Mega million. what can you win in the game "megamillions"? rules of the game "megamillions"

American lottery mega millions (5 из 70 + 1 of 25)

MegaMillions lottery rules

Under the terms of the game, participant chooses 5 main balls with numbers from 1 to 75, as well as an additional "Mega ball" with a number from 1 to 15.

Mega Million players from select states, have the right to take another extra ball, called Megaplier, in case of guessing his number, the amount of the win increases significantly.

Five main winning categories established. The jackpot is the maximum win, and for that, to get it, you need to predict five main numbers, and also the number on the mega ball. The smallest prize any MegaMillions player can win, who guesses 1 number.

For the lottery drawing procedure, apply 2 drum, the main balls spin in the first, with numbers from 1 to 56. Five balls from this mass drop out randomly. Mega balls are spinning in the second reel (them 46).

In all states, except California, set the standard size of the prize amount in any category. California is isolated because, that in this state, the size of the prize directly depends on the profit from ticket sales. If a MegaMillions member wins the jackpot, he has the right to take immediately the amount of the entire prize (notice, what is the prize amount in this case, will be less than the winning amount) or agree to receive the winnings in installments (for every million won, the winner should $38,5 thousand. in year).

Prizes and the likelihood of winning them

And the prizes in Mega Millions can be huge - much more, than in any European lottery. Record jackpot hit in March 2012 of the year, when he drew up 656 million dollars. Then the jackpot went to three lucky ones, each of whom preferred to receive money immediately in cash (by 158 million), rather than gradually through annual payments.

By the way, absolutely not surprising, that the full combination of numbers coincided immediately for three players after, how throughout many runs no one could guess all the numbers. This often happens even in large draw lotteries.. It means, that there was a series of rare combinations of numbers, no one made bets, and then a more or less uniform distribution of numbers fell out, which several players have crossed out at once.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account, that a big jackpot always attracts the attention of many people, each trying to get more tickets, to increase your chances of winning. Of course, with such a huge number of selected combinations, sooner or later someone will hit the jackpot

And since the likelihood of someone winning the main prize from one draw to another only increases, not at all wise, that more than one person is lucky.

Well, now - some dry numbers, which will be useful to you, if you decide to take part in Mega Millions. So here, the probability of hitting the jackpot in this lottery is 1 to 175'711'536. Sure, this value does not inspire optimism, but don't forget, that in addition to the main prize, there are many side.

Odds of Winning a Cash Prize One Category Below, which equals 1 million dollars (guessing 5 main numbers without matching additional event), already make up 1 to 3,9 million. In general, the probability of winning any prize is approximately 1 to 15. One cannot but rejoice at the fact, what's the minimum prize ($2) awarded even for 1 guessed mega ball. For you to understand better, what is it about, we will tell you about the rules of this lottery.

The incredible facts about the Mega Millions lottery

Did you know, that the very first draw of the Mega Millions lottery 17 May 2002 r. produced a lottery millionaire, winner of the $ 27 million jackpot from Windy City, Chicago?
To date, the Mega Millions lottery has issued 11 jackpots over $300 million, including the largest jackpot in history $656 million.
For 68 of draws after the launch of the Mega Millions lottery 1 billion tickets!
In circulation 2013 r. with a $ 648 million jackpot, there were two jackpot winners, 2 but at the same time 59 tickets guessed five main numbers. This 59 players were lucky and unlucky at the same time - on the one hand, they won big prizes, on the other hand, only one number separated them from the jackpot!

IN 2012 g., Mega Millions jackpot hit record high in just three days, solely due to the huge number of tickets sold! FROM $476 million he reached $500 million, then rose to $540 million, $640 million, and was finally ripped off at the mark $656 million!

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