is online chat on the Russian Lotto website., in which only the illusion of real communication is created.

Another tool is contact and legal information, which is not true.

Finally, a huge attention grabber. It's about the amount of the win. In any case, there will be the same gain - 155 000 rubles. To withdraw these finances, you need to pay one of two options. The first one is ONLINE TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK CARD OR INTERNET WALLET, the second - IN CASH THROUGH TRANSLATION BY POST RUSSIA. Your wallet suffers anyway, as it is impossible to pay the duty from the internal account.

The crooks from the described scam "Russian Lotto" profit from people, on their trust or greed. The total number of similar pretexts under the guise of duty will be about a dozen. One is more beautiful than the other. But withdraw money, Unfortunately, it won't work. Only swindlers can make money on this scheme..

Save your money and nerves. Don't invest in liabilities, which is beautiful and beckons the soul, like the devil and pulls money out of you. Among them, there can always be a deception like this.. Spend money on your education, children, family, learn languages. And in the end, learn to make money on what you love.. If desired, our project and ready-made work cases for making money on the Internet will help you with this. The entire list is available at this link.

You may also be indignant: "Is there really no control over these swindlers?" - There is, but it is very difficult, since they are virtually impossible to find. But in order not to continue to be led by the tricks of crooks, read the article "A Simple Answer! Divorce for money on the Internet. How not to fall for scammers?».

thank, that you have read the article to the end. How did you fall for this scam?? Tell us in the comment at the bottom of this page.

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