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When is the high season in Mauritius?

The island has a tropical climate with dry winters and humid summers. The best time for a beach holiday in Mauritius is between November and April.. At this time, the relative humidity rises to 80%, day + 30 ° С, at night + 25 ° С, ocean water + 27 ° С.

Temperatures decrease from May to October: in the afternoon +23…+25° C, at night +16…+18° C, water in the ocean + 23 ° С. June and July are considered uncomfortable for a beach holiday., when strong winds start to blow on the island.

Weather in December, January and February

High tourist season begins. During the day it is warm and humid + 30 ° С and above, +21…+23° C at night. The water in the ocean is clear and warm + 28 ° С, excluding periods, when cyclones come. But even at this time, the reef ring protects the coastal waters of the island.. The greatest amount of precipitation in a year falls on February.

Holidays in Mauritius in the spring

In the spring, the tropical heat subsides a little, and vacation in Mauritius becomes extremely comfortable: day + 30 ° С, at night about + 22 ° С. Water temperature off the coast +26…+28° C. Cyclones come less and less. According to reviews, diving at this time is one of the best of the year, the visibility of water in the ocean reaches 20 m. Strong winds start to blow at the end of May, which can ruin a pleasant time on the beach.

June weather, July and August on the island

This period is considered the low tourist season.. Only fishermen and surfers will be able to appreciate the rest at this time - strong winds form the necessary wave, and a large fish flocks to the shores of the island. In the afternoon +24…+26° C, at night +16…+18° C, little rain, very windy. Ocean currents get stronger, and even the reef ring can no longer provide sufficient visibility of coastal waters. In July, all temperature indicators reach their minimum values: +23…+25° С day, +16…+18° C at night. Water + 23 ° C.

Weather in autumn

The beginning of calendar autumn is the driest period on the island, local spring is coming. At this time, people are resting in Mauritius, avoiding intense heat. Day + 27 ° С, it's still cool at night +16…+18° C. Water + 23 ° C. The winds rage periodically, but by the end of October they gradually subside. November is considered to be a transitional month from a cool dry winter to a hot humid summer., therefore, sunny weather can easily be replaced by heavy rainfall and gusty wind. But overall November, according to reviews, comfortable month for a beach holiday in Mauritius: day + 30 ° С, at night + 20 ° С, warm and clear water + 25 ° С.

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